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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Arthur F.V. Gibbon

(Left) Arthur F.V. Gibbon, photo on passport issued 1952.
(Right) May Wells, photo on passport issued 1952.

Arthur F.V. Gibbon,
descendant of Edward III,
born 7 Aug 1866.
Contact between the Gibbons and Herberts was finally ending around this generation. Don't think Arthur ever stayed at Wilton, though it is possible. His father did, and his sister Florence apparently painted the Reebkomp portrait there.
He visited his mother's family house Maesmor, stayed there.

He was educ at home by governesses. See his tutor temp 1880 Rev. Richard Germon, who married his sister.
He was educ Kensington school (near his father's house).
He was educ Dover College, Dover, Kent.
Apparently educ University of Freiburg, SW Germany, or possibly this was just school when they stayed there 1879 to 1881.

He worked in head office of Lloyds Bank, St. James's, London.
He is listed in 1891 census as a banker's clerk, in lodgings in St.James's St, London (see map).
He joined the freemasons on 16 Jan 1893 (age 26). See certificate top and bottom. He joined the Belvedere lodge, Belvedere, SE London.
He is listed as "Bankers' Clerk" at mar, living 2 Coleraine Rd, Westcombe Park, Greenwich (see map).

He mar 26th Apr 1898 (NOT Aug), Church of All Saints, Belvedere [GRO.UK] to May Wells [born 25th June 1874].
They lived 88 Elliscombe Rd, Charlton, London, at least 1899 to 1906.
They are listed at 88 Elliscombe Rd in 31 Mar 1901 census. He is "bank clerk".
He is listed as "bank clerk", living 88 Elliscombe Rd, Charlton, at son's birth in Aug 1901 [GRO.UK].
They are listed at Charlton in a diary of June 1905.
He is listed as "bank clerk" at his father's probate 1907.

They lived 18 Parkside, Eltham, SE London, at least 1908 to 1911.
They are listed there in 1911 census. See house summary. He is "bank clerk".

They lived Lawn House, Hunton Bridge, Hertfordshire, there by 1913, think left by 1917.
Listed at Lawn House in [Kelly's Directory of Watford] 1913-14 to 1915-16. Not there in 1912-13 or 1919-20.
Listed at Lawn House in [Peacock's Directory of Watford] 1915 to 1925 (later entries must be out-of-date). Not there in 1914 or 1926.
Children were educ Berkhamsted School (public school), Hertfordshire.
He sold some portraits to pay for the school fees.

Lived Wharf House, Hunton Bridge, Hertfordshire, think there by 1917, there as at 1918-22.
Listed at Wharf House in [Kelly's Directory of Watford] 1919-20 to 1929 (later entries must be out-of-date). Not there in 1915-16 or 1930.

They moved 1926 to "Langley", 2 Towers Rd, Pinner, NW London.
"Arthur F. Gibbon" wit his niece Joyce Wells' mar 1932.
Arthur dies, 1956:
He died 22nd Apr 1956, age 89 yrs.
He was bur Gibbon grave, Pinner churchyard.

May dies, 1976:
She lived to see great-grandchildren.
She celebrated 100th birthday 25th June 1974.
She was living "Langley" at death.
She died "Langley", 9th Mar 1976 [GRO.UK], age 101 yrs.
She was bur Gibbon grave, Pinner.
"Langley" was sold 1976.
Arthur and May had issue:

  1. Kathleen Gibbon,
    Kathleen May, Kay, born Charlton, London [census], 7th Dec 1899,
    she was NOT called "Bunny" (that is Jack's wife),
    educ Berkhamsted School for Girls,
    mar 18th Sept 1926 to Ralph Gibbons [William Henry Ralph Gibbons, born 5th Dec 1897, or 6th, in Church Farm, Clutton, Somerset, son of Henry Harding Gibbons and Agnes Maude Marshall Lyde],
    see Ralph's ancestry in Gibbons family tree by Ellen Duffy,
    Ralph researched his wife's family history, redrew the Gibbon family tree c.1961,
    he died 24 Nov 1965, age 67 yrs, in Napsbury Hospital, St Albans, Hertfordshire,
    she died 25 Apr 1972, age 72 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. John Gibbons.

  2. Gerard Gibbon,
    Gerard Arthur Gibbon,
    born 16th Aug 1901, 88 Elliscombe Rd, Charlton, London [GRO.UK].
    Gerard served in RAF in WW2.

  3. Jack Gibbon,
    Jack Leonard Gibbon,
    born Charlton, London [census], 7th Nov 1902.

  4. Dora Gibbon,
    Dora Evelyn, born 2nd Dec 1903, Charlton,
    educ Berkhamsted School for Girls,
    didn't marry,
    lived "Langley",
    she wrote letters to her relative the 16th Earl of Pembroke about the family history in 1960,
    after "Langley" sold 1976, she moved to 22 Abbey Close, Pinner,
    later was in a care home in Hatch End,
    died 1st June 1997, age 93 yrs [grave, Pinner].

  5. Douglas Gibbon,
    Douglas Wells Gibbon,
    born Charlton, London [census], think 22nd, July 1905.
    He was educ Berkhamsted School.
    Flight Lieutenant in the RAF.
    Douglas was killed in training in RAF in 1930.
    He was killed piloting an RAF plane, afternoon of 30 Nov 1930, age 25 yrs.
    His Avro plane crashed in a field at the large Pinner Park farm, NE side of Pinner (entrance on Moss Lane, see Pinner Park farm on 1932-35 map and on modern map). He was the only occupant. He was killed instantly.
    See report in The Times, 1 Dec 1930.
    (todo) See The Daily Mail, December 3, 1930, page 1, Inquest report.
    See death notice in The Times, 4 Dec 1930.
    Funeral Thur 4 Dec 1930, bur Pinner graveyard (very close to where he crashed).

  6. Marjorie Gibbon,
    Marjorie Joyce, born Charlton, London [census], 27th Nov 1906,
    educ Berkhamsted School for Girls,
    mar 22nd Sept 1934 to Colin Beaumont-Price [born 6th Apr 1901],
    she died 31st Mar 1942, age 35 yrs,
    he fl 1972,
    had issue:

    1. Jenifer Beaumont-Price, mar Maurice Smithers and had issue:
      1. Georgina Smithers, mar George Colwell.

  7. Rita Gibbon [Rita Mary],
    born Eltham, London [census], 21st Oct 1908.
    She was educ Berkhamsted School for Girls.
    She mar 7th Sept 1935 to Gerald Withers [Gerald Guy Cecil Withers, born 9th June 1910, son of Cecil G. Withers].
    Gerald was killed in action in WW2.
    He served in 2nd Bn., The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) in WW2. He was Lieutenant, no. 126443.
    He was missing in action 23rd Jan 1942, age 31 yrs. He landed in Japanese territory. He was shot in back as soon as landed. No known grave.
    His record at [CWGC] has him died 4th Feb 1942, widow living in Pinner.
    He is listed on column 71 of Singapore memorial, Kranji War Cemetery, N of Singapore (which lists soldiers of no known grave).
    He is also listed on Gibbon family grave, Pinner.
    Rita died 9 June 2004, age 95 yrs [grave, Pinner].
    They had issue:

    1. Jackie Withers, mar Norman Freethy and had issue:
      1. Nicola Freethy, mar Phil Thomas.
      2. Simon Freethy, mar Louise Tucker and had issue:
        1. Alex Freethy.
        2. Jack Freethy.
        3. Imogen Freethy.
      3. Conrad Freethy.

    2. Tim Withers,
      mar 1stly to Anita ---- and had issue:
      1. Natalie Withers.
      mar 2ndly to Andrea ----.

  8. Montgomery Gibbon,
    Montgomery Vincent, "Monty", NOT Montague, born 6th Mar 1912.
    He was educ Berkhamsted School.
    He is listed 1936 as Flight Lieutenant in the RAF.
    See engagement notice, The Times, 5 June 1936.
    He mar 10th Oct 1936, Harrow on the Hill, to Thora Mac Lagan [Thora Mearns Purcell Mac Lagan, think NOT Maclagan, born 30th Nov 1910, dau of Col. Douglas Mac Lagan, of The Gardens, West Harrow, Middlesex].
    Monty was killed in action in WW2.
    He was Squadron Leader, No. 101 Squadron, RAF, in WW2.
    Received AFC.
    He was killed Thur 8th Mar 1945, age 33 yrs. He was bomber pilot over Germany, shot down, no known grave.
    His name is marked on panel 264 on the Runnymede Memorial, Cooper's Hill, near Egham, Surrey. See his record at [CWGC].
    He is listed on the WW2 memorial in the cloisters outside the chapel at Berkhamsted School.
    The war in Europe ended in May 1945.
    Thora re-married and had issue.
    She died 29 July 2007, age 96 yrs.
    Monty and Thora had issue:

    1. Douglas Gibbon.

Arthur F.V. Gibbon, 1934.
This was apparently used as the cover photo of some magazine, possibly The Times magazine.
See other scan.


Group pictures


Kathleen, Gerard, baby Jack and nurse, 1902-03.
See full size.

Gerard and Kathleen as children, maybe c.1907.
See larger and original and full size original.

(Left to Right): Rita, Monty, Kathleen, Douglas, prob. 1915.
See larger and original and full size original.

Back (Left to Right): Douglas, Gerard, Kathleen, Jack.
Front (Left to Right): Monty, May Wells, Arthur F.V. Gibbon, Rita.
Dora, Marjorie absent.
Photo est c.1915.
See larger and original and full size original.

Back (Left to Right): Monty, Gerard, Marjorie, Ralph Gibbons, Kathleen, Rita, Jack.
Front (Left to Right): Arthur F.V. Gibbon, May Wells.
Dora, Douglas absent (Douglas died 1930).
Photo est c.1929.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.




Dora Gibbon, 1964.

Memorial to Montgomery Gibbon (KIA 1945).
1939-1945 memorial, cloisters outside the chapel, Berkhamsted School.
Photo 2012. See full size.
See wider shot and wider shot.

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