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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents


Arms of the Earl of Pembroke (creation of 1551).
Public domain image from here.

Herbert III, Count of Vermandois (and here) [descendant of Charlemagne], born c.954, had issue:

Odo (or Otho), Count of Vermandois, born c.1000, had issue:

Peter of Vermandois, think father of:

Herbert of Winchester, mar Emma of Blois [descendant of Charlemagne] and had issue:

Herbert, had issue:

Herbert Fitz-Herbert, mar Lucy de Pitres [descendant of Lady Godiva] and had issue:

Peter Fitz-Herbert, mar think Alice de Warkworth [descendant of Charlemagne],
though other sources say he married a dau of de Braose,
and had issue:

Sir Reginald FitzPeter, mar Joan de Viviona [descendant of Henry I and of Aoife Mac Murrough] and had issue:

Peter Fitzreginald, born 1275, mar Alice Broadspear [dau of Blethin Broadspear] and had issue:

Herbert Fitzpeter, mar Margaret Walsh [dau of Sir John Walsh, Knt.] and had issue:

Adam Fitzherbert, mar Christian Ddu [dau of Gwarin Ddu, the "Black Lord" of Llandilo] and had issue:

Jenkin Herbert, mar Gwenllian [dau of Sir Aaron ap Bleddyn] and had issue:

William Herbert, mar Gwenllian Ichon [dau of Howel Ichon] and had issue:

Sir Thomas ap Gwyllym, 4th son,
mar Maud Morley [dau of Sir John Morley, Knt, of Llansantffraed Court, Llansantffraed, Powys, Wales],
inherited the Morley estate, Llansantffraed Court, 1400,
he died 1438,
had issue:

  1. Sir William Herbert.


Herbert papers

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