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The Blennerhassett problem - Things to do - Letitia Blennerhassett

  Cashel at Tarbert 1806

Where was Letitia in 1806 to 1811?

Was Letitia in Cork 1806 to 1811?

George Cashel at Tarbert 1811 to 1828

Letters of around 1806

Land records



Other Dublin




1806 deed

1806 reference in LDS

George Cashel witness at Tarbert

Regiments at Tarbert around 1806

DNA testing of Letitia Blennerhassett

Things to do - Letitia Blennerhassett

This was my "things to do" list for the now abandoned Theory of descent from Letitia Blennerhassett of Tarbert.

DNA says the Letitia theory is false, so I am not pursuing this list any more.
But I leave up this page since it may be helpful to other researchers.


  1. Law cases published. Search for "Reports of Cases Argued ... in Ireland" in:

Google searches

  1. Ponsonby Crotto
  2. Ponsonby Crotta
  3. Ponsonby Blennerhassett
  4. Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett
  1. Ponsonby Cashel
  2. Letitia Ponsonby Cashel
  3. Richard Ponsonby Cashel

  4. Ponsonby Cashell
  5. Letitia Ponsonby Cashell
  6. Richard Ponsonby Cashell

  1. Ponsonby Tarbert
  2. Letitia Ponsonby Tarbert
  3. Richard Ponsonby Tarbert
  1. Cashel Tarbert
  2. "George Cashel" Tarbert
  3. "Cashel, George" Tarbert

  1. Cashell Tarbert
  2. "George Cashell" Tarbert
  3. "Cashell, George" Tarbert

Find Mr. Cashel at Tarbert around 1806

The theory is that Letitia Blennerhassett met a Mr. Cashel in Tarbert around 1806.

There is no CASHEL living in Tarbert area around 1806. So who is he?

He might be from a temporary population, e.g. the Army base at Tarbert Island.

Or he might be from further away in Co.Kerry and visiting.

Where was Letitia in 1806 to 1811?

If Letitia separated from Ponsonby in 1806, where did she live in 1806 to 1811? Where did she baptise the baby?

Was Letitia in Cork 1806 to 1811?

Find George Cashel as a youth in Tarbert 1811 to 1828




Erasmus Smith school, Tarbert




Early job

Letters of around 1806

If there was a Blennerhassett scandal around 1806, almost any Co.Kerry family might mention it in gossip.

  1. Letters of around 1806.

  2. Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet, letters

  3. William Ponsonby papers
    • His regiment was at Tarbert in 1808.

Land records: LR and VO and NAI.VO


  1. Track Lindsay properties in Tarbert


  1. Go through known ones again. Images now online.

  2. Find Memorial (not full deed) of 1778 separation - Is it phrased same way as 1806 memorial?

  3. DONE first pass of BLENNERHASSETT in 1794-1815 (focused on Rev. John and Letitia branch)
  4. DONE first pass of PONSONBY 1800-15 and 1822-39.
  5. See complete PONSONBY index of 1800-1809:
    p.485 and p.486 and p.487 and p.488 in Grantor index N-Q 1800-1809

  6. (todo) FULLER
  7. (todo) FINN

  8. Not relevant: Deed of 18 Oct 1802. Patrick Maher of Tarbert to Officers of Ordnance. Book 549, p.203, no. 363194. Page 111 (online numbering) in Deeds, etc., v. 549-550 1802-1803.

  9. LINDSAY - have searched around 1806 and 1811
    • Have done first pass of 1813-99.
    • Irrelevant:
      • William Lindsay, 1814
      • William Lindsay, 1817
      • William Lindsay, 1818
      • William Lindsay, 1819
      • William Lindsay, 1820 (all)
      • William Lindsay, 1821 (all)
      • William Lindsay, 1823
      • William Lindsay, 1825 (all)
      • William Lindsay, 1828
      • William Lindsay, 1829
      • William Lindsay, 1831
      • James Lindsay, Tralee, 1855

  10. Find 1804 deeds
  11. Search for Ponsonby deed, 12 Nov 1795
  12. Wider search of index for these names:
    • MILLER - have searched around 1838.
    • MONSELL - have searched around 1838.

LR - Search for more deeds for Thomas and John



  1. Did George Cashel write to Arthur Helps at Dublin Castle in 1839-41?
    • Could have looked for a job. Could be filed under HELPS.
    • DONE - Quick search of HELPS 1837-43. Searched for a category for Helps. Not found. (todo) Search Helps in entire index.

  2. [CSORP] agrarian policing actions
    • See William Lindsay policing actions against agrarian insurgents in co-operation with Robert Leslie junior.
    • George Cashel, if stepson, would have been the oldest child at home, and a teen. He might have helped.
    • Found newspaper accounts of William Lindsay policing actions 1821-22.
    • Agrarian rebellion was 1821-24.
    • Indexes removed from shelf for cataloguing, but can be ordered.
    • Any sources other than CSORP?

  3. [CSORP] other

  4. DONE - Have done the following CSORP searches.
    Online search allows full-text search.

    SearchDoneTo doNot relevant
    TARBERT 1818-1834  
    LESLIE 1818-1834 R.Leslie, Co.Kerry, 1826, original ref: 13,440  
    LINDSAY 1818-1834 LINDSAY, 1828, no.1477
    LINDSAY, 1829, no.622
    (married Mary Ponsonby 1828)
    (Hard to search because of so many hits for William Miller, Inspector General for Munster.)
      MILLER, 1827, no.2075

    • Apparently nothing on Belfast police

NAI - Other

  1. Garvey and Blennerhassett pedigrees

  2. List of children at Erasmus Smith school, Tarbert, in 1809 was sent to Dublin Castle. Are there any other lists?

  3. DONE search of LINDSAY in Petty Sessions in North Co.Kerry
    • Ballylongford Petty Sessions records, 1855 on.
    • Tarbert Petty Sessions records, 1860 on.
    • These are digitised at

  4. Customs records
    • Have searched CUSTOMS in "Index of Official Papers" (up to 1831) (OP), RR card index. Match these references into the second index (behind counter).
    • Have done these, nothing found:
      • Salaries of customs officers, Irish Office, 23 Apr 1810, OP ii 299/6
      • Letters re: Vacancies for boatmen, Irish Office, Mar-May 1810, OP ii 299/12
      • Compensations to customs officers, Mar-Dec 1810, OP ii 299/24
      • Commissioners of customs, and Salaries of customs officers, 1810, OP ii 342-43
    • (todo) Search second index itself (may not be fully indexed in card index)
    • Irish coastguards

  5. Court cases - See "High Court of Justice, 1699-1964", finding aid, RR

  6. Monsell family, M.6124, Misc. Subject Index.
  7. Private Accessions, J.F. Fuller, 4 Jan 1923, 1/9.

  8. [O'Kief]
    • done quick pass of LINDSAY, MILLER, PONSONBY
    • (todo) exhaustive search - big job



  1. O'Hara papers
    • We are proposing that Richard Ponsonby, the nephew of Charles O'Hara (the younger) (MP for Sligo County 1801-22, died 1822), separated from his wife around 1806 after she had an affair. Quite possible that some O'Hara letter would mention it.

  2. Rowan papers
    • Might be more Ponsonby papers.

  3. [Denny, 1923] mentions a Ponsonby pedigree in the possession of Thomas Sadleir.
    • This must be the short William Ponsonby entry in Sadleir Pedigrees.
    • Nothing more found in these:
      • Letters of Thomas Ulick Sadleir, NLI GO MS 1000. See finding aid.
      • NLI Report on Private Collections, No. 31: Report on the Sadleir Papers. NLI GO RR.

NLI newspapers

  1. search (no known article)
    1. Louisa case 1827 - try Chute's Western Herald
    2. William Miller arrested, jailed and dismissed 1830
    3. confirm Honoria Ponsonby death 1864
    4. deaths - funeral lists
    5. Court cases - See [NAI] section

  2. Belfast funeral lists
    • Thomas Lindsay, Belfast, 1861
      • searched Belfast Morning News
      • searched Belfast Newsletter
      • searched Northern Whig
    • Thomas Lindsay's wife 1858
      • Belfast Morning News
      • Belfast Newsletter
      • Northern Whig (offsite - ring in advance)

NLI - other

  1. [History of the Irish Parliament]

  2. Sources for life of Charles Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont.

Other Dublin

  1. GM

  2. [RCB]

  3. Ponsonby grant of arms in Dublin or London? (Might have genealogy.)


  1. John B. Fuller
  2. Garvey

Ireland (outside Dublin)


  1. [KCL]
    • Nothing on LINDSAY in card index.
    • Done PONSONBY in [Denny, 1923]. Nothing on LINDSAY.
    • Lislaughtin Abbey inscriptions.
    • DONE file on St.John's church, Tralee drawer
    • DONE Kilnaughtin cemetery inscriptions (Tarbert). Nothing found.
      Does this cover both old and new Kilnaughtin churches?

  2. Tarbert
    • Large raised Gallagher tomb, Kilnaughtin Cemetery, old Kilnaughtin Church.

  3. Aghavallen memorial inscriptions, [KGS]. Not in KCL.


  1. Limerick
    • St.Munchin's - can't find Monsell grave in the map held by the Cathedral - could try other list of inscriptions at [LG]

  2. [LCL]
    • Done MONSELL file in filing cabinet, Local section.
    • Done first pass of Limerick Gazette (looking for Letitia scandal) for all of 1806.


  1. NI police museum

  2. [PRO.NI]


  1. Ponsonby in UK and Irish archives

  2. Leslie in UK and Irish archives
    • Letters to Sir Edward Leslie, 1st Baronet, in England, could mention Letitia in 1806 (local scandal).
    • Where are Pierce Leslie Pielou's papers?

  3. [NA.UK]
    • Did George Cashel write to Arthur Helps in London or Dublin in 1835-41?
      Could be filed under HELPS.

    • Customs records at NA.UK
      • DONE initial search for PONSONBY, LINDSAY, CASHEL in 1800 to 1813.

  4. [BL]

  5. [GRO.UK]

  6. [COA]

  7. British military
    • PONSONBY in military

  8. [CUL]
    • Joseph Foster papers
      • Foster had good information on Letitia.
      • But DNB said his papers were dispersed.
      • There are some in CUL. But do not look relevant.

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