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James Davis

James Davis.

James Davis,
born 20 Feb 1862, Westminster, London.
He is at home in Westminster in 1881 census. Listed as "Wool Sorter".
He mar 1stly, pre-1888, to Fanny Ford [born 1862].
At dau's birth 1888 they are living 46 Dempster Rd, Wandsworth, London (see map). He is listed as a "warehouseman".
Fanny dies, 1890:
She died 1890, age 28 yrs, at 46 Dempster Rd.
(todo) See death of Fanny Davis, [GRO.UK], Wandsworth, 1890 1st qr, age 28, vol 1d p 511.
She was bur 1 Feb 1890 at Brompton cemetery, London, in common grave. See burial entry from here.
James had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Florence Davis,
    Florence Elizabeth Davis,
    born 20 June 1888, 46 Dempster Rd, Wandsworth, London. See birth cert.
    Her mother died 1890.
    In 1891 census she is being minded by her mother's family, the Ford family. She is listed with her unmarried uncle and aunts, John Ford and his sisters, at 25 Regency St, Westminster, London.
    Her father re-married 1896.
    In 1901 census she is at home with father and his new family.
    Living Seaford, East Sussex, c. late 1940s.

James was a wool merchant in London.
He is listed in 1891 census at 97 Cambridge Terrace, near Regent's Park, London (see map). He is "wool buyer", widower. Florence not with him. She is at the Ford house.
He is listed as "Wool Valuer" at 2nd mar 1896, living 111 Page St, Westminster, London (see map).

He mar 2ndly, 1896, to Alice Maud Hallandal [born 26 Sept 1876].
They are listed in 1901 census as living 58 Tollington Rd, Holloway, Islington area, London. He is "wool buyer".
They moved by 1905 to 31 Wellwood Rd, Seven Kings, near Ilford.
He is listed as "commercial clerk", living 31 Wellwood Rd, at dau's birth 1905.
"James Davis" is listed at 31 Wellwood Rd in [Ilford Directory] 1909 to 1931.
They are listed in 1911 census at 31 Wellwood Rd. He is "wool merchant and wool valuer".
Listed at 31 Wellwood Rd in [Kelly's Directory of Essex] at least 1914 to 1922.
He was a Liberal. The story is that he was horrified by daughter's Labour job until heard what she was earning.

Alice dies, 1930:
She died 2 Feb 1930, 31 Wellwood Rd, age 53 yrs. See death cert.
James is listed as "wool merchant" at wife's death.
He seems to have died between 1931 and 1935. In [Ilford Directory] he is listed at 31 Wellwood Rd up to 1931. The 31 Wellwood Rd entry is missing in 1933, and his son is listed there from 1935.
(todo) Try death of James Davis, [GRO.UK], 3rd qr 1932, Romford, age 70 (born 1862), vol 4a p.410.
It was thought they might be bur at Seven Kings, but there does not seem to be a graveyard there.
They might be bur at nearby Ilford cemetery.
No Davis found in [Essex FHS survey of St.Mary's cemetery, Ilford, [ICL]] but this is only partial survey of St.Mary's, and also doesn't cover municipal cemetery.
James had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. William Davis,
    Will, William Thomas Davis, NOT William J.,
    born 1898, Wandsworth, London.
    He was rejected for army in WWI, on health grounds.
    He was (unfairly) given a white feather (sign of cowardice) by someone.
    He died unmarried, perhaps c.1920, age early 20s.
    (todo) Try death of William T Davis, [GRO.UK], Romford, 2nd qr 1927, age 29 (born 1898), 4a 398.

  2. Robert Davis,
    Robert Edgar Hallandal Davis, Uncle Bob,
    born Nov 1900.
    (todo) See birth of Robert Edgar H Davis, [GRO.UK], Islington, 4th qr 1900, 1b 374.
    1901 census says born Islington. 1911 census says born Holloway. Both must refer to 58 Tollington Rd, Holloway.
    Listed as age 4 months in [UK census, 31 Mar 1901].

    He mar [possibly Olive F. White].
    His wife was thought to maybe be Winifred, but that is probably confusion with Hugh Noltie's 1st wife.
    (todo) Must be mar of Robert E H Davis and Olive F. White, [GRO.UK], Romford, 3rd qr 1928, 4a 1640.
    He registered his mother's death 1930. Then living 37 Blythswood Rd, Ilford.
    Later (maybe after father died) he is back in family home.
    "Robert Davis" is listed at 31 Wellwood Rd, Seven Kings in [Ilford Directory] 1935 to at least 1939.
    He and his wife had a child who died at birth. She kept its ashes on the mantelpiece.
    She was weakened by the birth and died soon after.
    (todo) Must be death of Olive F Davis, [GRO.UK], Romford, 3rd qr 1937, age 38 (born 1899), 4a 384.
    Possibly Robert then buried the ashes of the child. There is the burial of "Still born child of Olive Davis" on 13 Jan 1938 at Hampstead cemetery. See burial entry.

    Robert was accountant, London.
    He also did stage props.
    He lived 31 Wellwood Rd until death.
    He died c.1975, age c.75 yrs.

  3. Hilda Davis,
    Hilda Irene, born 7 June 1905, 31 Wellwood Rd [GRO.UK].
    She was a Methodist.
    She was personal secretary in the 1930s to Ernest Bevin, the Labour politician, and general secretary of Britain's largest trade union, the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU), Transport House, London.
    Bevin was a leading opponent of Nazism and the appeasement policy in 1930s.
    Hilda gave up her job when married, even though it was much better-paying than Hugh's job.

    Hilda's parents and brother died. Her parents left the house at 31 Wellwood Road to Bob.
    At marriage she is listed as "shorthand typist", living 12 Cromer Rd, Hornchurch, Essex (see map).
    Her father is not listed on mar cert.
    She mar 1937 to Hugh Noltie and had issue.

James Davis and family.
Perhaps at 2nd marriage, to Alice Maud Hallandal, 1896.
See full size.
Back: Unknown, James Davis, unknown.
Centre: Unknown, possibly Alice Maud Hallandal.
From: Must be Florence Davis (born 1888).

Alice Maud Hallandal and her dau Hilda Davis.
See larger and full size.
See other scan.

58 Tollington Rd, Holloway

58 Tollington Rd, Holloway, near Highbury, Islington area, London (see map and street view).
Home of James Davis and family as at 1901.

In the modern numbering, 58 Tollington Rd is 3rd house from LHS of block here (white door, brown bricks, yellow paintwork).
2015 image from Google street view.

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