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My ancestors - Humphrys - Contents

John Humphrys, "Cracked Jack"

[Deed of 1809] from John Humphrys Senior, of Glenstal, to John Humphrys Junior, of Glenstal.

John Humphrys, "Cracked Jack",
born Doonane, Co.Tipperary, est c.1760.
It is thought he came to Glenstal, Co.Limerick (near Co.Tipperary border) by marriage to a Humphrys cousin of his who was already in Glenstal.
This seems likely since his father is from Doonane, while Humphrys had been in Glenstal since the 17th century.

Timmy Humphreys said there was a story that Cracked Jack's wife was a descendant of a marriage between Humphrys and O'Grady (or Grady) of Cappercullen (the neighbouring townland), which was how Humphrys got their land.
However, there is no evidence of this. There is no mention of Humphrys in any O'Grady papers or pedigree. Also, the O'Gradys don't seem to have owned Glenstal.
The Humphrys seem to have got an unusual (for Catholics) 18th century lease of Glenstal alright, but they seem to have got it from Hyde of Castle Hyde, Co.Cork.
Later, in the 19th-20th century, their landlord was Barrington of Glenstal Castle.
Barrington acquired the land of Glenstal apparently before 1826. They built Glenstal Castle 1833-38.
In the 1882 dispute it is stated that Humphrys held Glenstal on an old lease before Barrington came to Glenstal.
[Griffiths Valuation, 1850] shows that Barrington then owned Glenstal townland. Humphrys leased their land but did not own it.

Cracked Jack farmed at Glenstal, Co.Limerick.
[Deed, 1809] is a Deed of Lease dated 10th Aug 1809 from John Humphrys Senior, farmer, of Glenstal, Co.Limerick, to John Humphrys Junior of Glenstal, farmer. Cracked Jack is giving over to his son John some lands in Glenstal currently in the possession of Cornelius Ryan and William Tucker. Ryan and Tucker will continue to live there for now.
There are two listings for "John Humphrys" at Glenstal in [Tithe Survey, 1826]. (See also here.) These must be John Humphrys senior and junior, renting 107 acres and 17 acres from Matthew Barrington (probably the future 2nd Baronet).
Cracked Jack fl 1831 (he erected the gravestone to his sons Michael and Nicholas at Abington).
He died Glenstal, Co.Limerick, at advanced age, est c.1850, age est c.90 yrs.
He was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
His gravestone says "In memory of John Humphrys aged 115 years" (which would be the oldest Irish person ever). The story is that he put it up before he died, for the crack, wanted to be the oldest man in Ireland. It was common to put up a stone before death in order to secure a spot in the graveyard, but not obviously to put an age on it.
[Ó Ceallaigh, 1957] though says that this stone is of the Squire's brother John rather than of the Squire's father.
Cracked Jack had issue:

  1. John Humphrys, junior,
    Jack, of Glenstal,
    he must be "John Humphry" who wit William's mar 1820,
    he must be "John Humphrys" who wit his brother James' mar 1841,
    he is probably "John Humphrys" listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850] as occupying 88 acres (with a house) and 23 acres (no house, just land) in Glenstal townland, leasing from Sir Matthew Barrington, 2nd Baronet,
    he or a son might be "John Humphreys" listed as owning 69 acres in Abington parish in [Owners of Land, 1876].

  2. Michael Humphrys, born 1788,
    he might be "Mickey of Murroe" who mar 8 Jan 1816 [Murroe par records] to Mary Degan [of Murroe],
    mar wit by John Humphrys, see image,
    died 18th Jan 1818, age 30 yrs [grave, Abington].

  3. (dau) Humphrys,
    mar --- Burke,
    note "Catherine Bourke" sp bapt of her niece Mary Humphrys 1845.

    She must be:

    Anne Humphreys,
    mar William Burke,
    he died pre-1878,
    she died Glenstal, 1878,
    (todo) see [Cork Examiner, 12 Sept 1878].

  4. Margaret Humphrys,
    mar --- Ryan.

  5. James Humphrys, "The Squire", of Glenstal,
    born 1805, Glenstal, Co.Limerick.

  6. Nicholas Humphrys, born 1806,
    died 8th Apr 1831, age 25 yrs [grave, Abington].

Cracked Jack is also probably father of:

  1. William Humphrys, of Brittas, born 1794,
    would be after grandfather.

  2. Anthony Humphrys, of Rath.

John Humphrys Senior, of Glenstal, listed on memorial of [Deed of 1809].

Signature of John Humphrys Junior, of Glenstal.
On memorial of [Deed of 1809].

Must be related:
The will of "John Humphrey", of Glenstal, was proved 1811.
Entry in [Vicars' index of wills 1536-1810].
This will was burnt in 1922.

What must be John Humphrys senior and junior listed in [Tithe Survey, 1826] as renting 107 acres and 17 acres at Glenstal.

Cracked Jack's gravestone in Abington.
See full size. Photo 2009 courtesy of Richard Humphreys.
See other 2009 shot.
See also 2006 shot and alternative and close-up courtesy of Richard Humphreys.


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