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Our common ancestors - Windsor - Contents


Dominus Otho or Other,
came to England 1057,
had issue:

Walter FitzOther,
Castellan of Windsor and Keeper of the Forest,
i.e. he was the governor or warden of Windsor Castle (built 1075), Berkshire, the chief Royal residence,
had issue:

  1. William Fitzwalter de Windsor.

  2. Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor (see here),
    mar Nest ferch Rhys [see here, Welsh Royal ancestry],
    had issue:

    1. Maurice Fitzgerald de Windsor, born 1100.
      "Invader of Ireland".
      Ancestor of the Geraldines.

    2. Angharad Fitzgerald de Windsor,
      mar William de Barry and had issue:

      1. Gerald of Wales ("Giraldus Cambrensis", see here),
        the historian, born c.1146,
        chronicler of the Norman invasion of Ireland.

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