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Flanagan of Co.Dublin


The tradition in our family is that the Flanagans were from Co.Roscommon and moved to Co.Dublin.
The family story was that William Flanagan (bapt 1790) was from Co.Roscommon. However, this is clearly not true. He was baptised in Co.Dublin, where his father had been living for some time.
It is possible that his father came from Co.Roscommon. Except there seem to be other connected Flanagans in this part of Co.Dublin in the late 18th century.
If they did come from Co.Roscommon, it was mid-18th century or earlier.

Frank Flanagan said there was a story that the Flanagans were stewards to The O'Conor Don at Clonalis House (or Cloonalis), Castlerea, Co.Roscommon. The original house was early 18th century. See [Irish Country Houses].

Clonalis in [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].

The old (early 18th century) "Cloonalis House", Co.Roscommon, on 1829 to 1842 map.
There was a story that the Flanagans were stewards to The O'Conor Don here. But there is no evidence to support this yet.
This house is now gone, replaced by the new "Clonalis House" (built 1878) a bit to the N of this site. See 1887 to 1913 map and modern satellite view and street view of entrance.

Edward Flanagan, of Kilnamanagh

We start with Edward Flanagan, of Kilnamanagh, Tallaght par, Co.Dublin, who I have now proven is the ancestor of our line:

The earliest definite record of our family:
Baptism of Michael Flanagan, 7 Oct 1777, Rathfarnham RC church.

Tallaght and Clondalkin parishes in Petty's Census of Ireland, 1654-1659.
From p.377 of the 1939 publication.
See Kilnamanagh in Tallaght par, and Corkagh in Clondalkin par.
Perhaps before Flanagan even came to Co.Dublin.


Miscellaneous Flanagans

Miscellaneous possibly related families

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