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George Furlong

George Furlong,
mar 5th Feb 1844 [Cappawhite RC par records] to Ellen Quirke [of Cahernahalla],
mar wit by George Furlong and Patt Quirke,
lived Ardnagassane, Toem par, Co.Tipperary [children's bapts],
had issue:

  1. George Furlong,
    bapt 29 Dec 1844 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp John Cranly and Bridget Furlong,
    lived Ardnagassane.

  2. Debora Furlong,
    bapt 10th May 1846 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Daniel Ryan and Margaret Quirke.
    She might be "Deborah Furlong" who mar 1871 [Cappawhite RC par records] to Edward Hogan.

  3. Catherine Furlong,
    bapt 21st Dec 1848 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Daniel Ryan and Mary Mc Mahon.

  4. Patrick Furlong,
    bapt 7th July 1850 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Rev. John Quirke and Bridget Cranly,
    mar ----,
    farmer, of Dundrum, Co.Tipperary (see map),
    his wife died pre-1913,
    he died at Clonkelly, Oughterleague par, Co.Tipperary (E of Dundrum, see old map),
    he died 10 Feb 1913 [GROI] or 13 Feb [grave], age 62 yrs,
    bur Toem.

  5. Bridget Furlong,
    bapt 28th Feb 1852 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Michael Quirke and Catherine 'Rial'.

  6. Margaret Furlong,
    bapt 17th Nov 1853 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Michael Quirke and Mary Quirke.

  7. John Furlong,
    bapt 6th Oct 1855 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp James Quirke and Bridget Cranly,
    must have died in infancy because there is another John.

  8. Mary Furlong,
    bapt 16th Feb 1857 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp James Quirke and Mary Quirke.

  9. John Furlong (second John),
    one source said bapt 9 May 1859 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp James Quirke and Bridget Quirke, which makes him look like twin with Michael, but cannot find this entry in [Cappawhite RC par records],
    registered his brother's death 1913, living Clonkelly,
    died 3 May 1948 [grave], possibly age 88 yrs,
    bur Toem.

  10. Michael Furlong,
    bapt 16 May 1859 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Edmund Quirke and Anne Crowe,
    mar Kate Mary Bourke [born 1866, from near Golden, Co.Tipperary],
    he had hotel and pub in Dundrum, Co.Tipperary,
    he died 22 Nov 1906, age 47 yrs,
    bur Kilfeakle, Co.Tipperary (see map),
    she died 28 June 1912, age 46 yrs,
    bur Kilfeakle,
    had issue:

    1. Dr. George Furlong,
      George Joseph Furlong, only son,
      born 1 Feb 1898, Dundrum, Co.Tipperary [GROI],
      orphaned 1912,
      educ Clongowes,
      educ UCD,
      graduate studies were at Universities of Grenoble, Paris (Sorbonne) and Munich,
      Ph.D. at University of Vienna,
      Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, 1935-50,
      moved to London in 1950,
      gay, lived in London with his partner, Rex Britcher,
      died 1987, age 89 yrs, possibly in London,
      obituary in The Times (London), May 28, 1987.

  11. Ellen Furlong,
    bapt 9th May 1861 [Cappawhite RC par records], sp Patt Quirke and Bridget Quirke.

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