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Things to do - Humphrys

Things to do - Humphrys


  1. Humphreys 1922
  2. Humphreys 1923
  3. Meagher 1921
  4. Mick
  5. Dan mar
  6. Lloyd
  7. Lloyd


Parish records

  1. Murroe, Co.Limerick


  1. John Humphrys "life" on deed.
    • John Humphrys of Glenstal is one of the "lives" on a lease of Knocknagorteeny to Canter in 1756.
    • See 1781 renewal.
    • Later deeds related to Canter lease of Knocknagorteeny should show when John Humphrys died.

  2. DONE - Grady/Humphrys searches done at [LR]
    1. townlands
      • Cappercullen - Limerick, vol 76 (1739-1810), fully searched
      • Glenstal - Limerick, vol 76 (1739-1810), quick search
    2. names
      • Grady - fully searched (looking for Humphrys) 1708-1809 vols


  1. Searched:
    • Killoscully
    • Ballynahinch.
    • old Newport, opposite church
    • new Newport, outside town, opened 1950s
    • Abington

  2. To do:
    • Kilnarath
    • Inch St.Lawrence, near Caherconlish
    • Pallas Grean


  1. Limerick/Tipperary

  2. [Glenstal Abbey] - revisit and photograph papers

  3. 36 Ailesbury Rd - secret room
  4. St.Enda's - museum

  5. Sandymount Park
    • More Thom's - track the re-naming to Roslyn Park.
    • Visit - Does the second house survive? Is it also by Gandon?

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