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Lannach Castle, near Graz, Austria

Lannach Castle ("Schloss Lannach" in German), Lannach, Deutschlandsberg district, SW of Graz, Austria.
It was built between 1590 and 1610.
It was damaged in a fire in 1714 and restored.
Home of Margaret Gibbon.
She died there in 1911.

Lannach Castle was used by the Nazis during WW2 as one of the sub-camps of the Mauthausen concentration camp system. Men, women and children from around Europe were worked to death and executed in this complex of camps.
Himmler set up the SS Institute for Plant Genetics at the Lannach sub-camp in 1943, using slave labour.

After the war, the Bartenstein family took over Lannach Castle in 1947 and still own it.
It is the HQ (with a factory complex) of the family firm Lannacher Heilmittel GmbH (and here).
This is the family of politician Martin Bartenstein (and here), Austrian Minister of Economy and Labor, 2007-08.
Lannach Castle survives today.

Lannach Castle.
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From Google Maps.
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Lannach Castle, 1681.
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Lannach Castle, between 1824 and 1833.
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Lannach Castle, from the S, postcard of 1910.
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Lannach Castle.
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Lannach Castle. Wider view.
Photo 2008. See full size. From here.

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