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Grave of Blennerhassett Cashel, St.Joseph's cemetery, Cork

Grave of Blennerhassett Cashel. St.Joseph's cemetery, Tory Top Road, Ballyphehane, SC Cork city.
St.Joseph's cemetery is managed by Cork City Council.
See findagrave and historicgraves.
See Burial register 1877 to 1917.
Grave of Blennerhassett Cashel is a solid grey Celtic cross, in Section 1 of St.Patrick's area (on outskirts of St.Patrick's area), row 3, plot 8, just SW of the large chapel.

Blennerhassett Cashel's 1st wife Maria Agnes Lyons was buried here 1896.
See 1896 purchase of grave.
See burial record LHS and RHS in burial register.

Blennerhassett Cashel was buried here 1915.
See 1915 burial record.
See burial record LHS and RHS in burial register.

Blennerhassett Cashel's 2nd wife Marion McSwiney buried here 1940.

St.Joseph's cemetery, Cork.
Note chapel inside graveyard, to NW of main entrance. Grave is just SW of chapel.
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Blennerhassett Cashel grave is just SW of the large chapel.

Location of grave of Blennerhassett Cashel (Celtic cross on LHS), St.Joseph's cemetery, Cork.
Large chapel on RHS.
Photo 2006. See full size.

Grave of Blennerhassett Cashel. Photo 2006. See full size.

Close-up of above. Photo 2006. See full size.
See alternate shot.

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