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My wife's ancestors - Hunter - Contents

Hunter of Hunterston, Ayrshire, Scotland

And of Croyland Abbey, Lincolnshire.

Hunter arms over fireplace, Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire.
Photo 2006 by Marian Aelick. Used with permission.
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Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire, was built in 13th century by Hunter, Laird of Hunterston.

We start with:

John Huntar, 14th Laird of Hunterston.
He succ 1487.
He built the Great Hall at Hunterston 1500.
He mar 1505 to Margaret Cathcart [dau of John Cathcart, 2nd Baron Cathcart].
He was killed in the Battle of Flodden 1513.
Note that Sir William Sidney fought on the English side.
14th Laird and Margaret had issue:

Robert Huntar, 15th Laird of Hunterston,
mar Janet Montgomerie [dau of John Montgomerie of Giffen, Ayrshire],
died 1546,
had issue (apparently father of rather than brother of):

Kentigern (or Mungo) Huntar, 16th Laird of Hunterston.
He mar Marion Hamilton [dau of James Hamilton, of Torrance, Lanarkshire].
Fought in the Siege of Dumbarton 1545.
He succ 1546.
Killed in the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh 1547.
Marion lived at Hunterston until 1595.
16th Laird and Marion had issue:

  1. Robert Huntar, 17th Laird of Hunterston,
    born c.1545, succ 1547.

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