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NOT Pevey or Peevy.


James Peevey and Sheila Winter at their wedding.
Daily Mirror, 10 Oct 1945.

James Peevey.
American, from Texas.
He was Captain in US Air Force.
He mar 9 Oct 1945 to Sheila Winter [born 17 Sept 1922].
He became head of Mobil Oil in Europe. He travelled all over world.
He was in Morocco temp 1954.
They lived Weybridge.
Think later lived Epsom.
He died think 2005-2006.
She died 4 Feb 2019, age 96 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Jim Peevey, mar Patricia Ferrall and had issue:
    1. Charlotte Peevey.
    2. Laura Peevey.
    3. Alexandra Peevey.

  2. John Peevey, mar Yolanda LaGuardia and had issue:
    1. Nicole Marguerite Peevey.
    2. Suzzane Marie Peevey.

  3. Bob Peevey, mar Maureen ---- and had issue:
    1. Patrick Peevey.

  4. Tom Peevey, mar Thirza Charles (formerly Schnieder) and had issue:
    1. Marian Peevey.

  5. Sheila Peevey, mar Trevor Weyland and had issue:
    1. Ava Weyland.

  6. Richard Peevey, mar Carol ---- and had issue:
    1. James Peevey.
    2. Maxwell Peevey.
    3. Samuel Peevey.

  7. Michael Peevey.
    DNA match to me and my mother and Mo Jackson and George Jackson.
    He mar Ozlem Atmaca and had issue:
    1. Lydia Peevey.

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