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Nicholas Humphrey

Nicholas Humphrey, c.1880.
Posted here by "beanutputter".

Nicholas Humphrey,
born Nicholas Humphreys, Doonane, near Newport, Co.Tipperary,
bapt 29 Jan 1830.
See entry in tree by Nylah Jimenez.
Emigrated to America, apparently with mother in 1850.
Used surname "Humphrey".

He mar 1stly, 19 Apr 1858, Iowa, to Mary Coleman [born 15 Aug 1834, Connonagh, Co.Cork (see map)].
Apparently marriage date of 10 Dec 1857 is wrong. Apparently Mary was pregnant at mar.
Children born in Iowa in 1858 and 1860.
Daughter born in Nevada 1862.
Children born in Washoe City, Nevada, 1863 to 1869.
His mother died in Washoe City in 1868.

Mary dies, 1869:
She died 29 Jan 1869, Washoe City, Nevada, age 34 yrs.
She died a few days after giving birth to Angela, who also died.
[Humphreys of Doonane family history] says: "Her daughter Mary Ann told of seeing her mother's frozen body which was lying in a shed back of the house as the ground was frozen so solid they were unable to bury her."
She was buried Silver Terrace Cemeteries, Virginia City, Nevada. See findagrave.
Nicholas had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Johanna Humphrey,
    Josie, born 29 Aug 1858, Iowa.
    She mar 26th Dec 1876, Virginia City, Nevada, to Fred Nichol [NOT Nichols].
    She died Sept 1932, age 74 yrs.
    They had issue.

  2. Margaret Humphrey,
    Maggie, born 23rd Jan 1860, Iowa.
    Listed in 1870 census.
    She mar 21 Aug 1881 to Frank Monahan and had issue.

  3. Mary Ann Humphrey,
    born 23 July 1862, Nevada.
    She mar 19 Apr 1880 to Patrick Kinnier.
    She died 26 Oct 1953, Moscow, Idaho, age 91 yrs, buried Moscow.
    They had issue:

    1. Josie Kinnier,
      Josephine, born 1888.
      She mar Orville C. Green and had issue.
      She had family bible.

  4. Bridgett Humphrey,
    born 7 Sept 1863, Washoe City, Nevada,
    died 7 Aug 1865, age 1 ½ yrs, bur Washoe City.

  5. Ella Delila Humphrey,
    born 10 Aug 1865, Washoe City, Nevada.
    She mar 12 Dec 1883, Idaho, to William Thomas Pettijohn and had issue.

  6. Catherine Humphrey,
    Kate, born 26th May 1867, Washoe City, Nevada.
    She mar pre-1886 to James J. Keane [James Joseph].
    She died 27th June 1934, age 67 yrs.
    They had issue.

  7. Angela Humphrey,
    died at birth,
    born and died 26 Jan 1869, Washoe City, Nevada.
    Her mother died on 29 Jan.

Nicholas, after his wife's death in 1869, put the children in St.Mary's convent school, Virginia City, Nevada, where they were taken care of by the Sisters.
Children are listed in St.Mary's convent in 1870 census.
Nicholas mar 2ndly, 25 June 1881, Idaho, to Delia Cummings.
The story is that she was a "mail order bride". Marriage arranged via letters. The story is that Nicholas didn't tell her he had daughters living at home, and when she found out she was furious, and apparently never forgave him as she was very mean to him.
They lived at Moscow, Idaho.
He died 11 Nov 1909, Moscow, Idaho, age 79 yrs. NOT 15 Nov.
Death reported as earlier that day in The Star-Mirror, Moscow, Idaho, November 11, 1909. Describes him as "Nicholas Humphrey, a pioneer of this section".
He was buried Catholic section, Moscow cemetery. See findagrave.
Delia died 1928.
She was bur Catholic section, Moscow cemetery. See findagrave.
Nicholas had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. William Humphrey,
    William H. Humphrey,
    would be after grandfather,
    died at birth, 3 Aug 1883.

  2. William Humphrey,
    William Mary Humphrey,
    born 7 Dec 1884.
    He never married.

  3. John Humphrey,
    John Joseph Humphrey,
    born 6 May 1887,
    mar Eula Lee Grice and had issue.

Baptism of Nicholas Humphrey at Newport, Co.Tipperary, 29 Jan 1830.

Nicholas Humphrey, his 1st wife Mary Coleman, and their dau Josie (born Aug 1858).
Photo in Iowa, c.1859.
Posted here by "beanutputter".

Grave of Nicholas Humphrey (died 1909), Catholic section, Moscow cemetery, Moscow, Idaho.
Posted here by Mary Colleen English.
See satellite view and street view.

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