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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents


Hickie of Pulleen, NE of Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.

Pulleen on 1829 to 1842 map.

Hickie of Killelton, Aghavallen par, NW of Ballylongford, Co.Kerry (see map) were major landowners in the area.
Hickie of Pulleen were said to be some relation of Hickie of Killelton:

David Hickie,
born 1788 (according to age at death),
NOT John, NOT Hickey,
farmer, of Pulleen (NOT Puleen), Kilnaughtin parish, NE of Ballylongford, NE corner of Co.Kerry (see map),
wonder if he is "David Hickie" who witnessed a Deed of 1823 between Leslie and Lindsay in nearby Tarbert,

David mar 8 Feb 1831 to Mary Rahilly,
he would be "David Hickey" who sp bapt of Bridget Patt 1844,
"David Hickie" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as occupying 52 acres (with a modest house) in Pulleen townland (the largest farm in Pulleen townland), leasing from William Sandes,
they must be David Hickie and Mary Hickie who sp the bapt of their grandson Joseph Broder 1868,
listed as "farmer" at death,
he died Pulleen, 10 July 1874, age 86 yrs [GROI],
Mary died 24 Mar 1882 [P102/207(30)],
she would NOT be Mary Hickey, "servant", widow, who died 28 Dec 1881 in Newcastle Workhouse, Co.Limerick, age 86, see death in [GROI],
had issue:

  1. Mary Ann Hickie,
    "Marianne" in Margaret Rahilly's will 1875,
    listed as "Mary" and "Mary Anne" and "Mary Ann" at children's baptisms,
    mar Michael Broder,
    at son's bapt 1857 they are listed at Coolbeha, Galey par, NC Co.Kerry (see map),
    at son's bapt 1860 they are listed at Galey parish,
    at dau's bapt 1861 they are listed at Lisselton parish, NC Co.Kerry (see parish map),
    at dau's bapt 1862 they are listed at Kilgarvin, Lisselton par (very close to Coolbeha, see map),
    at children's bapts 1864 to 1876 they are listed at Coolbeha,
    he must be "Michael Broder" who sp bapt of Michael Hickie 1878,
    had issue:

    1. Daniel Broder, bapt 12 January 1857 [Ballybunion RC par records],
      he must be Daniel Broder who sp bapt of Margaret Hickie 1881,
      he might be this Daniel Broder in 1901 census.

    2. David Broder, bapt 19 March 1860 [Ballybunion RC par records].
    3. Johanna Broder, bapt 1 January 1861 [Ballybunion RC par records], she must be "Joanna Broder" who sp bapt of Margaret Hickie 1881.
    4. Mary Anne Broder, bapt 1 February 1862 [Ballybunion RC par records].
    5. John Broder, bapt 25 January 1864 [Ballybunion RC par records].
    6. Ellen Broder, bapt 2 March 1865 [Ballybunion RC par records], she might be "Helen Broder" who sp bapt of Francis Hickie 1884.
    7. Joseph Broder, bapt 1 February 1868 [Ballybunion RC par records].
    8. Patrick Broder, born 3 August 1869, bapt 8 August 1869 [Ballybunion RC par records].
    9. Timothy Broder, born 22 August 1873, bapt 25 August 1873 [Ballybunion RC par records].
    10. Maurice Broder, born 3 March 1876, bapt 6 March 1876 [Ballybunion RC par records].

    Note she is not the same as Margaret Hickey of Killelton, dau of Edward Hickey, who married Michael Broder of Killelton, and had children bapt in Ballylongford RC par records from 1879 to 1894.

  2. John Hickie,
    bapt 25 December 1834 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    John Hickie wit his sister's mar 1857,
    John Hickie sp bapt of his nephew David Broder 1860,
    "John Hickie" sp the bapt of his 1st cousin's child Elizabeth Barrett 1866,
    John Hickie sp bapt of his nephew John Hickie 1876,
    John Hickie sp the bapt of his niece Mary Ann Josephine Goulding 1878.

    There were Hickies well established in New York before 1886, when their cousins Mary and Kate Barrett stayed with them.

  3. Michael Hickie, born Pulleen,
    must be after grandfather,
    bapt 13 May 1837 [Ballylongford RC par records].

  4. Hannah Hickie,
    Hanora, born 6 Jan 1839 in Ballylongford (the night of the "big wind"),
    listed as of Pulleen at mar,
    mar 1 January 1857 [Ballylongford RC par records], mar wit by John Hickie,
    to John O'Connor [from Leanamore, Aghavallen par, SE of Ballylongford],
    there is no O'Connor listed at Leanamore in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851], but there are multiple entries for "Connors",
    went to Australia,
    had issue:
    1. Her grandson recorded that Hannah was "a first cousin of Richard O'Rahilly the shopkeeper".

    She must be:

    Joanna Hickie,
    mar John O'Connor (or John Connor),
    at children's bapts 1873 to 1875 they are listed at Kilcolgan, Kilnaughtin par, Co.Kerry (on N side of Pulleen, see 1887 to 1913 map),
    listed at Pulleen at son's bapt 1877,
    listed at Tarbert at dau's bapt 1878,
    had issue:
    1. Honora O'Connor, born 9 March 1873, bapt 13 March 1873 [Tarbert RC par records], sp Daniel Broder and Joanna Broder.
    2. Catherine O'Connor, born 17 March 1875, bapt "Catherine Connor", 25 March 1875 [Tarbert RC par records].
    3. Daniel O'Connor, born 11 April 1877, bapt "Daniel Connor", 18 April 1877 [Tarbert RC par records].
    4. Teresa O'Connor, born 11 April 1877 (according to par records, perhaps confusion with sibling), bapt 25 July 1878 [Tarbert RC par records], sp Michael Broder.

  5. Ellen Hickie,
    "Ellen" at mar and children's baptisms,
    she would be "Ellen Hickie" who sp bapt of her niece Ellen Broder 1865 and her nephew Timothy Broder 1873,
    listed as of Pulleen at mar,
    mar wit by her 1st cousin Thomas Rahilly,
    mar 30 January 1875 [Tarbert RC par records] to Patrick Goulding and had issue.

  6. Elizabeth Hickie,
    shown on [O'Rahilly family tree] in [Sighle's papers, P106/320],
    may just be confusion with Ellen (it was originally thought that Elizabeth married Goulding, but that was Ellen),
    however there is an "Elizabeth Hickie" who sp bapt of (would be her nephews) David Broder 1860 and Patrick Broder 1869.

The Hickie farm at Pulleen


David Hickie's reasonable size farm but modest house at Pulleen.
From [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].

The map of plots in Pulleen in [Griffiths Valuation].
Unless there has been a renumbering, the Hickie farm is plot 1, bordering on Kilcolgan.

The small Hickie house, Pulleen, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.


Killelton House

Note it is not proved that our Hickies are related to Hickie of Killelton.

Killelton House, near Ballylongford.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
The house is now part ruined (a wing remains).
See KILLELTON in [Houses of Kerry].



I believe the following is an extraordinary coincidence.
[P102/207(30)] says that Mary Hickie (widow of David Hickie who died 1874) died on 24 Mar 1882.
There is in fact a "Mary Hickey" (unknown maiden name) who died in Co.Tipperary on that exact day, widow of "John Hickey". But I can't see how this could possibly be her. (A second marriage in old age? In a different county?) I think it is just an extraordinary coincidence.

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