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My wife's ancestors - Davis - Contents


Proof that Thomas Davis and Emily Lawrance are parents of our James

Wickham, Berkshire.
Emily Lawrance born here in 1832.
From old map. Surveyed: 1878. Published: 1882.
See modern map.

Thomas Davis,
listed as "compositor" at son's mar,
living London at son's birth 1828 or 1829,
he died pre-1851,
had issue:

  1. Thomas Davis,
    born Hampstead, London [according to 1861 and 1881 census],
    born 1829 [according to 1861 census], or 1828 [according to 1881 census].
    See entry in tree by Alan Taylor.
    See entry (or here) in tree (or here) by Alan Taylor.
    Thomas is listed as "printer" at mar 1851, living 84 Princes Rd (now Black Prince Road), Lambeth, London (see map).

    He mar 7 Sept 1851, at St.Mary Lambeth, London, see marriage cert,
    to Emily Lawrance [born 1832, Wickham, Berkshire, dau of William Lawrance, carpenter].
    Spelt "Lawrence" at mar. But spelt "Lawrance" consistently at children's births 1860 and 1862 and 1864 and 1866, so we go with this as the spelling.
    At mar she is living 82 Princes Rd (beside Thomas).

    Thomas was a "bill poster" or "compositor".
    Lived in Hide Place, Westminster, London (close to Vincent Square, see map).
    Living at dau's birth 1860 at 45 Hide Place, Westminster. He is a "journeyman printer".
    They are listed in 1861 census at 45 Hide Place. He is "compositor".
    Living 45 Hide Place at children's births 1862 and 1864. He is a "journeyman printer".
    Living 12 Hide Place, Westminster, at son's birth 1866. He is a "journeyman printer".
    Emily is listed in 1871 census at 12 Hide Place, Westminster. She is "bill poster's wife". Thomas is not present.
    Thomas is listed in 1881 census at 12 Hide Place, Westminster. He is "bill poster". Emily is not present. Thomas is listed as married not widowed.
    He is listed as "bill poster" at dau Emily's marriage 1891.
    He is listed as "bill poster" at son James' mar 1896.
    Thomas and Emily had issue:

    1. William Davis,
      William Thomas Davis, born 1857, Westminster, London,
      listed as "printer" (age 14) in 1871 census,
      not listed with family in 1881 census.

    2. Mary Davis,
      Mary Ann Davis, born 7 Sept 1860, 45 Hide Place, Westminster, London. See birth cert.
      Listed as age 7 months in census of 7 April 1861.
      Listed as "Machinist" in 1881 census.

    3. James Davis,
      born 20 Feb 1862, 45 Hide Place, Westminster, London. See birth cert.

    4. Emily Davis,
      born 5 July 1864, 45 Hide Place, Westminster. See birth cert.
      Listed as "Domestic Servant" in 1881 census.
      Emily and Alfred are both listed at marriage on 29 Mar 1891 as living at 133 Tachbrook St, Westminster.
      It is unclear what 133 Tachbrook St is. Maybe just some temporary digs. See entry for 133 Tachbrook St in census of 5 April 1891 shortly after Emily and Alfred left. Families listed are Land, Cooke and Marrable.
      Emily mar 29 Mar 1891 to Alfred Smallman [born 26 Oct 1864] and had issue.
      They mar at Holy Trinity church, Westminster. See mar cert.
      Marriage witnessed by George William Marrable and Alice Harriet Lander.
      "William George Marrable" is listed at 133 Tachbrook St in 1891 census. Alice Harriet Lander could be relation of "Robert Land" who is listed at 133 Tachbrook St in 1891 census.

    5. John Davis,
      John Frederick Davis, born 1 Nov 1866, 12 Hide Place, Westminster, London. See birth cert.
      Listed as "Warehouse Boy" (age 14) in 1881 census.

Marriage of Thomas Davis and Emily Lawrance, London, 1851.
See full size.

Thomas Davis and family in Hide Place, Westminster, London, in 1861 census.
See full size.

Hide Place, Westminster.
From 1868 map.
See modern map.

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