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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents

Richard Herbert, of Montgomery Castle

Tomb of Richard Herbert.
St Nicholas' Church, Montgomery.
Photo 2012. From Geograph.

Richard Herbert, of Montgomery Castle (see here),
of Montgomery Castle, Powys, Wales,
Sheriff of Montgomeryshire,
died 1596,
bur St Nicholas' Church, Montgomery, Powys, Wales,
had issue:

  1. Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury (or Cherbury),
    diplomat, poet and philosopher,
    born 1583,
    the father of English deism,
    cr 1629,
    died 1648, age 65 yrs,
    bur St.Giles in the fields, New Oxford St, London.
    Title extinct 1691. See [Burkes Extinct].

    Deism was the philosophy of choice for western sceptics before Darwin made atheism intellectually possible in 1859.
    Before 1859, atheists existed, but they had no answer to the Argument from Design.
    Modern atheist Richard Dawkins has said: "I could not imagine being an atheist at any time before 1859".
    Indeed in the 17th century, Edward Herbert disbelieved that atheism could exist. He wrote: "In reality there are no atheists".

  2. George Herbert, the metaphysical poet,
    born 3rd Apr 1593, Montgomery Castle,
    see his works, author of The Collar,
    vicar of Bemerton, Wiltshire (E of Wilton House) 1630-33,
    think wrote about Wiltshire country in his poems,
    died 1st Mar 1633, age 39 yrs,
    bur in Bemerton church [Aubrey's "Brief Lives"],
    memorial to him in N Quire Aisle of Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire.

Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury


1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury, c.1603-05.
This is a picture from the NPG used at Wikimedia Commons. NPG has said low-resolution images can be used.

1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury, c.1609-10.
From here.

1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury, 1613-14. By Isaac Oliver.
See full size. From Tudor Place.
See other scan from Wikipedia. See also engraving.

1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury.
From NPG.

George Herbert


George Herbert, the poet.
From [NPG].
See other versions.
See other version posted here.

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