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My wife's ancestors - Kerr - Contents

William Kerr, of Maesmor Hall

St. Catherine's Church, Maerdy.
From street view.
See also Geograph.
Not to be confused with the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel up the road at Dinmael. See street view.

William Kerr, of Maesmor Hall (see here),
born 5th Apr 1830 (or poss. 1831).
Not at home in 1841 census.
Listed as "grandson-in-law" of his step-grandmother Catherine Lloyd, living with her and family at Maesmor Hall in [Census, 1851].
Listed as "gentleman", living Maesmor, at mar 1852.

He mar 1stly, 27 Mar 1852 [him age 21, her age 39] at Llangwm church, near Maesmor [GRO.UK],
to Elizabeth Parry [Elizabeth Mary Parry, bapt 7th July 1812].
She married at age 39 and then had 4 children.

At son's birth 1853 William is listed as "gentleman", living "Esgair Leferin" (must be Esgair Llyverin), Pennal, W of Machynlleth, W coast of C Wales (see map).
They are listed in 1861 census at Llanenddwyn, Merionethshire. He is "Captain Militia". They have 3 servants.
They later lived at Maesmor Hall.
They are listed at Maesmor Hall in [Census, 1871]. He is "Captain Militia". They have 1 servant. Their children are not listed there.
He was on the committee which managed the estate of Elizabeth's sister Jane Parry after 1872. In an affidavit 27th Jan 1873 he said "I have unfortunately not the slightest doubt that she is and has been unsound mind and is incapable of managing her own affairs".
The committee contributed to the building of St. Catherine's Church, Maerdy, near Maesmor (built 1878, NOT St. Katherine's).
[Hubbard, 1986] says that William Kerr gave the land for the church, and is also credited as being the "designer" of the church.

They are listed at Maesmor Hall in [Census, 1881]. He is "J.P." They have 6 servants.
[House Book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon] refers to "Major W. Kerr" on 7 Sept 1882.
Listed in [Burkes LG, 1886] as Major of Northampton Militia.
After her sister Jane died 1889, Elizabeth was administratrix of estate, settlement dated 10th March 1890.
They are listed at Maesmor Hall in [Census, 1891]. He is "living on his own means". They have 5 servants.
He is listed in [Walford, 1892] as a Justice of the Peace for Denbighshire and also as Hon. Major of the Northampton and Rutland Militia.
They are listed at Maesmor Hall in [Census, 1901]. They have 5 servants.
Elizabeth died 11 May 1908, age 95 yrs.
See probate. Granted 5 Jan 1909 to William.

William mar 2ndly, in old age, July 1908 [him age 78, her age 41] to Mary Susan Wayne [Susie, born Sept 1866, Malvern, Worcestershire, dau of Robert Sewallis Wayne and Georgiana Reynolds Sydney].
He died 10 Mar 1911, age 80 yrs.
(todo) See death of William Kerr, age 80, Corwen, [GRO.UK], 1st qr 1911, vol 11 b, p 253,
See probate. Probate of William Kerr, of Maesmor, granted 22 July 1911 to "Mary Susan Kerr", widow.
Mary Susan is listed at Maesmor in 1911 census. She has 4 servants. Signs herself "Mrs. S. Kerr" [Susie Kerr].
She died 16 May 1961, Bath, age 94 yrs (an amazing 131 years after her husband was born, and 148 years after her husband's first wife was born).
William had issue by 1st wife Elizabeth:

  1. William John Kerr,
    born 7 Feb 1853, "Esgair Leferin", Pennal, W of Machynlleth, Wales [GRO.UK].
    At home in 1861 census.
    At mar both himself and wife are listed as living at the Rectory in West Lexham, Norfolk (see map).
    He mar 1stly, 9 Nov 1875, parish church, West Lexham, Norfolk [GRO.UK]
    to Jean Harriet Alice Colville [born 1850 or 1851, Stirling, Scotland].
    "Jane" in [Burkes LG, 1886], "Joan" in [Walford, 1892] but "Jean" in census.
    She was dau of Thomas Colville of Annfield, Stirling, Scotland.
    They are listed in 1881 Census at 67 North St, St.Andrew's, Scotland. They have 3 servants.
    They are listed in 1891 Census at Guilsfield, near Welshpool, Wales. He is "land agent". They have 3 servants.
    Jean is described in probate as of Glan William, Tan-y-Bwlch, Merionethshire.
    She died 6 May 1898, age 47 or 48 yrs, at Lower Garth, Welshpool.
    (todo) See death of Jean Harriet A Kerr, age 48, Llanfyllin, [GRO.UK], 2nd qr 1898, vol 11 b, p 144.
    See probate granted 29 Aug 1898. Lists her as "Jane".
    He had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Elizabeth Margaret S. Kerr,
      born 1877, St.Andrew's,
      at home in 1881 census,
      not listed in 1891 census or [Walford, 1892] or 1901 census.

    2. W.T.C. Kerr (son),
      born 1879, St.Andrew's,
      at home in 1881 census,
      not listed in 1891 census or [Walford, 1892] or 1901 census.

    3. Cranstoun Kerr (son),
      listed in [Burkes LG, 1886].

    4. Celia Catherine Vincent Kerr,
      not listed in 1881 or 1891 census,
      she is the only child listed in [Walford, 1892], listed as "Cecile Catharine Vincent Kerr",
      not listed in 1901 census.

    He was living Margaret Street, London, at 2nd mar.
    [House Book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon] refers to a wedding present for W.J. Kerr on 23 May 1899.
    He mar 2ndly, 1 June 1899, London, to Florence Maud May Winter [born 1868 or 1869, Drayton, Norfolk].
    They mar at All Saints, Margaret Street, London. See church entry.
    She was dau of Henry Burton Winter, Colonel, Royal Fusiliers. She was living Cromer, Norfolk, at mar.
    They lived Cromer, Norfolk, at least 1901 to 1911.
    They are listed in 1901 census at The Lodge, Cliff Avenue, Cromer, Norfolk. He is "living on own means". They have 5 servants.
    They are listed in 1911 census at Faldonside, Cliff Avenue, Cromer, Norfolk. His income is "private means". They have a governess and 4 servants.
    See auction notice where he is selling off 1470 acres of the Maesmor estate on 7 Dec 1920.
    He had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. Elizabeth Maud Kerr, born July 1900, Cromer, Norfolk,
      age 8 months at census, 31 Mar 1901.

    2. Jane Mary Kerr, born 1903, Cromer, Norfolk.

  2. Cecile Kerr,
    Cecile Catherine Vincent Kerr,
    also listed as "Cecil", poss. Catharine,
    one family tree lists two children Catherine Kerr and Vincent Kerr, but this is probably just confusion with Cecile's middle names,
    born 1856 or 1857, "Gibraltar" (note father was Captain in Militia),
    at home in 1861 census,
    not at home in 1871 census, maybe at boarding school,
    at home in Maesmor Hall in [Census, 1881], unmarried.
    mar 6th July 1887 in St. Asaph district, Flint, N Wales, to Rev. Clement Davies [Clement Todd Davies, of Rhyl, N Wales],
    at son's birth 1888 they are living 1 Churton Terrace, Rhyl (see map),
    had issue:

    1. Ralph John Clement Davies,
      born 2 June 1888, 1 Churton Terrace, Rhyl [GRO.UK],
      Australian military record has him and his mother with surname "Clement-Davies", but this may be an error,
      came to Australia c.1915-16,
      fought in Australian Army in France in WWI,
      was in Australian Imperial Force, No.6044, Unit: 24th Btn, see NAA army record,
      mar 1stly, 18th Mar 1918, England, to Edith Annie Lawrie [born 31 Aug 1890 in West Ham, London [GRO.UK], dau of John Edward Lawrie, merchant's clerk, and Annie Marie Stone],
      had issue:

      1. (child) Davies (or poss. Clement-Davies).

      mar 2ndly to ---- and had issue:

      1. John Vincent Clement Davies, had issue:

        1. Bronwyn Davies,
          mar Doug McLay,
          she is researching family tree.

  3. Howard Kerr,
    Howard Manners Kerr,
    not listed in 1861 census.

  4. Elizabeth Kerr,
    not listed in 1861 census.
    Listed by Robert Deloyde.

[House Book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon] refers to "Major W. Kerr" on 7 Sept 1882.


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