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My wife's ancestors - Wells - Contents

Joseph Wells


Joseph Wells (died 1887).
Labelled "Grandfather Wells".
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Joseph Wells,
bapt 2 July 1804, Walton, Felixstowe, Suffolk.
He mar 1stly, 31 Aug 1832, St Clements, Ipswich, Suffolk, to Mary Pratt [born 1810].
She might be a relation of his through his mother.
Note that he had a 1st cousin Mary Pratt who was born 21 Nov 1810, and bapt 15 July 1811, Walton.
His wife Mary died 1834, Ipswich, age 24 yrs.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Joseph Pratt Wells,
    born 1834, Ipswich,
    died as infant, 1834, Ipswich.

He is described as "mariner", of Ipswich, at 2nd mar.
He mar 2ndly, 1838, to Mary Baldry [born 1803, her 2nd mar too].
He is listed as "ship-owner", living St.Helen's St, St.Helen's par, Ipswich (see map) at son's birth 1839.
They are listed in [UK census, 1841] as living St.Helen's St, Ipswich, he is listed as "mariner".
They are listed in [UK census, 1851] as living Great Whip Street, St. Peter's par, Ipswich (see map), he is listed as "master mariner".
Abbie Wells said in a 1955 letter that: "Joseph Wells was a captain in the Merchant Service and owned two sailing ships of which paintings were in our dining room at "Tanton"".
Richard Ellison says: "It is recorded that Joseph once swam from Harwich to Felixstowe which, owing to very strong currents, was considered a great feat."

Farmer in Levington, Suffolk:
He gave up the sea for farming. He bought a farm at Levington, Suffolk (SE of Ipswich, see map).
He is listed in [White's Directory of Suffolk, 1855] as a farmer at Levington.
They are listed in [UK census, 1861] as living Watkins Farm (unidentified), Levington, Suffolk. He is listed as "farmer of 185 acres employing 8 labourers and 2 boys". They have 1 servant.
Mary did NOT die 1862, Ipswich, age 59 yrs.
She is NOT Mary Wells who died 4th qr 1862, Ipswich [GRO.UK].
Joseph was executor of will of John Ruffles in 1863 (his son later married Ruffles' dau). He is listed as farmer, of Levington.
He is listed as "farmer" at son's mar 1865.

He retired from farming.
[UK census, 1871] lists them both living 138 Norwich Rd, Ipswich St Matthew (see map). He is listed as "retired farmer", as is she. They have one servant.
[UK census, 1881] lists them both living 138 Norwich Rd, Ipswich. He is listed as "Retired From Sea (Master Mariner)". They have one servant.
He is listed as "retired farmer" at death.
He died 23 Apr 1887, 138 Norwich Rd, Ipswich, age 82 yrs [GRO.UK].
See probate granted 29 Nov 1892.

"Mary Wells", born Easton, Suffolk, widowed, "Living On Her Own Means", is listed as living with (her son) Joseph Leonard Wells at Appleby Villa, 4 Venner Road, Sydenham, in [UK census, 1891]. This must be her, except she is listed as his "mother in law" rather than mother and as age 58 (could be a miscommunication).
She apparently died at Appleby Villa, 20 Jan 1892, age 89 yrs.
(todo) See death of Mary Wells, age 89, [GRO.UK] 1st qr 1892, Bromley, vol 2a p 391 or poss. 891.
Joseph had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Joseph Leonard Wells,
    sometimes written just "Joseph Wells",
    born 27th June 1839, St.Helen's par, Ipswich [GRO.UK],
    bapt 28 July 1839, St.Helen's, Ipswich.

Mary Baldry in old age.
Labelled "Grandmother Wells".
See larger and full size.

Joseph Wells listed as farmer at Levington in [White's Directory of Suffolk, 1855, p.242].

Painting of Joseph Leonard Wells' house Tannington Lodge, Suffolk.
Richard Ellison says the man is old Joseph Wells.
See larger and full size.


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