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Blennerhassett Cashel

Blennerhassett Cashel in photo of around 1893 (age around 45).
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See other photo and other photo.

Blennerhassett Cashel,
Blen, think born 13 June 1848,
bapt 18 June 1848, Co.Tipperary.
Descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III.
[PAT/12, p.16] says he was "tall, slim and handsome, with a drooping moustache".
His father was a policeman and the family moved around. Moved to Co.Carlow in 1858. Moved to Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow, in 1859-60.

Worked for GSWR 1866-1911:
Blen worked for Great Southern and Western Railway (GSWR) for 45 years (1866 to 1911).
His brother William Henry also worked for GSWR.
Blennerhassett was appointed to GSWR on 23 Apr 1866 [GSWR record], age 17. Father still living Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow, at this point.
He "had very little of the world's goods .. but he envied no man" [PAT/12, p.16-17].
See all the stations he was based at.
He was based at Mallow, Co.Cork, 1869 to 1872.
Listed as "clerk", living Mallow, at mar 1869.

He mar 1stly, 30 Sept 1869, Cork, to Maria Agnes Lyons [born 1846].
He went to USA in 1870 to find his brother Edward.
He had to resign from railway 9 Mar 1870 [GSWR record] in order to take the leave. Was in New York as at June-July 1870.
Came back to Ireland. Reappointed to railway 4 Aug 1870 [GSWR record]. His job at Mallow was clearly kept for him.
Living Main St, Mallow (see map) at dau Agnes' birth and bapt, Dec 1870.
Listed as "clerk", living Main St, Mallow, when he registered Agnes' birth with [GROI] on 5 Jan 1871.
Living Landscape Terrace, Mallow, at dau's bapt, May 1872 (near Market Place, this is same place as New St and New Road).
At dau's birth, May 1872, he is listed as "railway clerk", living New St, Mallow.
He appeared as a witness in a case involving GSWR at the Petty Sessions at Aghern, Co.Cork (see map) on 25 Nov 1872. The case was about a man travelling without a ticket on 21 Oct 1872. Blen was a witness. The defendant had to pay a sum to the GSWR. See image.
Blen sp bapt of his niece Mary Agnes Sheahan in July 1873.
He was station master at Banteer, Co.Cork, 1873 to 1874.
Listed as "station master" in Banteer at Eileen's birth and bapt, Aug 1873, and Annie's birth and bapt 1874.
He was station master at Newbridge, Co.Kildare, 1875 to 1877.
Listed as "station master" at Railway Station, Newbridge, at Willie's birth and bapt 1875.
He gave evidence in a March 1876 court case about the theft of coal from a load in Feb 1876 at Newbridge. He is station master at Newbridge.
See part of article in Leinster Express, March 25, 1876.
Listed as "station master" at Railway Station, Newbridge, at John's birth and bapt 1877.

He was station master at Parsonstown (now Birr), Co.Offaly, 1877 to 1878.
He became station master at Parsonstown 1877, taking over from his brother William Henry.
See item in Freeman's Journal, 10 Aug 1877 (also here). This reports William Henry's move from the railway station at Parsonstown to Carlow, and his replacement at Parsonstown by his brother Blennerhassett, late of Newbridge.
See item in Irish Times, 10 August 1877.
Listed as "station master" in Seefin (at or near Parsonstown station), Birr par, Co.Offaly, at Alice's birth July 1878 through Eileen's death Dec 1878.

The death of 4 of their children in 1878:
When Maria Agnes went away for a short holiday in 1878, three of her children fell ill. Four of her children would die in a few months.
[PAT/12, p.16] says: "There had been a tragedy, common enough in those days. While Grandmother was away for a couple of days holiday, three of the children became ill. Grandmother rushed home only to see them die of diptheria."
Willie and John died Sept 1878.
The story was that Agnes went on the holiday with her mother. Agnes remembered little 2 year old Willie leaning out the window as they pulled away, never said goodbye. I also had the story that it was the Tralee relations they went to.
[PAT/12, p.16] says: "Within that same year two other children got typhoid and these also died."
Annie died Nov 1878. Eileen died Dec 1878.
As at Sept 1878 they had 7 children. By Dec 1878 they had only 3 children. Only no.1, no.2 and no.7 survived.
"They say Grandmother never really got over it. She was never again full of fun and laughter, and she was still young when she died."

Blen is listed in Midland Counties Advertiser, 26 December 1878, as donating for the poor of Parsonstown. He is "B H Cashel, Station Master".
He was station master at Thurles, Co.Tipperary, 1879 to 1880.
They had another baby, Blennerhassett, who also died.
Blen is listed as "station master", Great Southern and Western Railway (GSWR), living Railway Station, Thurles, Co.Tipperary, at Blennerhassett's birth 1879 through Blennerhassett's death 1880.

Limerick, 1881 to 1893

Blen was station master (for GSWR only) at Limerick station Feb 1881 to 1893.
Limerick station was shared among multiple rail companies, and he was GSWR head at Limerick, but not the head of the whole station.
Cork and Limerick Direct Railway was part of GSWR, and this was its Limerick end. GSWR mainly did goods at Limerick at this time.
[GSWR record] lists him as "station master".
His father died in June 1882.

Giving evidence in London, 1882:
Blen travelled to London to give evidence at Bow Street on July 14, 1882, in the trial for treason of Thomas Walsh, of London.

He is listed as "station master", GSWR, living Railway Cottage, South Henry St (later Carey's Rd), Limerick, at Madeline's birth, 23 July 1882.
He is listed in Munster News, 14 January 1888, as chairing a supper in Limerick of railway and shipping people to bid farewell to a John Griffin. "Mr. Cashel occupied the chair".
He was a member of the Catholic Institute, Limerick. He appears in their records in 1888 to 1893. He was elected to its council 1 June 1888.
He appeared as a witness in a case involving the GSWR at Limerick Petty Sessions, 30 Aug 1889. The case was about theft of GSWR property at Limerick on 27 Aug 1889. Blen was a witness. The defendants got 6 months prison. See p.1 and p.2.
He knew Stephen O'Mara from when he lived in Limerick. [PAT/30] says: "My two grandfathers became very friendly and Mother's family [Cashel] became friendly also with Uncle Frank and Dick Humphreys' father who were doctors in the Asylum in Limerick."
Blen's daughter Agnes met Stephen O'Mara's son James in Limerick in summer 1891.
Blen is listed in [Ashe's Directory, 1891-1892] as "station master, Cork Direct Railway", residence Railway Cottage, Carey's Rd, Limerick (same place as previous).

His brother William commits suicide:
His brother William had lost his job in 1889, had a drink problem, moved in with Blen and family by 1891.
William was listed at Carey's Rd, Limerick, when he was charged with being drunk in public in Limerick in July 1891.
William committed suicide in Oct 1891. Blen is listed as "station master", living Carey's Rd, at William's death and when will proved Nov 1891 [NAI].
Blen was Secretary of the Catholic Institute, Limerick, in 1892-1893.
He is listed in [Guy's, 1893] as stationmaster, GSWR, Limerick.

Cork, 1893 to death 1915

Blen was goods superintendant (for GSWR only) at Cork station from 1893 to 1911.
He moved in 1893 to Cork as goods superintendant for GSWR. He was GSWR goods head at Cork.
The new railway station at Glanmire Rd, Cork, opened 1 Feb 1893, replacing earlier buildings [Creedon, 1985]. Cork station served multiple railway companies.
[GSWR record] lists him as Goods Agent, Cork Goods station.
See transcript of letter of 2 Oct 1893 from him to Catholic Institute, Limerick, written from GSWR, Cork.
His future son-in-law James O'Mara writes on 2 Nov 1893 that "Mr. Cashel is very sick, more ill than Agnes ever remembers him before." But clearly he recovered.
He is listed in [Slater's Directory, 1894] as "Goods Manager" for GSWR at the new Glanmire Rd station, Cork.
Lived 52 Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork, right beside the new railway station.
He is listed as "goods agent", living 52 Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork, as at Agnes' mar, April 1895.

Maria Agnes dies, 1896:
Maria Agnes died Fri 10 Jan 1896, 52 Lr Glanmire Rd, age 49 yrs [GROI].
Funeral Sun 12 Jan 1896. She was bur St.Joseph's cemetery, Cork. Blen bought this plot on 12 Jan.
Blen had issue by his 1st wife Maria Agnes:

  1. Agnes Cashel,
    Mary Agnes, "Agg", "Ag",
    born 21 Dec 1870, Main St, Mallow, Co.Cork [GROI],
    bapt 22 Dec 1870 [Mallow RC par records], sp William Henry Cashel and Mary Ellen Lyons.
    Note on bapt says: "William Henry Cashel represented by John Lyons".

  2. Kathleen Cashel,
    Kathleen Mary, Kat, Kattie, "Aunt Katty", "Aunt Kate",
    NOT Kathaleen, NOT Kathy,
    born 11 May 1872, New St, Mallow, Co.Cork [GROI],
    bapt 13 May 1872 [Mallow RC par records], sp David Sheahan and Mary Sheehy.
    She wit her sister Agnes' mar 1895.
    She is found staying with the Sheahans in Limerick in 1901 census.
    She mar 30 Apr 1904 to Jack Riordan and had issue.
    They mar at St.Patrick's, Cork [GROI]. See mar cert from here.

  3. Eileen Mary Cashel,
    "Ellen" in birth record, "Eileen" in death,
    born Banteer, NC Co.Cork, 9 Aug 1873 [GROI],
    bapt "Ellen Mary", 14 Aug 1873 [Banteer RC par records], sp (illegible crossed out) Lyons and Anne Marie Tangney.
    See bapt entry LHS and RHS from here.
    Death as a child in 1878:
    She died of "diptheria", Seefin, Birr par, Co.Offaly, 31 Dec 1878, age 5 yrs [GROI].

  4. Annie Cashel,
    Anne, born Banteer, NC Co.Cork, 23 Oct 1874 [GROI],
    bapt 25 Oct 1874 [Banteer RC par records], sp David Sheehy and Agnes Sheahan.
    See bapt entry LHS and RHS from here.
    One might think "David Sheehy" could be David Sheahan, but it looks like Sheehy. And note "Mary Sheehy" witnessed their marriage in 1869 and sponsored Kathleen's baptism in 1872. And Sheehys also sponsored Sheahan baptisms.
    Death as a child in 1878:
    Annie died of "inflammation of the bowels", 28 Nov 1878, Seefin, Birr par, Co.Offaly, age 4 yrs [GROI].

  5. Willie Cashel,
    William, William Henry,
    same name as his uncle,
    born 13 Dec 1875, Railway Station, Newbridge, Co.Kildare [GROI],
    bapt 19 Dec 1875 [Newbridge RC par records], sp George S. Cashel and Julia Lyons.
    See bapt entry LHS and RHS from here.
    Death as a child in 1878:
    He died of "croup", 8 Sept 1878, Seefin, Birr par, Co.Offaly, age 2 yrs [GROI].

  6. John Cashel,
    John George Cashel,
    born 15 July 1877, Railway Station, Newbridge, Co.Kildare [GROI], or 16 July [baptism], [Family record],
    bapt 22 July 1877 [Newbridge RC par records], sp Peter McMahon and Ellen Mary (think O'Brien).
    See bapt entry LHS and RHS from here.
    Death as a baby in 1878:
    He died of "croup", 8 Sept 1878, Seefin, Birr par, Co.Offaly, age 1 yr [GROI], or 6 Sept [Family record].

  7. Alice Cashel,
    Alice Mary Cashel, "Al", "Aunt Al",
    born 17 July 1878, Seefin, Birr par, Co.Offaly [baptism], [GROI], or 16 July [Family record],
    bapt 21 July 1878 [Birr RC par records], sp (maybe Edmund) Treacy and Sarah Lyons.
    See bapt entry from here.
    See the name "Alice".
    She was a Sinn Fein activist and County Councillor.

  8. Blennerhassett Joseph Cashel,
    born 6 Aug 1879, Railway Station, Thurles, Co.Tipperary [GROI].
    Death as a baby in 1880:
    He died 7 Aug 1880, Railway Station, Thurles, of "diarrhoea", age 1 yr [GROI].

  9. George Cashel,
    George Edward Cashel,
    George Edward Mary Cashel,
    "George E. M. Cashel" at marriage,
    born 12 July 1880, Railway Station, Thurles, Co.Tipperary [GROI].
    The only son to survive infancy.

  10. Madeline Cashel,
    "Dot", Madeline Mary, poss. "Madeliene",
    born 23 July 1882, Railway Cottage, South Henry St, Limerick [GROI].
    She became a supporter of Sinn Fein as early as her brother-in-law James O'Mara c.1907 [Lavelle, 1961].
    Living with her father in Cork in 1911 census. She is listed as "teacher, German".
    Living Little Island, Co.Cork, at time of mar 1914 [GROI].
    She mar 16 July 1914 to William M. Conacher and had issue.
    They mar at University Church, St.Stephen's Green, Dublin [GROI].

Blen went to public lectures in Cork organised by the Cork Catholic Young Men's Society. This seems to have been a society not just for young men, but to organise interesting guest speakers for the general public.
He is listed in newspaper items at various meetings and lectures of the society in Cork in Nov 1896 and Mar 1898 and Mar 1899 and Feb 1901 and Oct 1904.
He is described as "goods superintendant" at mar.

He mar 2ndly, 26 Oct 1898 [him age 50, her apparently age 35], to Marion McSwiney [apparently bapt 1 May 1863].
There was a fatal accident at the GSWR goods store at Cork in Feb 1899. See article part one and two in Cork Daily Herald, 23 February 1899.
He is at funeral of James O'Mara Apr 1899.
He is described as "goods manager" at Helen's birth, Oct 1899.
He is listed in the Cork Examiner, 11 February 1901, at the annual general meeting of the Cork Catholic Young Men's Society.
Blen and Marion are listed in 1901 census at 52 Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork. He is "goods superintendant, GSWR". They have 1 servant living with them.
Letter of 20 Jan 1904 says that Mr. Cashel is going to London to see his dau Agnes.
Listed as "superintendant", GSWR, living 52 Lower Glanmire Rd, at Kathleen's mar, Apr 1904.
"B.H. Cashel (Cork)" was at funeral of Nan O'Mara 1905.
Despite his giving evidence against subversives in the 1880s, he later approved of his daughters' Sinn Fein beliefs.
He wrote letter of 17 Dec 1907 to his son-in-law James O'Mara (who had resigned from the Home Rule party in June 1907 to join Sinn Fein). He says: "Al and Dot have developed into great Sinn Feiners - your teaching."
Blen and Marion are listed in Apr 1911 census at 52 Lower Glanmire Rd, Cork. He is "goods superintendant, GSWR".
He retired Oct 1911.

He left 52 Lower Glanmire Rd, must be at retirement 1911 (it was railway property, came with the job).
See a simple "will" he made, 13 Sept 1913, leaving everything to his wife. And reverse side.
He lived at Slievnamon, Little Island, Cork. There from at least 1914 until 1915.
Madeline is living Little Island at mar, July 1914. Blen is listed as "agent".
Blen is living Slievnamon, Little Island, when George joined the army in Jan 1915.
At death in Oct 1915, Blen was living "Knocknacool", College Rd, Cork. Must have only just moved there.

Blen dies, 1915:
He died at his residence, "Knocknacool", Thur 21 Oct 1915, age 67 yrs, "railway superintendant" [GROI].
See obituary in Cork Examiner, October 22, 1915. Listed as "goods agent" at Cork for GSWR.
Death notice in The Evening Echo, Cork, 22 Oct 1915.
Funeral Sat 23 Oct 1915. He was bur St.Joseph's cemetery, Cork.
Funeral list in [The Evening Echo, Cork, Sat 23 Oct 1915].
See funeral list part one and two in Cork Examiner, Mon 25 Oct 1915.
See death notice in Irish Times, October 30, 1915.
Admin of estate granted at Cork, 20 Dec 1915, to Marion. Admin survives in [NAI], no will. He is listed as "railway agent" and "goods agent", GSWR.
See administration cover and top and bottom.
Listed (after death) as "Railway Manager" at Helen's marriage.

Marion and dau Helen lived near Carrigaline (near Cork) for a time.
Helen was living 5 Eldred Terrace, South Douglas Rd, Cork, at mar, 1926.
Marion was living 17 Knockrea park, Douglas Rd, Cork, with Helen and family at time of death 1940.
Her will dated 26 Feb 1940, at Mercy Hospital, Cork, very short, all property to dau Helen.
She died Apr 1940, Mercy Hospital, Cork, age apparently 76 yrs.
She died 4 Apr [grave] or 5 Apr [NAI] or 6 Apr [GROI].
She was bur St.Joseph's cemetery, Cork.
Admin of estate (with will) granted 28 Oct 1940 at Cork to dau Helen [NAI].
Blen and Marion had issue:

  1. Helen Cashel,
    born Helena, went as Helen,
    born "Helena Mary", 17 Oct 1899, 52 Lr Glanmire Rd, Cork [GROI].
    Would be after her grandmother and her mother's lost twin.
    Almost a generation younger than her half-siblings.
    Pat Lavelle in [PAT/12, p.18] described it that her grandfather "had a baby daughter for his old age. Helen was a year younger than me and we were very good friends."
    Helen was at Cashel House one time when her half-sister Alice was arrested (1920 or 1921), saw her driven off.
    At marriage 1926 she is listed as living 5 Eldred Terrace, South Douglas Rd, Cork. This is the house that the famous Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney (died 1920) formerly lived in. We know the MacSwineys were friends of the family, but this might indicate they related to Helen (through her mother).
    At marriage think she is listed as "Typist".
    She mar 18 Aug 1926 to Frank McGrath and had issue.
    They mar at Douglas, Cork [GROI].

Blennerhassett Cashel and his 1st wife and their 5 surviving children.
Centre is clearly Blennerhassett Cashel and Maria Agnes Lyons (died 1896) and George Cashel (born 1880).
To RHS front is Agnes (born 1870) and behind is Dot (born 1882).
To LHS are Kathleen (born 1872) and Alice (born 1878). Not sure who is who.
Photo is in Cork. Probably around when they moved to Cork in 1893. (Children age 11 to 23.)
See larger and larger and full size.
This was damaged. See photo and photo before repair.

This would be Blennerhassett Cashel with perhaps two of his daughters.
See larger and full size.
See other photo of this with different lighting.

Blennerhassett Cashel.
Photo later in life, probably after 1900. He died 1915.
See original.
Una Lavelle had this photo in 2005, but it is now lost.

A reader "B.H. Cashel" is mentioned on the puzzle page of the popular Bow Bells magazine in 1867.
This is from p.23 of the 31 July 1867 magazine.
"B.H. Cashel" could be anywhere in Britain or Ireland. But we suspect it is "Blenner Hassett" Cashel, who was then age 19, unmarried, and working for the GSWR.

Baptism of Agnes Cashel, 22 Dec 1870, Mallow RC par records.
From here.
See other image. From here.

Blennerhassett Cashel attends a lecture on 28 Mar 1899 in Cork by Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Baronet.
From Cork Examiner, March 29, 1899.
Blennerhassett Cashel was GSWR goods head at Cork, 1893 to 1911.
The 4th Baronet was Catholic, succ 1849, Liberal MP until 1885, President of Queens College Cork 1897-1904.
According to my theory they are most likely 2nd cousins.

Extract from letter of 17 Dec 1907 from Blen to his son-in-law James O'Mara.
"Al and Dot have developed into great Sinn Feiners - your teaching."
See full size.

Notepaper of Blennerhassett Cashel shortly before retirement 1911 is made out as "B.H. Cashel" and he signs it "B.H. Cashel".
He may be using the style "Blenner Hassett Cashel".
See larger and full size.

Clock given to Blennerhassett Cashel by GSWR at retirement, Oct 1911.
Photo 2011. See larger and full size. See other shot.

Inscription on the clock shows it is presented to "Mr. B.H. Cashel" (would stand for "Blenner Hassett").
Photo 2011. See larger and full size. See other shot.

The funeral list for Blen in 1915 only includes males among "the chief mourners".
Thus bizarrely excluding all of his children in favour of people who are only in-laws. (George is away serving in the war.)
From Cork Examiner, Mon 25 Oct 1915.


McCoy, Barry and Sheehy

And their links to O'Mara and Cashel.

Blennerhassett Cashel is listed at the funeral in March 1895 of Mrs. Richard McCoy of Curramore, Co.Limerick.
We know "B H Cashel" is Blennerhassett Cashel because he was friends with these McCoys.
[PAT/30] says that at Agnes' wedding in April 1895 in Dublin, the Cashel family stayed at Barry's Hotel. "Mrs. Barry was a friend."
Mrs. Barry was Kate McCoy, dau of Mrs. Richard McCoy.
Blennerhassett Cashel presumably met the McCoys through Limerick and the O'Maras:

The Scattery Island story


[PAT/30] has this story where she seems to claim that Blennerhassett Cashel bought Scattery Island, off Kilrush, Co.Clare, around 1883 (when he was GSWR head at Limerick).
See full size.


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