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My ancestors - O'Sullivan - Contents


The old schoolhouse at Lislehane, near Cullen, Co.Cork (where Timothy Ring taught).
2011 screenshot from street view.
See old map.

Timothy Ring,
Tadgh, Thade,
born 1824 at Doon Bridge, between Kishkeam and Cullen, Co.Cork (near Co.Kerry border, see old map and wide map),
he was Schoolmaster in Lislehane, near Cullen, Co.Cork (see old map),

at mar he is listed as of Kilmurry, Kenmare par (his wife's homeland), Co.Kerry (see map) and she is listed as of nearby Carhoomeengar,
how would a teacher in Co.Cork have land in Co.Kerry?
story is that his wife inherited Sullivan family property at Kilmurry and he took it over,
mar 1854 to Catherine Sullivan [Kate, born 1829, of near Kenmare, Co.Kerry],
for a time he taught in Lislehane, Cullen, Co.Cork, during the week, and walked home to Kenmare, Co.Kerry at weekends (see the distance from Kenmare to Cullen on map),
eventually they both lived Kilmurry, Kenmare,

he was a Fenian,
he marched to Killarney to join the Cahirciveen Fenians in the 1867 Rising,
he died 8 Jan 1897,
(todo) try death of Timothy Ring, Kenmare, [GROI], 2nd qr 1897, age 72 (born 1825), vol 5 p 179,
she is Catherine Ring, widow, age 72 (born 1829), living with daughter Ellie's family at Kilmurry in 1901 census,
she died 12 Jan 1911,
(todo) try death of Kate Ring, Millstreet, [GROI], 1st qr 1911, age 84 (born 1827), vol 5 p 329,
had issue:

  1. Denis Ring, bapt 13 January 1855 [Kenmare RC par records],
    must have died young (there is another Denis).

  2. Jeremiah Ring, born 14 Jan 1856,
    baptism not found,
    mar 20 Oct 1881 to Sarah Cremin [of Valentia, Co.Kerry, born 7 Jan 1863],
    (todo) see mar of Jeremiah Ring and Sarah Cremin, Cahersiveen, [GROI], 4th qr 1881, vol 5 p 19,
    listed at children's baptisms 1882-83 as of "Revenue" (perhaps his job),
    lived Valentia Island, Co.Kerry,
    listed at children's baptisms 1886-94 as of Knightstown (Knight's Town, Valentia Island, see map),
    listed at children's baptisms 1896-97 as of "Telegraph Station",
    the transatlantic telegraph cable came out of the sea at Foilhomurrum, W end of Valentia Island (see old map) but the telegraph station was at the E end of the island, near Knight's Town (see old map),
    he died 1940, age 84 yrs,
    (todo) try death of Jeremiah Ring, Dublin South, [GROI], 1st qr 1940, age 84, vol 2 p 368,
    had issue:

    1. Timothy Ring, Tim, born 21 September 1882, would be after grandfather,
      bapt 23 September 1882 [Valentia RC par records], sp John McCarthy and Mary Cremin.

    2. Mary Ring, born 14 Oct 1883, bapt 19 Oct 1883 [Valentia RC par records], sp Denis Ring and Jane Cremin.
    3. Daniel Ring, born 24 Dec 1884, baptism not found, died in infancy.
    4. Eugene Ring, born 20 March 1886, bapt 24 March 1886 [Valentia RC par records], sp Timothy Cremin and Ellen O'Sullivan.

    5. Catherine Ring, Kathleen, born 13 July 1887, would be after grandmother,
      bapt 17 July 1887 [Valentia RC par records], sp Michael Cremin and Catherine Scaiffe.

    6. Fr. John Ring, of Valentia,
      John Dillon Ring, born 18 Sept 1888,
      his World War I Draft Registration Card says he was born Valentia Island, 18 Sept 1888,
      bapt 22 September 1888 [Valentia RC par records], sp Patrick Cremin and Elizabeth Smith,
      successfully claimed the O'Sullivan Bourse in 1912 (age 24) to be educated at University of Louvain, see [De Rís, 1997],
      this is despite the fact it was a totally new university,
      did go to Louvain, though strangely, within a year he emigrated to the U.S., in 1913,
      emigration record says John D. Ring, Irish, age 24, had Last Place of Residence: Louvain, Belgium; left Southampton on the "Majestic"; arrived in US on August 28, 1913,
      priest in Illinois,
      died 1966, age 78 yrs.

    7. Dion Ring, born 7 May 1890, bapt "Denis", 10 May 1890 [Valentia RC par records], sp Denis O'Sullivan and Mary O'Sullivan.

    8. Jerome Ring, born 20 September 1891,
      bapt 26 September 1891 [Valentia RC par records], sp Thomas Smyth and Eleanor Ring,
      died in infancy.

    9. Patrick Ring,
      NOT John, born 4 December 1894,
      bapt 8 December 1894 [Valentia RC par records], sp Timothy Ring and Honora Smith,
      died in infancy.

    10. George Ring, born 11 April 1896, bapt 18 April 1896 [Valentia RC par records], sp Timothy O'Sullivan and Margaret Smith.

    11. Sarah Ring, Sally, born 11 September 1897, NOT 1898,
      bapt 22 September 1897 [Valentia RC par records], sp Gerald Smith and Mary Ring.

    12. Nora Ring, born 1 Feb 1902.

    13. Jane Ring, born 7 Jan 1905,
      died Chicago, 1994, age 89 yrs.

  3. Eugene Ring, bapt 28 July 1857 [Kenmare RC par records],
    lived unmarried with his sister Eleanor at Kilmurry.

  4. Debora Ring, born 15 Apr 1859,
    bapt 19 April 1859 [Kenmare RC par records],
    think died young.

  5. Denis Ring, second Denis, born 17 August 1860,
    bapt 21 August 1860 [Kenmare RC par records],
    joined the RIC, fell out with his father as a result,
    had issue:

    1. Jack Ring [John Denis Ring], had issue:
      1. Jerry Ring.

  6. Mary Ring, born 16 May 1862,
    bapt 24 May 1862 [Kenmare RC par records],
    think died young.

  7. Honora Ring, Nora, born 15 June 1863,
    bapt 21 June 1863 [Kenmare RC par records].

  8. Abbie Ring, Abigail, born 1864, baptism not found,
    nun in Texas, "Sister Rosalie".

  9. Catherine Ring, Katherine, Katie, born 10 May 1865,
    bapt 13 May 1865 [Kenmare RC par records].

  10. Helen Ring, born 7 November 1867,
    bapt 10 November 1867 [Kenmare RC par records],
    think died young.

  11. Alice Ring, born 19 May 1869, bapt 27 May 1869 [Kenmare RC par records],
    died in infancy.

  12. Eleanor Ring,
    Ellie, "Ellen" at children's baptisms,
    born 1871 according to age in 1911 census,
    baptism not found,
    mar 1892 to George Rice and had issue,
    inherited the family home at Kilmurry,
    living Kilmurry at children's baptisms,
    see them listed at Kilmurry in 1901 census,
    see them listed at Kilmurry in 1911 census,
    had issue:

    1. John Joe Rice, born 19 June 1893, Kilmurry,
      bapt "John Joseph Rice", 24 June 1893, Kenmare,
      Sinn Fein TD for Kerry South 1957-1961 (abstentionist),
      elected in 1957 election, did not take his seat, defeated in 1961 election,
      died Tralee, 24 July 1970, age 77 yrs,
      see death notice, Irish Times, 25 July 1970,
      see obituary, Irish Times, 25 July 1970,
      bur Rath Cemetery, Tralee,
      had issue:
      1. George Rice.

    2. Catherine Rice, born 13 Mar 1896, bapt 15 Mar 1896, Kenmare.

    3. Rosalie Rice, Mary Rosalie Rice, born 27 Nov 1897,
      bapt "Marie Rose", 27 Nov 1897, Kenmare.

    4. George Rice, born 2 Sept 1903, bapt 6 Sept 1903, Kenmare.

Left to Right: Unknown, (*) George Rice, Eugene Ring, Eleanor Ring, Catherine Sullivan, John Joe Rice (born 1893).
Photo c.1902. From Maryl McKinley Hook.
(*) Was thought to be Rosalie Rice, but she was much younger than John Joe Rice.

Fr. John Ring.
See larger. From Maryl McKinley Hook.

Fr. John Ring with his mother Sarah and his sister Sarah.
From Maryl McKinley Hook.

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