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Wharf House, Hunton Bridge

Beside the Grand Union Canal, at Hunton Bridge (or Hunton Bridge), near Watford, Hertfordshire.

Home of Arthur F.V. Gibbon and family.
Think the Gibbons were there by 1917. There as at 1918-22. See 1921 address.
They left by 1926.
Wharf House is now gone.

Huntonbridge on 1913 map.
Wharf House must be the house just above "Huntonbridge Wharf".
The front porch, front garden, side building and side gate all match the photo below.
The entire area is now apartments and houses.
See satellite view. See street view of entrance.

Wharf House, June 1922.
See original and full size original.

Wharf House, 1918.
See larger and original and full size original.

Back (Left to Right): Marjorie, Jack, Kathleen, Dora, Douglas.
Front (Left to Right): Rita, Arthur F.V. Gibbon, May Wells, Monty.
Gerard absent.
Labelled as "Kings Langley" (i.e. Lawn House or Wharf House), Aug 1917.
Also labelled as "Wharf House", 1918.
See original and full size original.

Other copy of above.
Looks like Wharf House, not Lawn House.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.

View looking N up Huntonbridge Wharf, towards where Wharf House apparently used to be. Canal on the LHS.
Nothing recognisable. The old house has been completely wiped out.
Photo 2019. See full size.
There are some attractive little houses at the end. But, like everything else, they are new. See photo and closer.

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