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George Cashel

George Cashel's disciplinary action for being drunk in 1829.
This is from letter of 2 Sept 1829.


George Cashel,
George Blennerhassett Cashel,
born 1807, Co.Kerry [RIC records].
Descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III.
[RIC records] say he was Catholic. It is possible this was by marriage, not by birth.
The first Irish census was taken over a period from 28 May 1821. Sadly the returns, which might have explained who George was, were burnt in 1922.

Joined the County Constabulary, 1828:
George became a policeman in the County Constabulary (later Irish Constabulary). He was a policeman for nearly 40 years (1828 to 1867).
Shortly after he left it became the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). See RIC records.
He joined the County Constabulary 1 Sept 1828. RIC no.560. See his RIC service record.
He joined the rank and file (non-commissioned), below the officers (cadet school, commissioned).
He would have started as some class of Sub-Constable.
Age given as 21 (no need to lie since you could join at age 19). Height - 5 ft 9 in (minimum acceptable height). Trade or calling - "none".
Members of the police were forbidden to belong to "any political society whatsoever, or to any secret society whatsoever, except the Society of Freemasons".
He was recommended by "A. Blennerhasset, J.P." He had to be personally known to his recommender, who could be from various categories, including a local J.P. That is, Cashel must be from same area as "A. Blennerhasset".
The letter of recommendation would have been in his RIC personnel file, which would have been destroyed.
He would have been in training for about 6 months, 1828-1829.

Co.Waterford, 1829:
He was stationed in Co.Waterford, c.1st Mar 1829.
He was probably stationed in or near Clashmore, Co.Waterford (see modern street view) since in the disciplinary action of Sept 1829 he was brought before Clashmore Petty Sessions by the Chief Constable of Clashmore.
Note you were not allowed serve in your home county (Co.Kerry).
There was a disciplinary action in Sept 1829 brought against Sub-Constable "George Cashell" in Co.Waterford for being drunk (presumably on duty).
He was fined, but allowed to continue in the constabulary.
The 1831 census was taken over a period from 30 March 1831. Sadly the returns were burnt in 1922.

Possibly disciplined in Co.Kerry, 1833:
There was a disciplinary action in Oct 1833 brought against a "Constable Cashel" of the "Kerry Police" for being found intoxicated. It is recommended that he be disrated (reduced to a lower rank), not dismissed.
This looks like our George Cashel since it is just before he is transferred to Co.Tipperary (1 Nov 1833).
On the other hand, he was thought to be a Sub-Constable not a Constable. (Maybe he was disrated from Constable back to Sub-Constable because of this.) And he should not be of the Kerry Police since you were not allowed serve in your home county.
Under "Punishments" in Cashel's RIC record is "Reprimanded and Removed", document reference 68868 - 8414.

Co.Tipperary, 1833 to 1858:
He was stationed in Co.Tipperary, S.R., from 1 Nov 1833.
He was probably stationed in or near Mullinahone, where he met his wife.
Note you were forbidden to marry until after 7 years service (1835).
The County Constabulary became the Irish Constabulary in 1836.

George mar 6 Feb 1838 [Mullinahone RC par records] to Mary Kickham [born est c.1815].
She would have to have been vetted by the police. She was a 1st cousin of the Fenian Charles Joseph Kickham, but he was only a child at this point. The Kickhams were not yet of interest to the police.
You were also not supposed to serve in your wife's home county (Co.Tipperary) but he lived and served in and around her home town for many years.
They married in a Catholic church. She was a Catholic from a recent mixed Catholic-Protestant background. He was also said to be a Catholic from a recent mixed Catholic-Protestant background. Though perhaps he was Protestant and just became Catholic on marriage.
Looks like she was pregnant. Their child Agnes was born at most 7 ½ months later. It is possible this was a premature birth, but much more likely is Mary was pregnant at marriage.
[RIC record] is wrong to say he married June 1841.

George must be stationed at the old Mullinahone police station in 1838-1844 since his children are bapt then at Mullinahone.
He was promoted to Constable 20th May 1839, document ref 2942 - P - 1934.
The 1841 census was taken on 7 June 1841. Sadly the returns were burnt in 1922.

He moved from Mullinahone to nearby Lismalin sometime in 1844 to 1846.
[RIC List] only starts listing the names of the Constables in charge of small stations with [RIC List, 1846, 2nd half].
In [RIC List, 1846, 2nd half] to [RIC List, 1854, 2nd half] he is listed as the Constable in charge of Lismalin police station. See p.95 and p.95 and p.96.
While at Lismalin he kept property in Mullinahone.
He is listed as renting out plot 63, Carrick St, Mullinahone in 1846. He himself is in Lismalin. The house in Mullinahone may be his old house, where he lived when first at Mullinahone. It seems he kept it when at Lismalin and rented it out.
In 1846-1848 his children are bapt at Drangan RC parish church, W of Mullinahone (though Lismalin is Ballingarry RC parish). He is noted in par records as Constable at Lismalin. His son Blen says on census that he was born Lismalin (in 1848).

In the 1840s his wife's Kickham relations became increasingly nationalist.
In 1848 his wife's 1st cousin Charles Joseph Kickham took part in an armed rising against the state that Cashel, as a policeman, was defending.
The new Mullinahone police station, in Killaghy St, Mullinahone, was built c.1849.
He is still renting out plot 63, Carrick St, Mullinahone in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850]. He would be in Lismalin.
Can't find him at Lismalin in [NAI.VO, 1846-1850] or [Griffiths Valuation, 1850]. He may have lived at the station.
His wife's uncle Thomas Kickham of Clonagoose, near Mullinahone, was engaged in a violent altercation with police at Clonagoose in July 1850.
The 1851 census was taken on 30 March 1851. Sadly the returns were burnt in 1922.

He moved from Lismalin back to Mullinahone in 1854 or 1855.
He possibly lived at plot 63, Carrick St, Mullinahone when first came back, then moved to Callan St.
He became Constable in charge of the new Mullinahone police station.
In [RIC List, 1855, 1st half] to [RIC List, 1858, 1st half] he is listed as the Constable in charge of Mullinahone police station, the head quarters of Mullinahone district. See p.98 and p.98 and p.98.
In the Jan-Mar quarter of 1856, he is listed among those rewarded by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue for assistance in the prosecution of the sale of unlicensed spirits, document ref A 33402 - 3021 [RIC rewards, etc.].
He is listed in 1856-58 as holding plots 63 and 64, Carrick St, Mullinahone but not living there.
He is listed in 1856-58 as living at plot 34, Callan St, Mullinahone.
He was head of the police in Mullinahone while his wife's 1st cousin, Charles Joseph Kickham of Mullinahone, was becoming an increasingly prominent enemy of the state. Wonder how they got on. Perhaps this was why George was transferred out of Co.Tipperary in 1858.
It is interesting that within a generation, in his son Blen's time, the family had become nationalist and even republican.

Co.Wexford, 1858:
He was stationed in Co.Wexford from 1 Mar 1858.
He was promoted to 2nd class Head Constable (nearly highest rank below officers) on 1 Mar 1858, document ref 68868 - 10078.
He went to Ferns police station, Ferns, Co.Wexford.
In [RIC List, 1858, 2nd half] he is listed at Ferns police station. Though he is not listed as the Constable in charge of the station. See p.41 and p.56.
See his appearances in Ferns Petty Sessions, Aug-Oct 1858. He is listed as Head Constable, and as both "George Cashel" and "George Cashell".

Co.Carlow, 1858 to 1867:
He was stationed in Co.Carlow from 1 Nov 1858. Transfer document reference A - 64363 - 3901.
He went to Leighlinbridge police station, Leighlinbridge, Co.Carlow.
In [RIC List, 1859, 1st half] to [RIC List, 1859, 2nd half] he is listed as the Constable in charge of Leighlinbridge police station. See p.47 and p.47.
In late 1859 he moved to Bagenalstown police station, Co.Carlow.
See his appearances in Bagenalstown Petty Sessions, Dec 1859 to Sept 1866. He is listed as Head Constable, and as both "George Cashel" and "George Cashell".
In [RIC List, 1860, 1st half] to [RIC List, 1867, 1st half] he is listed as the Constable in charge of Bagenalstown police station, the head quarters of Bagenalstown district. See [RIC List] 1860-63 listings, p.41 and p.47 and p.47 and p.47 and p.41 and p.41 and p.41 and p.47 and p.41 and p.47.
The 1861 census was taken on 8 Apr 1861. Sadly the returns were destroyed by order soon after.
He lived at Bachelors Walk, Bagenalstown.
Under "Rewards, Marks of Distinction and Favourable Records" in George's RIC record is a hard to read entry, something like: "2nd Sheet" with document reference "B - 12312 - 3013" or similar.

Mary dies:
Mary clearly died before Edward's civil war letter of 1864. She may have died before he enlisted in 1861.
She maybe died before family left Co.Tipperary 1858.

George retires, 1867:
He was pensioned 1 Feb 1867 (perhaps at 60th birthday), document ref A - 74 899 - 4795. Length of service given as 38 years 4 months (which would be Oct 1828 to Jan 1867 inclusive). No injuries received in course of duty over entire career.
His pension was awarded in [CSORP, 1867, no.1510], dated 28 Jan 1867. He is listed at Co.Carlow. This paper no longer exists.
Pension records say pension started 1 Feb 1867. £50 per year. Paid a quarter of that every 3 months.
He retired just before the Irish Constabulary was prominent in the suppression of the Fenian Rising of Mar 1867.
In [RIC List, 1867, 2nd half] he is gone.
Irish Constabulary became Royal Irish Constabulary Sept 1867.

He lived with his son William Henry, who worked on the railways.
He wrote letter shortly before Feb 1869 to his brother-in-law William Kickham in USA. George's letter sent from Buttevant, Co.Cork (where his son William Henry was stationmaster). William Kickham replied in letter of Feb 1869.
He is listed as "George Blennerhassett Cashel, gentleman" at his son Blen's mar 1869 [GROI].
He would be "George Cashel" who sp bapt of his grandson Michael Thomas Sheahan Mar 1871.
The 1871 census was taken on 2 Apr 1871. Sadly the returns were destroyed by order soon after.

The following entries in RIC pension records at [NA.UK] survive, dates 1873 to 1882:

"George S. Cashel" sponsors the baptism of his grandson Willie Cashel in 1875.
The 1881 census was taken on 3 Apr 1881. Sadly the returns were pulped during the First World War, probably because of the paper shortage.

George dies, 1882:
He died Wed 21 June 1882, Railway Station, Carlow town (his son William's house) [GROI], age 75 yrs.
See notice in Irish Times, Fri 23 June 1882, listed as "George S. Cashel", age 72.
See notice in Freeman's Journal, 23 June 1882, [NLI] microfilm, listed as "George S. Cashel", age 72.
He is listed as "George S. Cashel" in [Carlow Sentinel, Sat 24 June 1882, [BL.NL] M 4557] and [Carlow Independent, Sat 24 June 1882, [BL.NL] M 20167].
No notice of death found in Kerry Evening Post, [KCL] RR microfilm, 21 June 1882 - 5 July 1882.
Funeral Fri 23 June 1882 from Carlow Cathedral.
He was bur at Killeshin, Co.Laois (just across border from Carlow town).
Will proved 21 Sept 1882 at Dublin by his son William. See entry. From here. Will burnt in 1922. He is described as "Constabulary Pensioner".
George and Mary had issue (all Catholic):

  1. Agnes Cashel,
    bapt 21 Sept 1838 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp William Armstrong and Sarah Kickham.
    She must have died as an infant.

  2. Edward Francis Cashel,
    Edward, born Co.Tipperary,
    bapt 14 June 1840 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Edward Kickham and Sarah Kickham.
    His U.S. Army pension records say born 20 July 1840, but that must be wrong.
    1900 US Census says born July 1840, but that must be wrong.
    The original baptisms page here clearly shows the baptism is 14 June 1840.
    Named after his grandfather Edward Kickham.
    [Pat Lavelle] says the grandfather was "Edward Francis Kickham".
    Emigrated to America.
    He fought in the American Civil War.
    He was one of the very first American settlers in Alaska.

  3. Agnes Cashel,
    second Agnes,
    Agnes Mary Cashel, "Mary Agnes Cashel" at dau's birth 1884,
    born Co.Tipperary,
    bapt 23 Apr 1842 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp John Flynn and Sarah Kickham.
    [Pat Lavelle] calls her: "Grandfather Cashel's only sister".
    At marriage she is listed as living Buttevant, Co.Cork (where her brother William Henry was stationmaster).
    She mar 25 Apr 1870 [her age 28, him age 24] to David Sheahan [bapt 13 Feb 1846] and had issue.
    They mar at Lisgriffin RC church, Buttevant par, NC Co.Cork.
    See mar cert from here. Mar wit by William Henry Cashel and Bridget A. O'Connell.

  4. William Henry Cashel,
    "William" in 1864 letter,
    born Co.Tipperary,
    bapt 16 Nov 1844 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Richard Armstrong and Ellen Manning(?).

  5. Charles Cashel,
    Charles is Kickham family name,
    bapt 30 Nov 1846 [Drangan RC par records], sp John Vaughan and Joanna Flannery.
    Not mentioned in 1864 letter. Must have died.

  6. Blennerhassett Cashel.
    He was born at Lismalin, Co.Tipperary.
    [GSWR record] says born 13 June 1850. Baptism shows the year is wrong. Must be born 13 June 1848.
    He was bapt 18 June 1848 [Drangan RC par records], sp Matt Mursen(?) and Ally(?) Mullally(?). Looks like "Blennard" in bapt register.
    It is quite a first name to have.
    He is called "Blen" in 1864 letter.
    In letter of 2 Oct 1893 and letter of 17 Dec 1907 he signs himself "B.H. Cashel" (i.e. "Blenner Hassett Cashel").
    Cover page of 1911 census says "Blennerhassett H. Cashel" but this was apparently filled in by the enumerator and may be a mistake.
    His notepaper shortly before retirement 1911 has his name as "B.H. Cashel".

Marriage of George Cashel and Mary Kickham, 6 Feb 1838, Mullinahone RC par records.

George Cashel living on Callan St, Mullinahone in 1856.

This is interesting. Despite having been a policeman, George Cashel seems to have supported Home Rule in the 1870s.
He must be "George Cashel" at a meeting of electors of Carlow Borough on 19 Dec 1879. The meeting supported the candidacy of Patrick A. McCraith, a Home Ruler. (McCraith did not, however, run in the 1880 election.)
From The Nation, December 27, 1879.
According to the current theory, George Cashel would be 1st cousin of Richard Francis Blennerhassett (died 1854) who was father of Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, Home Rule MP in 1872.


George Cashel's RIC service record


First part of George Cashel's RIC record.
Showing that he was recommended by "A. Blennerhasset, J.P." when he joined the County Constabulary in 1828.

More of George Cashel's RIC record.

Last part of George Cashel's RIC record.



Baptism of Agnes Cashel, 21 Sept 1838, Mullinahone RC par records.
From here. See other image.

Baptism of Edward Francis Cashel, 14 June 1840, Mullinahone RC par records.

Baptism of Agnes Cashel, 23 Apr 1842, Mullinahone RC par records.
From here.

Baptism of William Henry Cashel, 16 Nov 1844, Mullinahone RC par records.

Baptism of Charles Cashel, 30 Nov 1846, Drangan RC par records.

Baptism of Blennerhassett Cashel, 18 June 1848, Drangan RC par records. See sponsors.


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