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Michael Moloney listed at Lackamore in [Tithe Survey, 1827].


Michael Moloney.
He mar 1822 to Mary Humphrys.
They lived Lackamore, Kilvellane par, Co.Tipperary (in the mountains E of Newport, see map).
"Michael Moloney" is listed as holding 256 acres at Lackamore in [Tithe Survey, 1827].
Listed at Lackamore at son's bapt 1829.
The entry for Lackamore in [Griffiths Valuation, 1848, p.82] shows "Michael Molony" holding no land at all, and just one small building at location 2b.
The entry for Lackamore in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850, p.108] shows "Michael Molony" holding no land at all, and just one small building at location 2b. It has a note: "Down - valuation struck out."
Seems like the family was ruined in the Famine years.
Michael and Mary had issue:

  1. Denis Moloney,
    bapt 24 Jan 1829 [Newport RC par records], sp (possibly Jimmy) Ryan and Bridget Ryan.
    He mar 6 Mar 1859, Newport RC church [him age 30, her age 18] to Ellen Kennedy [bapt 4 May 1840, Newport RC church].
    She was dau of Patrick Kennedy and Ellen Ryan, of Tooreenbrien, Kilvellane par (beside Lackamore).
    See her bapt from here.
    See an old reading of the 1859 marriage in Newport parish records but cannot find the marriage in online parish records.
    Mar wit by Patrick McGrath and Bridget Kennedy.

    Living Lackamore at son's bapt 1860.
    Emigrated 1861 to Australia: See passenger list dated 25 Mar 1861 of the James Baines & Co. ship "King of Algeria", bound for Melbourne. From here. Lists Denis Moloney age 32, labourer, "Helen Moloney" age 22, and an infant. The infant is called "Helen" but this must be Michael. Someone accidentally duplicated the wife's name. The Moloneys got on at Liverpool.
    Living Tasmania 1862-70.
    Living New Zealand 1871 to death.
    See newspaper notice on "Golden Wedding" (50th anniversary) 1909.
    He died 31 Jan 1917, Lumsden, Southland, New Zealand, age 88 yrs.
    He was bur Lumsden Cemetery (on Lumsden-Riversdale Highway, on SE side of Lumsden, see street view). Plot 3.00 Block I. See grave.
    Ellen died Lumsden, 29 Mar 1935, age 94 yrs, bur Lumsden.
    Denis and Ellen had issue:

    1. Michael Moloney,
      bapt July 1860, Newport RC church, sp Denis Murphy and Mary Ryan,
      see entry from here.

    2. Amy Moloney,
      Amelia, born 1873, New Zealand,
      mar George William Healey,
      had issue,
      grandparents of:

      1. Mary Mangham,
        DNA match to me and Niall Humphreys.

    3. Catherine Moloney,
      born 1879, New Zealand,
      mar Francis James Crosbie,
      had issue:

      1. Catherine Marjory Crosbie,
        born 1912,
        mar Frederick Gordon Walker,
        had issue,
        grandparents of:

        1. Gus Walker,
          DNA match to me and Niall Humphreys.

Baptism of Denis Moloney in 1829.

Grave of Denis Moloney. Lumsden, New Zealand.
See closer shot.

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