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George Ædie

Marriage of George Ædie and Giles Burnet, 30 May 1643.
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George Ædie.
Merchant and burgess of Aberdeen.
He mar 30 May 1643 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Giles Burnet ["Jeals" on burial stone].
He erected the Ædie grave in St.Nicholas', Aberdeen, in memory of his parents and grandparents.
He died Oct 1657, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.
Giles died 5 Nov 1663, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.
See Ædie grave in St.Nicholas' church.
George and Giles had issue:

  1. George Ædie.
    He was 2nd son [burgess records].
    Baillie (city official) of Aberdeen.
    Burgess of Aberdeen 1673.
    He mar 28 Oct 1677 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Mary Jamesone [born 1644].
    Lived in Ædie townhouse at The Green, Aberdeen.
    Mary died July 1684, age 40 yrs.
    After her death, George sold her tapestries to St. Nicholas' church in 1686 or 1688, where they now hang.
    George and Mary had issue:

    1. Alexander Ædie,
      bapt 24 July 1678 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    2. David Ædie,
      bapt 18 June 1679 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      He must have died in infancy (there is another David).

    3. David Ædie,
      bapt 25 July 1680 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    4. Margaret Ædie,
      bapt 16 June 1681 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

George may be identical to this George

The following George is probably identical with the George above who married Giles Burnet.
Then David could be the eldest son (with George the younger above as 2nd son).
Then Giles Ædie would be named after grandmother Giles Burnet.
Aberdeen City Council says "David and his brother George were ... both Bailies of Aberdeen" though other parts of its genealogy are wrong.

George Ædie.
He was an Aberdeen merchant trading in Danzig, Poland.
He was the master to whom Sir George Skene was apprenticed.
He had issue:

  1. David Ædie,
    of Newark and Easter Echt,
    born perhaps c.1645.


[Henderson, 1907] shows the following grave:

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