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John Hunter, of Long Calderwood, East Kilbride

The Hunter home, at Long Calderwood, East Kilbride, near Glasgow.
Photo 2005. From Geograph.
See plaque on building. See street view.
This became a museum, the Hunter House Museum (though is now closed).

John Hunter,
born 1663,
of Long Calderwood, East Kilbride, just SE of Glasgow.
He mar Agnes Paul.
He died 30 Oct 1741, age 78 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Dr. William Hunter, the pioneer anatomist and obstetrician,
    born 23 May 1718, Long Calderwood.
    A founding father of obstetrics.
    He died 30 Mar 1783, age 64 yrs.
    He was bur St.James' church, Piccadilly. See grave.
    His collection of specimens became the Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, opened 1807. The oldest public museum in Scotland.
    His collection of books and coins became the Hunterian Collection at the University of Glasgow.

  2. Dr. John Hunter, the pioneer anatomist and surgeon,
    born 1728, Long Calderwood.
    The "founder of scientific surgery".
    Pioneering research on the circulation of the blood.
    Hunter stole the body of the celebrated Irish giant Charles Byrne (7 ft 7 in) after his death in 1783. His skeleton has been on public display in Hunter's collection ever since (against Byrne's wishes).
    Hunter died 1793, age 65 yrs.
    He was bur St Martin in the Fields, London.
    His remains were removed in 1859 to Westminster Abbey.
    His collection became the Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England, London.

Dr. William Hunter.
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Dr. John Hunter.
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