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My ancestors - Stack - Contents

Stack of Co.Kerry

Stack is a very common name in Co.Kerry.

Greenville, W of Listowel, on 1829 to 1842 map.
Kilcreen is just visible to the E side.

Thomas Stack,
born 1837, Co.Kerry,
of Listowel area, Co.Kerry.
He mar 17 Jan 1860 [Listowel RC par records] to Catharine Moore [or Catherine, born 1828 or 1831, Co.Kerry].
Mar wit by Ellen Moore and Denis Dillane.
She (not he) was of Greenville, W side of Listowel. See 1829 to 1842 map.
Greenville House was a large house in Gortcurreen townland, which belonged to the Sandes family. See [Houses of Kerry]. Moore (and later Stack) may have worked on the estate. See modern street view of S entrance.

Thomas is listed as of Listowel at children's bapts 1861-64.
At son's bapt 1867 and son's birth 1871 [GROI] they are listed as of Kilcreen, W side of Listowel. See 1829 to 1842 map. This is the townland bordering Gortcurreen, to the SE side of Greenville. There is a large house, Kilcreen Cottage, in Kilcreen townland. See [Houses of Kerry].
"Greenville" and "Kilcreen" in records may refer to the same place.

They are listed as of "Greenville" at son's bapt 1871.
He is listed as "herdsman" at son's birth 1871 [GROI].
He is listed as "farmer" at son's mar 1896.
At some point they moved to Killacrim (or Killocrim), some distance further to the SW of Listowel. See 1829 to 1842 map. See modern map. There is a large house, Killacrim House, in Killacrim townland. See [Houses of Kerry].
Their dau is listed as of Ennismore (which is the district containing Killacrim) at mar 1900.
They are listed at Killacrim in [Census, 1901]. She is age 70 (born 1831). He is agricultural labourer. They can both read and write.
He or his son must be the "Tom of Killocrim" branch listed in [King] in the early 1900s.

Thomas died 1901 to 1911.
He is probably not Thomas Stack who died Listowel, 2nd qr 1904 [GROI].
He is probably not Thomas Stack who died Ballylongford, 2nd qr 1907 [GROI].

Catharine is listed at Killacrim in [Census, 1911]. She is widow, age 83 (born 1828).
She is probably not Catherine Stack, widow of farmer, who died 29 July 1916, age 90 (born 1826), at Woodford, SE side of Listowel (see map). See death in [GROI]. Death registered by Pat Stack of Listowel.
Thomas and Catharine had issue:

  1. Michael Stack,
    bapt 15 May 1861 [Listowel RC par records],
    can't identify him in [Census, 1901], he is alive but not living with parents,
    can't identify him in [Census, 1911], he is alive but not living with mother.

  2. Mary Stack,
    born Co.Kerry, bapt 6 March 1864 [Listowel RC par records],
    listed as of Ennismore (which is the district containing Killacrim) at mar,
    mar 9 June 1900 [her age 36, him age 30], [Listowel RC par records]
    to Patrick Mahony [of "Banmore", born 1870, Co.Kerry, son of James Mahony, farm labourer, and Catherine Stack, or Kate],
    "Banmore" would be either Banemore, Kilfeighny par, nr Listowel, or Benmore, Rattoo par, nr Listowel, unless it is an error for Bromore (see following),
    census shows that Mary and Patrick can read and write, but Patrick's parents are illiterate,
    at son's bapt 30 Mar 1901 Mary and Patrick are living Bromore, Kilconly par, nr Listowel, Co.Kerry,
    they are listed at Bromore West, Kilconly par, nr Listowel, Co.Kerry, in [Census, 31 Mar 1901], he is "farmer", his parents living with them,
    they are listed at Bromore West in [Census, 1911], he is "farmer", his parents living with them,
    wonder if she is "Mary O'Mahony" of Bromore, died Sept 21, 1942, age 76 (born 1866) who is bur in Killehenny Cemetery, Ballybunion, Co.Kerry,
    (todo) try death of Mary Mahony, Listowel, [GROI], 3rd qr 1942, age 78 (born 1864), vol 5 p 231,
    had issue:

    1. Patrick Mahony, born 1901, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 30 March 1901 [Ballybunion RC par records].

    2. Catherine Mahony, born 1906, Co.Kerry.
    3. Martin Mahony, born 1907, Co.Kerry.

    4. 2 other children, Mahony, died pre-1911.

  3. Thomas Stack, born Co.Kerry,
    bapt 25 August 1867 [Listowel RC par records],
    living with parents at Killacrim in 1901 census, he is listed as agricultural labourer, single,
    living at Killacrim with mother in [Census, 1911], he is listed as agricultural labourer, single.

  4. William Stack,
    born unknown date,
    [GROI] is WRONG to say born 9 May 1871, because we have his bapt date confirmed,
    born Kilcreen, W of Listowel, Co.Kerry [GROI],
    "of very humble origins",
    bapt 2 Apr 1871 [Listowel RC par records], sp William Moore and Johanna Burke,
    [DMP records] confirm this is him, he provided them with a bapt cert instead of a birth cert,
    [Notes of Nora Stack] said born 2 Apr 1871, this may be true, or may be confusion with bapt.

Entrance (from S) to Greenville House.
2011 screenshot from street view.

The marriage of Thomas Stack to Catharine Moore of Greenville, near Listowel, 1860.
See full size.

Baptism of William Stack, 2 Apr 1871, [Listowel RC par records].
See full size.

Killacrim, further SW of Listowel.
From 1829 to 1842 map.



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