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David Ædie, of Newark and Easter Echt

Marriage of David Ædie and Katharine Skene, 24 Apr 1671.

David Ædie,
born perhaps c.1645.
His father was an Aberdeen merchant trading in Danzig, Poland.
David acquired the estates of Newark, and of Easter Echt (NE of Echt, Aberdeenshire, see map).
These estates were probably purchased on his return from Poland with fortune that had been made there.
He mar 24 Apr 1671 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Katharine Skene [born 1646, descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
Barbara Yates Gibbon said the Skene girl married "a Dutch merchant, Mr. Eddie".

He was a Baillie (city official) and burgess of Aberdeen.
Think he was treasurer of Aberdeen 1673.
Katharine died 1686-1690, age 40-44 yrs.
In 1694 he purchased "Provost Skene's House" from his late wife's uncle Sir George Skene, Provost of Aberdeen.
Later, the house seems to have gone to his dau Catherine Ædie's family.
David and Katharine had issue:

  1. Margaret Ædie,
    bapt 7 Feb 1672 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She must have died in infancy (there is another Margaret).

  2. Giles Ædie,
    bapt "Jeills", 1 Feb 1674 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She mar Alexander Skene, 16th Laird of Skene and had issue.
    Mar contract dated 8 Feb 1690 [her age 16].

  3. George Ædie,
    bapt 24 May 1675 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    He must have died in infancy (there is another George).

  4. Margaret Ædie,
    bapt 7 Feb 1676 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    Baptism date does not fit. Could be old style year - new style year confusion, but still does not fit.

  5. George Ædie,
    bapt 11 May 1676 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    "George, [1st] son of David Ædie, Baillie" became burgess (voter) of Aberdeen 1687.
    He sp the bapt of his nephew Norman Leslie 1697. Described as son of David Ædie of Easter Echt, late Baillie.

  6. Alexander Ædie,
    bapt 15 Aug 1677 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    He must have died young (there is another Alexander).

  7. Barbara Ædie,
    bapt 20 Oct 1678 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She is "Jean" Ædie in mar record.
    However children's baptisms all say "Barbara".
    Barbara Yates Gibbon notes say "Barbara".
    She mar 1 Mar 1697 to John Leslie and had issue.

  8. Catherine Ædie,
    bapt 7 Jan 1680 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She mar 1stly, 1696, to George Skene of Rubislaw and had issue.
    She mar 2ndly, 1714, to Alexander Thomson and had issue.

  9. Mary Ædie,
    bapt 6 Feb 1681 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  10. David Ædie,
    bapt 13 Apr 1682 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    "David, 2nd son of David Ædie, Baillie" became burgess (voter) of Aberdeen 1687.
    Note children of city officials became burgesses by right. But did this happen in their childhood?

  11. Alexander Ædie,
    bapt 23 Mar 1684 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  12. Anna Ædie,
    bapt 24 May 1686 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She mar --- Russel of Moncoffer, Aberdeenshire.
    This is according to Barbara Yates Gibbon.
    But this may be confusion with her niece Catherine Skene [born est c.1698] who married 1718 to Russel of Moncoffer.

One of these daughters (must be either Margaret or Mary) is the following:

  1. (dau) Ædie.
    She went to Poland.
    She mar --- Lousan.
    They settled in Poland [Barbara Yates Gibbon].

Baptism of Barbara Ædie, 20 Oct 1678.
See full size.


Skene and Ædie arms, Skene House


The joint arms of Alexander Skene, 16th Laird of Skene (A.S.) and Giles Ædie (J.Æ.), date 1692, inside Skene House.
Photo 1994. Picture courtesy of Judith Campbell. See full size.
Skene arms (3 daggers with wolves' heads) on left,
Ædie arms (3 cross/swords) on right.

The arms shown on p.48 of [Skene, 1887].

Lost portrait

[PORTRAIT of Mr. and Mrs. Lousan]
was in Gibbon family home in Aberdeen as at 1871.

Section of Barbara Yates Gibbon notes, 1872 about lost portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Lousan, and other lost portraits.

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