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My ancestors - Lyons - Contents




The notes by Patricia Lavelle about her Lyons ancestry are a bit inaccurate:

However, we find that someone of Maria Agnes Lyons' generation, Mary Ellen Lyons, married in 1874 to Dr. Francis Falvey of Tralee. And there are connections between the families:

Conclusion: Maria Agnes Lyons and Mary Ellen Lyons are close relations:


The somewhat confused reference to the Falveys of Tralee by Patricia Lavelle.

Proof that Mary Ellen Lyons (wife of Dr. Francis Falvey) is connected to our family:
Chief mourners at the funeral of Dr. Francis Falvey in 1904 include Blennerhassett Cashel.
Falvey's wife and Cashel's wife must be 1st cousins.

The Laurence Lyons family

Laurence Lyons,
born 1782,
lived near Millstreet, Co.Cork,
died 10 Nov 1870, age 88 yrs,
can't find death in [GROI],
bur in Lyons grave, Millstreet, Co.Cork,
had issue:

  1. John Lyons.
    He and his brother Michael erected father's grave 1870.
    Probably identical with our John Lyons.

  2. Michael Lyons,
    Michael Laurence Lyons, born 1825 or 1826 (by age at death),
    Falvey tree thought born 1821,
    born near Millstreet, Co.Cork [obituary].
    Lived in Mallow.
    Later a draper and T.C. in Tralee.
    He and his brother John erected father's grave 1870.
    He is father of Mary Ellen Lyons who married Dr. Francis Falvey of Tralee.

There is a Laurence Lyons listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] at Rathcool, Dromtarriff par, Co.Cork (near Millstreet, see old map and modern map).
He is renting plot 15 from Sir George Colthurst. 39 acres and a house.
This might be our Laurence.


Laurence Lyons grave, Millstreet, Co.Cork

Laurence Lyons grave, Millstreet, Co.Cork.
Saint Patrick's Church, Coomlogane Street, Millstreet. See street view.
According to the map of graves, the Lyons grave (no.31) is at the back of the church, directly behind the centre of the back.

Laurence Lyons was bur here in 1870, with an inscription saying his sons John and Michael erected the grave.
Michael Lyons was bur at Millstreet in 1887, "in the family burial place", though the inscription was not changed.


Grave of Laurence Lyons.
See larger and full size.


Our family

John Lyons.
Apparently of Mallow, Co.Cork.
Though originally probably of near Millstreet, Co.Cork.
He is probably identical with John Lyons, son of Laurence Lyons.
I had once thought he was of Tralee, Co.Kerry, but I cannot now find why I thought this, and it seems incorrect. However his brother was probably a draper of Tralee.

Lyons and Co., drapers, Main St, Mallow (see map) are listed in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867, pp.314-316].
He is listed as John Lyons, draper, at his dau's marriage 1869 [GROI].
His dau's mar 1869 is wit by John Lyons of Mallow (would be him or a son John).
Lyons and Co., drapers, Main St, Mallow, are listed in [Slater's Directory, 1870].
At the baptism of Agnes Cashel in Mallow in 1870, the sponsor William Henry Cashel was "represented by John Lyons".
It was remembered that John would sit round table after tea, and read the family Shakespeare or some other good literature.
He had issue:

  1. Maria Agnes Lyons,
    NOT Mary Agnes,
    Pat Lavelle's notes have her as "Agnes", but almost all contemporary records, and her gravestone, say "Maria Agnes",
    born 1846.
    She was living Mallow, Co.Cork at mar 1869.
    She mar 30 Sept 1869 [St. Peter and Paul, Patrick St, Cork], [GROI],
    to Blennerhassett Cashel and had issue.
    Mar wit by John Lyons of Mallow and Mary Sheehy of Mallow.

  2. William Lyons ["Uncle William"].

Lyons and Co., drapers, Mallow, Co.Cork, listed in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867].
This must be our John Lyons' business.

Marriage of Maria Agnes Lyons and Blennerhassett Cashel, 30 Sept 1869 [St. Peter and Paul, Cork].
See other copy. From here.

Marriage of Maria Agnes Lyons and Blennerhassett Cashel in [GROI].
See full size.

Maria Agnes Lyons.
See full size.



Miscellaneous Lyons



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