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My ancestors - Pigott - Contents

Ellen Pigott

Ellen Pigott.
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Ellen Pigott, bapt 3 Apr 1845.
There is an envelope addressed to "Miss Ellen Pigott", Mungret St, 19 Nov 1863 (her age 18). Now in [Stephen O'Mara papers].
At age 19 (1864) she went to work at Harris' bakery, Henry St, Limerick.
[PAT/2, p.22] says: "As soon as Grandmother was grown up she had to work for her living and bring some money into the home; so at 19 she was working in Harris' bakery." "The Harris' were rich, Catholics, and at that time they lived in Hartstonge House where years later, when the wheel of fortune turned, Grandmother herself came to live in affluence and happiness. It was while she was working in the bakery offices that Grandfather turned up and fell in love with her."
A religious blessing card survives to her, from Margaret O'Mara (Stephen's sister, age 16), 15 Feb 1865.
She was living Limerick at mar.
She mar 5 Feb 1867, S.S. Peter and Paul, Patrick St, Cork [GROI] to Stephen O'Mara and had issue.
Mar wit by James O'Mara and Lissie Ebrill.
Stephen writes to her 1898 recalling: "our married life from the first night in the Queens" [unidentified] "up to the present."

Harris listed at Hartstonge House in [Bassett's, 1880-81, p.33].

Marriage of Stephen O'Mara and Ellen Pigott, 5 Feb 1867 [S.S. Peter and Paul, Cork].

Ellen Pigott, c.1880s.
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From [P40/909]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Ellen Pigott with her children, 1890. From this picture.

Ellen Pigott.
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From [P40/910]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Ellen Pigott, c.1910.
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