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My wife's ancestors - Murray - Contents

William Murray

William Murray,
bapt 2 May 1774.

He mar 31 July 1798, Alford [she was already pregnant] to Sarah Wilson [born or bapt 10 Nov 1776].
She was dau of Alexander Wilson, of Wellheads, S side of Alford town (see map) by his wife Agnes Wilson.
Alexander Wilson and his wife seem to have been originally from Archballoch, SW of Alford (see map).
Jim Everett said Sarah was born 10 Nov 1776, Wellheads.
[Kirstine Holmes] says she was bapt 10 Nov 1776, Alford.

William died pre-1851.
In [1851 census] Sarah is living as widow in Mid Mill, just W of Gallowhill, W of Alford (see map). She is described as a "worsted knitter".
Sarah was one of the models for the John Phillip painting of 1855.
She died 9 Jan 1856, Mid Mill, age 79 yrs.
William and Sarah had issue:

  1. Peter Murray,
    bapt 22 Nov 1798, "Kinstairs", Alford (must be Kinstair, S of Alford, see map).

  2. Helen Murray, bapt 26 May 1800, Alford,
    living Mid Mill in [1851 census].

  3. Barbara Murray, bapt 20 July 1802, Alford,
    mar Joseph Middleton [born 1792],
    he is listed on grave as "farmer" of Upper Auchintoul, W of Alford (see map),
    he died 25 Feb 1858, age 66 yrs,
    bur Alford,
    she died 6 Feb 1875, age 72 yrs,
    bur Alford,
    had issue:

    1. Barbara Middleton, bapt 4 Apr 1833, Alford,
      died 31 Oct 1895, age 62 yrs,
      grave says she died Montgarrie, N of Alford (see map),
      bur Alford.

  4. Dorothy Murray, bapt 20 July 1804, Alford,
    died 3 July 1845, Alford, age 40 yrs.

  5. Farquharson Murray [son],
    bapt 2 Sept 1806, Alford, or 25 Sept,
    Farquharson after grandmother, NOT Farguharson,
    mar Ann Gordon [born 1798],
    [1851 census] has them at Alford, her age 53,
    census lists him as crofter of 3 ½ acres and "contractor",
    Jim Everett said she died 29 Nov 1865 in New London, Ohio, age 67 yrs,
    it seems they went to America and then he came back,
    [1881 census] has him at Toll House, Alford, possibly widowed,
    he died 19 Oct 1893, Muir of Greys, Scotland (unidentified), age 87 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. James Murray (see here),
      [Jim Everett] says born 22 Nov 1827 in Alford,
      [Kirstine Holmes] says born 15 Nov 1826, and bapt 5 Dec 1826, Alford.

    2. William Murray, bapt 19 Feb 1828, Alford.

    3. Ann Murray, bapt 29 July 1829, Alford,
      living Alford village in 1851 census.

    4. Farquharson Murray,
      born 8 Mar 1831,
      bapt 14 Mar 1831, Alford, or poss. 14 May,
      living Alford village in 1851 census, listed as "farmer's son".

    5. Sarah Murray, bapt 6 Aug 1832, Alford.
    6. Peter Murray, bapt 6 July 1834, Alford.

    7. Margaret Murray, born 1838, Alford,
      living Alford village in 1851 census, age 13.

    8. Sophia Murray, born 1840, Alford,
      living Alford village in 1851 census, age 11.

  6. William Murray, bapt 10 Apr 1809, Alford,
    living Mid Mill in [1851 census].

  7. Ann Murray, bapt 17 Dec 1813, Alford,
    mar 27 Sept 1846, Alford, to George Eddie.

  8. John Murray, bapt 8 June 1816, Alford,
    he is living Mid Mill in [census, 30 Mar 1851],
    mar 25 May 1851, Alford, to Isabella Imlay [born 1826, Aberdeen],
    census lists him as miller and carter,
    [1881 census] has them both living at 2 Woodend, Alford, her age 55,
    had issue:

    1. William Murray, bapt 7 Aug 1852, Alford,
      living with parents in 1881 census, listed as "carter".

    2. Isobella Murray, bapt 31 Dec 1853, Alford,
      living with parents in 1881 census, listed as "domestic servant".

    3. John Murray, bapt 11 June 1856, Alford.
    4. Alexander Murray, bapt 6 Feb 1860, Alford.

  9. Elizabeth Murray, bapt 8 June 1819, Alford,
    mar 21 Nov 1841, Alford, to Harry Lumsden.

John Phillip painting of 1855

[Needham-Hurst, 1990] says:
  1. Sarah Wilson (born 1776) was the model for the old woman in the centre of this painting.
  2. Her daughter-in-law Agnes Jeffrey (born 1798) was the model for the woman on the LHS of this painting.

"Collecting the Offering in a Scottish Kirk" (and various other names) by John Phillip (1855).
Also called the "Spanish" Phillip painting.
He used locals in Alford as models.
Hangs in York Art Gallery.
From BBC. Also on Wikimedia Commons.

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