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My wife's ancestors - Maltass - Contents


Originally from France.
Part of the European community in Turkey. See Historical background.

Jean Baptiste Giraud (born 1742).
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.
From [Giraud, 1934].

Jean Baptiste Giraud,
born 4 Aug 1742, Antibes, France,
French merchant in Smyrna,
established in Smyrna by 1767,
mar Hélène Cortazzi [dau of Lui Cortazzi, Venetian Consul at Smyrna],
he was Knight of the Austrian Empire,
Austrian Consul at Smyrna,
he died 8 Jan 1811, age 68 yrs, at his town house, Frank St, Smyrna,
bur in the N aisle of the French Church of St. Polycarp at Smyrna,
had issue:

  1. Alexandre Giraud,
    born 1789, had issue:

    1. Magdalen Giraud, born Apr 1823,
      Magdalen Blanche, think NOT Magdeleine,
      she was age 14 when she got pregnant in Feb-Mar 1838,
      mar, must be early 1838 [both of them teenagers], to her 1st cousin James Whittall [born 1819] and had issue.

  2. Magdaleine Giraud,
    Magdaleine Victoire Blanche, or Magdalene,
    born Smyrna, 22 Apr 1790,
    mar 1814 to Charlton Whittall [born 1791] and had issue.

  3. Frederic Giraud,
    born 1791 or 1792, had issue:

    1. Jean Baptiste Giraud, had issue:

      1. Frederic Giraud, born 1837.

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