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Acklington Park, Northumberland

Acklington Park, NW of Acklington, Northumberland.
A bit SW of Warkworth Castle.
See Google Maps and satellite view.

Briefly the home of Arthur Gibbon and family after leaving Aberdeen and before moving to the Continent.
Arthur Gibbon was living here at birth of his son William Henry Gibbon in 1832.
He rented Acklington Park from Hugh Percy, 3rd Duke of Northumberland.

He was living at Acklington Park in Aug 1833, when he gets shooting permission on the local estate. He receives permission from 3rd Duke of Northumberland at Alnwick (some distance further N in Northumberland).
See another letter of 28 Dec 1833, granting shooting permissions, from one of the 3rd Duke of Northumberland's staff at Alnwick, sent to Arthur Gibbon at Acklington Park. See cover.
See June 1834 envelope addressed to Arthur at Acklington Park.
See Lines on Warkworth Court, 1835. Found in Gibbon papers.

Arthur apparently left in 1836, when he held an auction of some of his property before moving to the Continent.


Acklington Park on 1864 map.

Shooting permission for Arthur Gibbon, Acklington Park, 12 Aug 1833.
From Hugh Percy, 3rd Duke of Northumberland.
See full size.

Auction of Gibbon property, Acklington Park, 6 Apr 1836.
See full size.

Acklington Park entrance on modern street view.
The old house is gone.
Some walls and outbuildings remain.
See screenshot.

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