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Adolph Garn (back RHS) with his brother (back LHS) and parents (front).
Photo must be just before father's death in 1876.

Carl Friedrich Garn,
"Carl Frederik Garn" at son's birth,
mar pre-1864 to Maren Kirstine Eriksdatter,
"Maren Kirstine Ericksen" at son's birth,
they lived Naestved, Denmark,
he died 1876, Naestved,
she died 1909, Naestved,
had issue:

  1. Adolph Garn,
    Adolph William Garn, "Vilhelm Adolph Garn" in birth record,
    born 25 April 1864, in Naestved, Denmark. NOT 24 April. See birth record from parish records.
    He was christened at home ("hjemmedaab") in May 1864.
    His father died 1876.
    He emigrated to America 1878 [1900 census] or 1884 [1910 census] or 1880 [1920 census].
    Went to Alaska in Aug 1880 [1900 census].
    Said to have been an otter hunter.
    He was a miner in the Apollo Gold Mine on Unga Island, Alaska (this mine was in operation 1884-1906).

    He mar Agnes Cashel [born Oct 1873, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
    1910 census says they married 1890. Though also said to have married 1894 in Unalaska, Alaska. Note child born 1890.
    Still living Unga 1898.
    They are listed in 1 June 1900 census as living Kodiak Island.
    They moved to Douglas in 1901. Living 3rd St, Douglas, as at May, 1901.
    Adolph worked as an engineer in the Treadwell gold mine, near Douglas, until the mine collapsed in 1917.
    He was a member of the Odd Fellows.
    She was a member of the Pioneers of Alaska and the Order of the Eastern Star and the Rebekahs.
    Adolph Garn, engineer, is listed in Douglas on p.170 of Polk's Alaska-Yukon gazetteer 1909-10.
    They are listed in 1910 census on 2nd St, Douglas. See p.2 from here.
    1916 Douglas census lists them at 2nd and F Street, Douglas.
    They are listed in 1920 census at 2 Beach, Douglas. See p.1 and p.2. See here. Adolph is working in a gold mine. Agnes and some of the children are listed as born in "Hungary". This is clearly a mis-hearing of "Unga".

    Adolph died February 12, 1922, in Douglas, age 57 yrs.
    He was bur Odd Fellows Cemetery in Douglas.
    Agnes and family moved to Ketchikan, Alaska.
    They are listed in 1930 census at Ketchikan. See p.1 from here. See p.2 from here.
    She died in Juneau on December 26, 1936, age 63 yrs, grave says 1935.
    She was bur Odd Fellows Cemetery in Douglas.
    Adolph and Agnes had issue:

    1. Agnes Garn,
      born 1 July 1890 [Cashel family tree],
      listed as born July 1890 in [1900 census],
      alive in 1900 census,
      died pre-1910.

    2. Bill Garn,
      William, William Oliver Garn,
      born Unga Village on Unga Island, 14 Jan 1895 [WWI and WW2 registration cards], [grave], [Marti Murray], [Nancy von Konsky].
      [1900 census] says born June 1894.
      [Cashel family tree] says born 17 Feb 1895.
      Served as Private in 14th Infantry in WWI.
      See WWI registration card, 1917. This says he is working as "blacksmith helper" at Alaska-Gastineau Mining Company at Thane, Juneau.
      The US was in the war 1917-18. The 14th Infantry did not see combat.
      William is at home in 1920 census. He is blacksmith in gold mine.
      At home in 1930 census. He is blacksmith in gold mine. It says he is not a veteran. Though later he is treated as a veteran.
      He is listed in 1940 census at Gastineau Avenue, Juneau. He is unmarried. He is blacksmith in mining industry, and currently out of work.
      See WW2 registration card, 1942. He was then unemployed, living Palmer, Alaska.
      He spent his last years in a Veterans Home, the Veterans' Administration Domiciliary, White City (former Camp White), Jackson County, Oregon.
      He died Aug 9, 1961 [grave], Veterans Home, White City, Oregon, age 66 yrs.
      Funeral Aug 11, 1961. He was bur Eagle Point National Cemetery, Eagle Point, Oregon (see satellite view).
      See grave at Plot: 20, 59 ROW C.

    3. Avdelai Garn [son], born 17 Feb 1896,
      possibly a twin who died,
      listed on [Cashel family tree],
      not listed in [1900 census],
      died pre-1910.

    4. Joe Garn,
      Adolph Arthur Garn, or Arthur Adolph Garn,
      born Unga Village, February 18, 1896, NOT 1898.
      [1900 census] says born Feb 1896.
      "Adolph" in 1900 and 1910 census.
      "Arthur" at home in 1920 census. He is working in a gold mine.
      "Adolph A." at home in 1930 census. He is salesman for oil station, unmarried.
      He died in Tenakee Springs, December 27, 1947, age 51 yrs.

    5. Mary Garn,
      born August 10, 1898, Unga Village.
      [1900 census] says born Aug 1899.
      She grew up in Douglas and attended Douglas schools.
      She held various jobs including cashier in the theater, assistant in dental office, and clerk in a Juneau department store.
      Active member of the Rebekahs. She became the "Noble Grand".
      In 1927 she moved to San Francisco.
      She mar July 14, 1928, San Francisco, to Adolph von Konsky and had issue.
      They met at a Masonic picnic.

    6. Agniia Garn [dau], born 15 Dec 1904,
      died 12 June 1903,
      listed on [Cashel family tree],
      obviously dates can't be right,
      died pre-1910.

    7. Emma Garn,
      Emma A., born December 24, 1904, Douglas.
      At home in 1930 census. She is an elevator operator.
      She mar Vern Hoban.
      He was in the armed forces.
      Lived in Ketchikan.
      Living Sitka in 1942 [her brother's WW2 registration card].
      Lived Nome.
      She died 3 Oct 1946, in Nome, age 41 yrs, bur in Ketchikan.

    8. Mikhail Garn [son], born 15 Oct 1906,
      listed on [Cashel family tree],
      died pre-1910.

    9. Albert Garn,
      Albert Francis Garn, Abbie,
      born Douglas, October 28, 1908 [Cashel family tree] or 1906 [Marti Murray], [Nancy von Konsky].
      [1910 census] says born Oct 1906.
      At home in 1930 census. He was salesman in meat market.
      He was a butcher.
      Lived in Ketchikan.
      Moved to Southern California.
      He died in Los Angeles, 19 April, 1984, age 75 or 77 yrs,
      bur Inglewood Park Cemetery, California.

    10. One other child, Garn, died pre-1910.
      1910 census says they had 10 children, 5 then living.

Agnes Cashel.
From photo c.1887.

Agnes Cashel.
From [Pioneers of Alaska].
See full size.

Other versions of the above.
(Left) See full size.
(Right) See full poster.


Garn graves, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Douglas

Garn graves, Odd Fellows Cemetery in Douglas.
See wide view showing the two graves. Courtesy of Janet von Konsky.

Grave of Adolph Garn.
See full size. From
See also

Grave of Agnes Cashel.
Courtesy of Janet von Konsky.
See larger and full size.
See also
See also




Grave of William Garn, Eagle Point National Cemetery.
From findagrave.

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