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Letter from William Kickham to George Cashel, 1869

Letter from William Kickham in Georgetown, DC, to his brother-in-law George Cashel, Feb 1869.

Some punctuation added.

John Lavelle had this letter in 2012, but it is now lost.

Georgetown, D.C., Feb 1869

Dear George

I was glad to hear from your letter dated from Buttevant that you and the family were well and happy. To add to your comfort I have the pleasure to say that I had a letter from Edward since I received yours. He is at Fort Kodiak, Alaska Territory. He enquired when I heard from you and how you all were. In answer I told him that I lately heard from you, and urged him to write to you. His letter was short as he had but 5 minutes to write before the steamer sailed for San Francisco, California. The letter was over 50 days coming here. He is still in his old Co. [must be "G"] 2nd U.S. artillery and signs himself quarter master sergeant. In his next letter he promises to give a description of the country. I have to thank you for the papers you sent me.

Unlike you, with me work is the rule, amusement the exception, and so I expect it always to be.

Jane joins me in love to you all.

I remain Dear George

Yours Sincerely

William Kickham

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