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My ancestors - Pigott - Contents

Patrick Pigott

Patrick Pigott on his dau Ellen O'Mara's family grave, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
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Patrick Pigott,
youngest son, and his father's favourite,
born 1788.
He went to hedge school.
As a young man he would ride into Limerick on horseback dressed in doeskin breeches and a green coat with silver buckles.
His father settled him up with a good public house to run in Limerick.

He mar 1stly, est c.1820, to Mary Lynch [or possibly Mary Rice].
Mary died pre-1832, leaving him with small children.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. (son) Pigott, survived the Famine.
  2. (son) Pigott, survived the Famine.

Patrick mar 2ndly, 29th Nov 1832, to Nell Ebrill [Ellen, born est c.1810].
[Slater's directory, 1846] lists Patrick Pigott, "cap maker", Mungret Street, Limerick.
He was ruined in the Famine 1845-50, and his daughter Mary died.
[PAT/2, p.21] says his wife Nell "wore herself out in the service of others, being grateful for the least kindness shown to her". After her husband's ruin "she worked day and night to keep her family as respectable as could be". "Once she met John Nevitt, white faced and ravaged by drink and misery. She scarcely reached home before she fainted. She never saw him again."
Patrick left Limerick and found employment with Ryan's bakery in Bruree, S Co.Limerick.
[Griffiths Valuation, 1850] of Irishtown, St. John's par, Limerick (the Mungret St area) does not list him, though it does list:

Can't find Patrick or his family anywhere else in Co.Limerick in search of [Griffiths Valuation].
He returned to Limerick after 5 years, though he later worked in Bruree again for a time.
[PAT/2, p.22] says he was a "big, simple, trustful man, even when things went against him he was renowned for his honesty".
He is described as "clerk" at Ellen's marriage 1867.
Nell must be "Ellen Piggott" who sp bapt of Mary O'Mara 1868.
He is listed as "Patrick Pigott", shopkeeper, at death 1873 [GROI], living Mungret St [burial record].

Patrick dies, 1873:
He died 22nd May 1873, Mungret St, Limerick, age 85 yrs [grave], [GROI].
Death was registered by "Ellen Pigott" of Mungret St (his wife).
No will/admin found in [NAI] 1873-77.
He was bur 23 May [burial record] at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick, Location: lat. 126 long. Pc. No headstone visible.
There was probably no headstone at 126 Pc since his name is written elsewhere on his dau Ellen O'Mara's family grave at Mount St. Lawrence. Name written as "Patrick Pigott".

Nell fl 1873.
Think she fl 1877 [family letters].
Can't find death in [GROI].
She is NOT Ellen Pigott who died Kanturk, 1877.
She is NOT Ellen Pigott who died Fermoy, 4th qr 1882.
She died pre-1886.
In 1886 Stephen O'Mara writes to his old friend Fr. Edward Thomas O'Dwyer, who has just been appointed Bishop of Limerick. Stephen recalls his assistance in the past, including: "the death of my mother in law, when under God you saved my wife's life".
Patrick had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Mary Pigott,
    bapt 7 Sept 1833 [St John's, Limerick],
    died in the Famine c.1847, age c.14 yrs.

  2. Patrick Pigott,
    after father and grandfather,
    bapt 15th Sept 1834 [St John's, Limerick],
    sp Thomas Nunan and Bridget Pigott,
    parents listed as "Patt Pigott" and "Ellen Ebriel".
    An undated letter (think c.1868) from Martin J. O'Mara shows that Ellen has asked Martin for help in tracing "your brother Pat" who is in North America.
    In 1875 Martin reports that he has heard nothing of Pat.

  3. John Pigott,
    John J. Pigott,
    would be named after grandfather,
    bapt 8 Feb 1840 [St John's, Limerick], sp James Lee and Mary Sheedy, see entry from here.

  4. Ellen Pigott,
    named after mother,
    her husband called her Nell [family letters], though other family called her Ellen,
    born Apr 1845, Limerick,
    [family bible] says born Apr, though gets year wrong, oddly lists her as older than husband when she was younger,
    bapt 3 Apr 1845 [St John's, Limerick], sp John FitzGerald and Mary Keogh, see entry from here.

Marriage of Patrick Pigott and Nell Ebrill, 29 Nov 1832 [St John's, Limerick].

Baptism of Ellen Pigott, 3 Apr 1845 [St John's, Limerick].

Patrick Pigott, "cap maker", Mungret Street, Limerick, listed in [Slater's directory, 1846].


Patrick Pigott's 1st wife might be Mary Rice. These might be them:

Patt Pigott,
mar Mary Rice and had issue:

  1. (dau) Pigott,
    bapt 20th Sept 1828 [St John's, Limerick].

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