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My ancestors - Ryan - Contents

Ryan (Tim) of Newross, Co.Tipperary

Ryan "Cadea" of Newross, Co.Tipperary

Baptism of Margaret Ryan, 19 Sept 1819 [Newport RC par records].

Tim Ryan.
His family was called the Ryan "Tim" family. There are so many Ryans in Co.Tipperary that they often have an additional "family name" to identify them.
He was a farmer in Newross (also called "Ross"), Kilnarath par, NE of Newport, Co.Tipperary (near Doonane, Co.Tipperary, see map).
He was NOT of Mount Prospect, NOT of Killoscully.

He mar pre-1814 to Margaret Hourigan [also written as "Peggy" in Newport RC par records].
She was possibly of near Doonane, Co.Tipperary. She was meant to be related to Hourigan of near Doonane who married Lane and Humphreys.
Note the forest at Doonane is called Ballyhourigan Wood, in Ballyhourigan townland, N of Doonane townland, both in Killoscully par, Co.Tipperary.
This is NOT the mar of Margaret Hourigan in 1816 at Newport.

Tim and Margaret were in Newross since at least 1814, all children born Newross, bapt Catholic in [Newport RC par records].
He is listed as farmer, Newross, at childrens' bapts 1814 to 1823.
He is listed at Newross at dau's bapt 1828.
He prob. died pre-1835, since [Census, 1835] apparently shows only "William Ryan (Timothy)" (prob. his brother-in-law) in Newross.
[Griffiths Valuation, 1850] shows "William Ryan (Tim)" and "Michael Ryan (Tim)" (prob. his brother-in-law and son) in Newross.
Tim and Margaret had issue:

  1. Catherine Ryan,
    bapt 1 Nov 1814 [Newport RC par records], sp Michael Ryan and Catherine Hourigan,
    mar Michael Foley.

  2. Honora Ryan,
    bapt Honor, 15 Aug 1816 [Newport RC par records], sp Pat Hourigan and Biddy Ryan,
    mar James Foley and had issue.

  3. Biddy Ryan,
    bapt Bridget, 11 May 1818 [Newport RC par records], sp Pat Ryan and Judy Hourigan,
    mar Samuel Young.

  4. Margaret Ryan,
    born Newross, Co.Tipperary,
    bapt Margaret, 19 Sept 1819 [Newport RC par records] (and here), sp Mat Coffey and --- Hourigan.
    She was apparently "Margaret Mary". (Apparently her grand-dau Sighle Humphreys was named "Margaret Mary" after her.)
    Note that the eldest grand-dau in the Rath branch was bapt "Margaret Mary".
    Fred Faulkner says the Ryans referred to her as "Maria", or even "Mary" or "Molly". (Note her mother was Margaret, and there was no daughter Mary.)
    However the Humphrys referred to her as "Margaret", and all written records say "Margaret".
    She is listed as "Margaret Ryan, Newross" at mar.
    She mar 16 Feb 1841 [Newport RC par records] to James Humphrys and had issue.
    Mar wit by Anthony Humphrys, Mick Ryan, John Humphrys.

  5. Mickey Tim Ryan,
    Mick, bapt Michael, 15 Oct 1820 [Newport RC par records], sp John Hourigan and Kitty Coffey.

  6. Judy Ryan,
    bapt 14 Jan 1822 [Newport RC par records], sp William Ryan and Mary Hourigan.

  7. Joanna Ryan,
    bapt 2 Oct 1823 [Newport RC par records], sp Tim Ryan and Sara Ryan,
    she must be Joanna Ryan who sp bapt of John Humphrys 1843.

  8. Anne Ryan,
    think NOT Ann, born Newross,
    bapt 5 June 1828 [Newport RC par records], sp Denis Ryan and Catherine Ryan,
    mar --- Lloyd,
    mar not found in [Newport par records].

Newross on 1829 to 1842 map.

Newport area in [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].

A family tree exists offline as:
Ryan (Tim) of Newross, Co.Tipperary
Ryan "Cadea" of Newross, Co.Tipperary
2nd edition, May 1992

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