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Things to do for Letitia Blennerhassett - Find 1806 deed

1806 deed

A "memorial" (summary) survives in the [Registry of Deeds] of a Deed of 1806, Ponsonby to Blennerhassett.
I want to find the missing full deed.

"Memorial" (1 page summary) of the lost 1806 deed.
The deed is dated 31 Mar 1806, made between Richard PONSONBY of Tarbert Island, Co.Kerry, and Letitia Ponsonby otherwise Blennerhassett his wife, of the one part, and Thomas BLENNERHASSETT of Tralee, Co.Kerry, of the other part.
The memorial above was registered with the [Registry of Deeds] on 23 Apr 1806. Book 581, p.233, no.391828.
I am searching for a full copy of the deed (not the 1 page memorial).

What lands does the deed relate to?

The deed relates to an annual payment off the PONSONBY estate in Co.Kerry.
I do not, unfortunately, have a list of the townlands this estate would involve.
No specific townlands are listed in the memorial of the deed, or in the memorial of a 1799 deed that this deed refers to. Presumably the townlands are listed in the deeds themselves.

The Ponsonby seat was Crotto House, Kilflyn parish, Co.Kerry.
They owned extensive lands in Co.Kerry and Co.Limerick.

The most likely collection the deed would be bundled with would be a collection related to Crotto, Kilflyn parish, Co.Kerry, but this is not the only possibility. The Crotto estate was liquidated in stages in the 1840s-50s when Ponsonby went bankrupt.

Guessing where it might be today

If not surviving in the Ponsonby or Blennerhassett families, the full deed may be in a solicitors office.


Conclusion - Impossible to know where it might be today

If it survives in some solicitors office, it is most likely in a solicitors office in Kerry, Dublin, Cork or Limerick.