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Abandoned families - Fitzgerald - Contents

James Fitzgerald, of Killiney, Co.Kerry


James Fitzgerald,
of Killiney, Co.Kerry.
See entry in tree by Kathy Pelly.
His will dated 22 January 1728.
He died 1728.
He had issue:

Francis Fitzgerald,
of Dunmaniheen, Co.Kerry,
mar his 1st cousin Johanna Fitzgerald,
living Dunmaniheen in 1770 to 1775,
had issue:

John Henry Fitzgerald,
of Garrahies, near Camp, Dingle Peninsula, Co.Kerry.
Also described as of Fortfield. Wonder is this the Blennerhassett house Fortfield near Killorglin.
He mar Elizabeth Gun [descendant of Conway Blennerhassett, son of John Blennerhassett, "Black Jack"].
They had issue:

Francis Fitzgerald, born 1804,
of Garrahies, Co.Kerry,
mar Anne Chute,
had issue:

David Peter Thompson Fitzgerald, born 1842,
mar Sarah Anne Eagar,
had issue:

Herbert David Fitzgerald, born 1880,
mar Leonora Annie Byard,
had issue:

  1. David Herbert Byard FitzGerald, born 1928,
    mar Jean Johnston Hilda Mary Danniels McKee,
    had issue:

    1. Kathy FitzGerald.
      DNA match to (Cashel family): Me and James Riordan.
      DNA match to Eileen Owen.
      DNA match to Vincent Butler.

DNA matches

Kathy FitzGerald has DNA matches to people I am researching. But I do not have a theory as to what they mean.

DNA match to my family

Kathy FitzGerald is a DNA match to people in the Cashel family, namely me and James Riordan.
Same DNA segment for both, on Chromosome 4. So the match must be through the Blennerhassett Cashel line.
How are we related? Her ancestry has many Anglo-Irish Munster families. But I cannot see any line by which we could be related except through the Blennerhassett and (maybe) Fitzgerald lines.
We have two theories of our own Blennerhassett descent:

Neither theory seems likely. We will not regard these lines as "DNA proved" yet. The match could be through another line.


DNA match to Eileen Owen

Kathy FitzGerald is a strong DNA match to Eileen Owen.
This is explained by the fact that they both descend from the Gentleman family in the early 19th century. The common ancestors are Robert Gentleman and his wife Margaret Goodman.

DNA match to Vincent Butler

Kathy FitzGerald is a DNA match to Vincent Butler.
While he descends from Anglo-Irish Munster families linked to Blennerhassett, he does not descend directly from Blennerhassett and in fact we cannot see how he could be a blood relation of Kathy FitzGerald.
This is unexplained.

Garrahies House, Co.Kerry, on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern map and street view.


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