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Our common ancestors - English Royal family - Contents

House of Lancaster

Henry IV (see here and here),
born 1366, reigned 1399-1413,
the play Henry IV, part 1 (and here) by Shakespeare spans 1402-3,
in 1404 he issued a decree forbidding the practice of experimental science,
the play Henry IV, part 2 (and here) by Shakespeare spans 1403-13,
had issue:

Henry V (see here),
reigned 1413-22,
the play Henry V (and here) by Shakespeare spans 1414-20,
occupied northern France in the Hundred Years War, won great victory at Battle of Agincourt 1415,
see Shakespeare's "Once more unto the breach ... Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!" and the speech "... That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day",
see also the movie Henry V (1989) (directed by Kenneth Branagh),
had issue:

  1. Henry VI (see here),
    reigned 1422-61,
    the play Henry VI, part 1 (and here) by Shakespeare spans 1422-44,
    founded Eton 1440,
    founded King's College, Cambridge 1441,
    the play Henry VI, part 2 (and here) by Shakespeare spans 1445-55,
    the play Henry VI, part 3 (and here) by Shakespeare spans 1460-71,
    deposed 1461,
    reigned 1470-1,
    murdered at prayer 1471, crown taken by House of York.

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