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Baptism of Bridget Furlong, 8 Nov 1816 [Cappawhite RC par records].

George Furlong,
Protestant, had to become Catholic to marry,
mar 1805 to Debora Humphrys,
the marriage date is from Canon Tim English (though he thought the wife was Margaret),
they lived Ardnagassane, Toem par, near Cappawhite, Co.Tipperary (see old map),
had issue:

  1. Mary Furlong,
    mar 4th Feb 1830 [Cappawhite RC par records] to John Ryan [of Oldcastle, next townland to Ardnagassane, Toem par, Co.Tipperary, see old map],
    mar wit by George Furlong and James Ryan,
    had issue:

    1. Deborah Ryan,
      bapt 6th Mar 1834 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp George Furlong and Elizabeth Furlong.

  2. Kitty Furlong,
    mar 17th Feb 1833 [Cappawhite RC par records] to Patt Cranly [or Pat],
    mar wit by George Furlong and Edmond English.

  3. Elizabeth Furlong,
    of Ardnagassane,
    mar 3rd Apr 1837 [Cappawhite RC par records] to John Cranly,
    mar wit by George Furlong and Edmond Ryan.

  4. Deborah Furlong,
    of Ardnagassane,
    mar 12th Jan 1842 [Cappawhite RC par records] to John Quirk [or Quirke],
    mar wit by John Ryan and Michael Ryan.

  5. Bridget Furlong,
    of Ardnagassane,
    bapt 8 Nov 1816 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp David Humphrys and Mary Furlong,
    mar 19th Jan 1845 [Cappawhite RC par records] to Thomas Hogan,
    mar wit by Thomas Ryan and George Furlong.

  6. Margaret Furlong,
    bapt 30 Apr 1820 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Joe Humphrys and Kit Furlong,
    mar 16th Feb 1846 [Cappawhite RC par records] to Thaddeus English and had issue,
    mar wit by Tobias English and Debora Humphreys.


and probably a son:

  1. George Furlong,
    married in 1844.

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