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Michael Humphreys

Michael Humphreys,
born 3 Feb 1893, Limerick.
Apprentice baker, Harris' bakery, Mount Kennett Place, Limerick.
Member of Bakery Union.

Emigrated to USA, 1912:
"Michael Humphreys", age 19, single, from Limerick, arrived at Ellis Island, NY, on 7 Apr 1912 on the Caronia (Cunard Line) from Queenstown, Co.Cork.
Ship's manifest says he was born Limerick, 5 ft 8 in tall, brown hair. It says he is going to join his cousin Henry O'Connell [unidentified], think 345, Newark Ave, Jersey, NJ.

He served in U.S. Army in WWI. This would be in 1917-18. His health was permanently damaged. He got tuberculosis.
He went to live in New Mexico for his health.
He mar pre-1920 to Eleonore J. McNarvell.
Eleonore was a nurse at Fort Bayard, New Mexico (U.S. army tuberculosis sanitarium). Must be how they met.
Their child though was born in Detroit in 1920.
Michael died in New Mexico or California, 1927, age 34 yrs.
Michael and Eleonore had issue:

  1. Mike Humphreys,
    Michael Patrick, born 27th Feb 1920, Detroit.
    He mar 20th Aug 1944, Los Angeles, to Vivian A. Brasfield [or possibly Vivienne].
    They lived in Los Angeles.
    They both fl 1992, living in Encinitas, CA.
    They had issue:

    1. Michele Ann Humphreys, mar Joe Arrain and had issue:
      1. Claudia Sue Arrain.
      2. Gwendolyn Anne Arrain.
    2. Michael Humphreys, mar Roberta Hunter and had issue:
      1. Jesse S. Humphreys.
    3. Mary Patrice Humphreys, mar James D. Harden and had issue:
      1. Meghan Lee Harden.
      2. Ryan Michael Harden.

The Titanic story

Michael Humphreys emigrated to America in 1912.
There was a family story that he was meant to get on the Titanic (White Star Line) at Queenstown, Co.Cork (its last stop before the Atlantic).
But he met an old friend at Queenstown, went off drinking, and missed the boat.

It is a good story, but not true.
Michael arrived in America from Queenstown on 7 Apr 1912.
The Titanic left Southampton on 10 Apr 1912, and left Queenstown on 11 Apr 1912.

Of course, if he had booked differently he could easily have gone on the Titanic.
It was not unusually expensive for emigrants to take 3rd class on such a ship. There were low-income Irish emigrants taken on board at Queenstown.

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