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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Rev. Charles Gibbon

Rev. Charles Gibbon,
born Nov 1789, Aberdeen,
mar 1813 to Ann Duff [born 17th Nov 1787, descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland and Henry I],
he was Minister of Crimond, Lonmay par, NE Aberdeenshire (see map) for many years,
Ann died 11th Dec 1867, age 80 yrs,
he died 5th Feb 1871, age 81 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Jessie Gibbon, born 29th Aug 1814, mar Edward Eyre Williams [barrister, London].
  2. Maria Gibbon, born 2nd Dec 1815, mar Christopher Fagan [Major General in Bengal Army].
  3. Thomas Gibbon, died as a baby 1818.

  4. Charles William Gibbon, born 18th Sept 1820, went to London, had issue:

    1. Charlie Gibbon, went to Ceylon, had issue:
      1. Rob Gibbon, had issue:
        1. Valerie Gibbon, mar --- Barlow.
      2. Charles Gibbon.
      3. Bruce Gibbon.
        These Gibbons were tea, coffee and rubber planters in Ceylon until the 1940s.

    2. (son) Gibbon, ancestor of:
      1. Geoffrey Gibbon, author of [Gibbon family history, 1976].

    3. 6 other children, Gibbon.

  5. Amelia Ann Turing Gibbon, born 18th Sept 1822, died 1836, age 14 yrs.
  6. Robina Cussine Gibbon, born 16th March 1824, died 1825, age 1 yr.
  7. Robert Turing Gibbon, born 29th July 1827.

  8. Annie Grace Gibbon [Ann Grace Gibbon],
    born 18th Jan 1830, NOT Mar, NOT 1836,
    bapt Feb 1830, Lonmay [parish records],
    mar 1848, Crimond [by her father] to Robert Boyd Tytler [born 27th July 1819, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, NOT Tyler],
    he went to Ceylon 1837 (age 18), he was Coffee and Cocoa Planter in Ceylon,
    he came back to Aberdeenshire to marry, she went back out to Ceylon with him,
    he died Aberdeen, 1882, age 63 yrs,
    she died at Stonehaven, 23rd Oct 1904, age 74 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Robert Stephen Tytler (later Duff-Tytler),
      eldest, born 1848, Ceylon,
      tea planter in Ceylon,
      mar in Ceylon to Yesudial,
      his family adopted name Duff-Tytler, after his grandmother's family,
      died 1905 in Ceylon, age 57 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. 7 older children, Duff-Tytler.

      2. John Duff-Tytler, 8th child, born 1904,
        tea planter in Ceylon,
        mar Nancy Tribe,
        had issue:

        1. Beryl Duff-Tytler,
          mar --- Mitchell,
          researching family tree.

      3. 1 younger child, Duff-Tytler.

    2. Annie Grace Tytler, eldest dau, born Ceylon,
      mar Dr. --- Reith [a widower with 2 children],
      he died,
      she went to live in Stonehaven,
      had issue:
      1. Annie Grace Reith.
      2. (son) Reith.

    3. 2 other children, Tytler, born Ceylon.
    4. 4 younger children, Tytler.

  9. Sir William Duff Gibbon, Kt,
    of Aberdeen, born 22nd July 1837 [mother age 49],
    he is prob. "William D. Gibbon", educ at [Aberdeen Grammar School] from the 1848-49 year to the 1850-51 year,
    left Aberdeen 1855 (age 18) to grow coffee in Ceylon under his brother-in-law Robert Boyd Tytler (age 36),
    grew coffee on estate just outside the city of Kandy, Ceylon,
    mar Katherine Murray [dau of Andrew Murray, of Aberdeen area],
    prospered in Ceylon, Member of the Legislative Council, Chairman of the Planters' Association of Ceylon,
    knighted for his services in Ceylon, retired to England c.1911,
    died 1919, age 82 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. James Gibbon, successful banker in Germany.

    2. Dr. John Murray Gibbon, born 1875, Ceylon,
      educ Aberdeen, Oxford and Gottingen universities,
      emig to Canada 1913,
      Scottish Canadian writer, enthusiast of Canadian folk culture, cultural promoter,
      important figure in formation of a bi-lingual, multicultural, Canadian national culture,
      died Montreal, 1952, age 77 yrs.
      Subject of MA thesis by Gary Bret Kines, Carleton University, Ottawa, 1988.

    3. 4 other children, Gibbon.

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