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Gawsworth Hall, Cheshire

Gawsworth Old Hall, at Gawsworth, near Macclesfield, Cheshire.
See Google Maps and

Gawsworth Hall. The N front.
Entrance is through the N front.
Note the arms dated 1570.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See wide shot showing approach.

Gawsworth Hall (now called "Gawsworth Old Hall") is a timber-framed country house built between 1480 and 1600.
Seat of Fitton.
The Fitton coat of arms on the N front was carved in 1570, in the time of Sir Edward Fitton, the elder.
Seat of Sir Edward Fitton, 1st Baronet.
Inherited 1643 by the Fitton descendant Charles Gerard, 1st Earl of Macclesfield.
Though he fought a legal battle with his Fitton cousins for its ownership until 1662.

It is now called "Gawsworth Old Hall" to distinguish it from Gawsworth New Hall (begun in 1707) to the N of it.

Gawsworth New Hall to the N.
Gawsworth Old Hall to the S.
Gawsworth church to the SW.
From old map. Surveyed: 1871 to 1873. Published: 1882.

Satellite view. Click to move and zoom.
Gawsworth New Hall is N of the water.
Gawsworth Old Hall is S of the water.
Gawsworth church is to the SW.
From Google Maps.

N front of Gawsworth Old Hall, from the N across the water.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See street view.

Gawsworth Hall. The N front door.
Photo 2018. See full size.

Gawsworth Hall. The N front.
Photo 2016. See full size. From Anders Hanson.
See 2009 shot. From Colin Billington. Used with permission.

Going through the side passage to the W side.
Photo 2018. See full size.

Looking back to the outside to see the side passage.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See other shot.
See close-up of clock and compass.

A gate in the grounds of Gawsworth Hall leads to Gawsworth church.
Photo 2011. See full size.
From here. Creative Commons.

Gawsworth Hall - The W side

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