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My ancestors - O'Sullivan - Contents

  The O'Sullivan Bourse in Louvain

O'Sullivan Mor (family of O'Sullivan Bourse)

Sullivan of Carhoomeengar

Our family (O'Sullivan of Meentoges)

Our family (Fr. Mark Sullivan)

The poet Eoghan Rua O'Sullivan of Meentoges

O'Sullivan of Firies


O'Sullivan of Meentoges, Co.Kerry

O'Sullivan/Sullivan is the most common surname in Munster, and the most common surname in Co.Kerry, and very hard to trace as a result (so many false hits). Two families of this name, even in the same townland, may not be related.

This family may be related to O'Sullivan of Killarney through O'Sullivan of Cappanacush, near Kenmare.
The previous may be related to Sullivan of near Killarney.

There is no known connection to O'Sullivan of near Listowel.

The O'Sullivan Bourse in Louvain

In 1699, Fr. John Sullivan set up a "bourse" (bursary) at the Irish Pastoral College in Louvain, Belgium, for his relations "of the second degree".
As a result, anyone who took up the bourse is suspected to be a relation of Fr. John Sullivan.
If one of our family took it up or was eligible, it would imply that Fr. John Sullivan is an ancestral uncle or ancestral 1st cousin of our O'Sullivans.

Reasons to think we are not connected to the family of the bourse:

Reasons to think we are connected to the family of the bourse:

Extract from [Pierce, 1957] with the story that our Hickies were entitled to the Louvain bourse.

O'Sullivan Mor (the family of the O'Sullivan Bourse in Louvain)

The "O'Sullivan Mor" family of the Dunkerron area, near Kenmare, Co.Kerry (see map) are the ancestors of the family of the bourse.

[Prendergast, part 4, 1899] shows Fr. John Sullivan's branch starting as follows:

The ruin of the old O'Sullivan castle, Cappanacush Castle, W of Kenmare, Co.Kerry, on 1887 to 1913 map.

The ruin of the old O'Sullivan castle, Dunkerron Castle, Kenmare, Co.Kerry, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See photos.

Sullivan of Carhoomeengar, Co.Kerry

A line was made out in 1912 which shows the claimed link between Fr. John Sullivan and Eugene Sullivan of Carhoomeengar near Kenmare, one of whose descendants successfully claimed the O'Sullivan Bourse in 1912. The line was apparently worked out from oral tradition in 1912. It was published in [De Rís, 1997].

It does not seem very convincing, for the following reasons:

The line is as follows:

--- O'Sullivan,
had issue:

  1. Cornelius O'Sullivan,
    father of the priest Fr. John Sullivan (born 1633) who set up the O'Sullivan Bourse at Louvain.

  2. Eugene O'Sullivan,
    had issue:

    1. Boetius O'Sullivan,
      or Boetious, or "Buagh",
      this became a Sullivan family name,
      it might be after Boetius (or Boethius), the ancient Roman philosopher,
      had issue:

      1. Cornelius O'Sullivan,
        had issue:

        1. Boetius O'Sullivan, or Sullivan,
          had issue:

          1. Eugene Sullivan,
            or O'Sullivan, or Eoghan,
            of Carhoomeengar, near Kenmare, Co. Kerry,
            married maybe 1815-20.
            His descendant successfully claimed the O'Sullivan Bourse to be educated at Louvain.

            I show here the line given in [De Rís, 1997].
            [Moga family tree] does not show Eugene but rather shows Boetius Sullivan marrying Catherine Dowling and being father of Catherine Ring and her siblings.

The original 1912 tracing.
This is the whole thing. There are no further details.


Our family (O'Sullivan of Meentoges)

Our family are not from the Kenmare area but rather from E of Killarney. Our family starts with:

Dónall O'Sullivan,
or Donal,
or Dónall Óg O'Sullivan,
of Meentoges, Kilcummin par, E of Killarney, Co.Kerry (see map),
had issue:

  1. Mary O'Sullivan,
    poss. Nora,
    see note on wives of Morgan and Fionn O'Rahilly,
    mar Fionn O'Rahilly [born est c.1710] and had issue.

Meentoges on 1829 to 1842 map.

Our family (O'Sullivan of Meentoges, family of Fr. Mark Sullivan)

The following O'Sullivan of Meentoges family must be related to the previous O'Sullivan of Meentoges.
(Two O'Sullivan/Sullivan families of Meentoges, both marrying into the same O'Rahilly/Rahilly family.)

As discussed above, it has been suggested that this family is related to the family of Fr. John Sullivan of Louvain but there is no clear evidence.

---- O'Sullivan,
had issue:

  1. Philip O'Sullivan, born est c.1740,
    of Meentoges, Co.Kerry.
    [P102/207(4)] says our Philip was of Meentoges.

  2. Fr. Marcus O'Sullivan,
    or Mark, or Sullivan,
    born Meentoges [King, 1912], born est c.1750,
    Catholic priest, educ University of Louvain, Belgium,
    see entry (and screenshot and screenshot) in [Louvain database of students],
    this shows he did NOT receive the O'Sullivan Bourse,
    "Marcus O'Sullivan" of "Diocese of Kerry" in Louvain records,
    matriculated (entered Louvain) 24 Jan 1770, "pauper",
    "pauper" means he was exempt from some fees due to lack of wealth, [Jennings, 1944] shows that most Irish students were granted "pauper" status,
    entered the Lily or Lis college (the Pedagogie du Lis),
    list of Kerry priests abroad in 1770 shows "Mark Sullivan" in Louvain [de Brun, 1985],
    "L Arts" (Licentiate of Arts) Aug 1771, "PM 133",
    list of Kerry priests abroad in 1774 shows "Mark Sullivan" in Louvain [de Brun, 1985],
    MA (Magister Artium, Master of Arts) 21 May 1776,
    STB 1777,

    returned to Ireland,
    for sources for almost all of the following see [de Brun, 1985],
    listed as a P.P. in RC Diocese of Kerry in 1792 and 1794,
    P.P. of the RC par of Firies from 1797 to 1814,
    the RC parish of Firies covers the civil parishes of Aglish and Kilnanare and Molahiffe, Co.Kerry (between Killarney and Tralee, some distance SW of Castleisland, see map),
    Firies itself (also Fieries) is in the par of Kilnanare,
    not to be confused with Fieries, Ballincuslane par (SE of Castleisland, see map),
    "Marcus O'Sullivan" is listed as P.P. of "Aglis" (Aglish, i.e. Firies) in 1797,
    "Marcus Sullivan" is a P.P. in Kerry in 1798,
    listed as P.P. of "Molahive" (Molahiffe, i.e. Firies) in Killarney district in 1800 and 1803,
    "Marcus O'Sullivan" listed as P.P. of "Mullahive" (Molahiffe, i.e. Firies) in 1806-08 list,
    died 1814, while still P.P. Firies [King, 1912], age est c.64 yrs.

    Julia Sheehan in [P102/207(4)] and [P102/207(6)] says that her uncle Michael Rahilly's wife was a niece of Fr. Mark O'Sullivan.
    However [P102/207(4)] has errors:

    • [P102/207(4)] says Fr. Mark was PP of Currow.
      However [P102/207(6)] says this is an error and it should be Firies.
      Currow is a RC chapel in Ranalough townland, civil par of Killeentierna (see map). This is the church of the RC par of Killeentierna.
      [de Brun, 1985] shows that no O'Sullivan was ever linked to Currow or Killeentierna.

    • [P102/207(4)] says that Fr. Mark was later PP of Ballylongford. It says he "was removed from Currow to Ballylongford".
      However [P102/207(6)] says Currow is wrong, so this note is wrong too.
      [de Brun, 1985] shows Fr.Mark was never linked to Ballylongford or Tarbert.
      The confusion must be with Fr. Daniel O'Sullivan or possibly with this priest:

      • Fr. Michael O'Sullivan, born 1756,
        P.P. of Tarbert and Ballylongford 1782-1810, see [Lynch, 2008],
        P.P. of Listowel from 1810 to his death in 1829, see [Gaughan, 1974],
        died Listowel, 1829, age 73 yrs,
        (todo) see Dublin Weekly Register, 30 July 1829,
        see [de Brun, 1985].

Fieries church on 1829 to 1842 map.
This was replaced by a new church to the NE. See 1887 to 1913 map.


The poet Eoghan Rua (O'Sullivan of Meentoges)

The poet Eoghan Rua O'Sullivan was also O'Sullivan of Meentoges.
[P102/207(4)] says our O'Sullivans of Meentoges are "Owen Roe's people".
O'Sullivan entry in [King, 1912] says Fr. Mark O'Sullivan was 1st cousin of the poet.

[McCarthy, 1993, p.105] apparently says that Eoghan Rua O'Sullivan was "born of a family that migrated from the Templenoe area". Templenoe is the parish to the W side of Kenmare (see old map). Same area as both "O'Sullivan Mor" of Dunkerron and Sullivan of Carhoomeengar.

Extract from Michael Warren's letter of 1906 [P102/207(4)].
He meets Julia Sheehan and she says our O'Sullivans are related to the poet Owen Roe O'Sullivan.

[King, 1912] says that Fr. Mark is related to the poet.

O'Sullivan of Firies

[King, 1912] says that our Fr. Mark O'Sullivan was granduncle of "the late" Marcus O'Sullivan of Firies.
Note that these Sullivans are apparently of Firies, and they have middle names "Mark" and "Marcus".


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