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My wife's ancestors - Imray - Contents


David Imray and family listed at West Park in 1841 census.
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David Imray,
born 1776 (by age in census), Aberdeenshire.
See entry in tree by Rosalyn Kinnear.
Listed as of Midmar parish, Aberdeenshire, at mar 1803. This could be West Park.
He got Ann pregnant and married her in Aug. Their son was baptised in Sept.
He mar 14 Aug 1803 to Ann Johnston [or Anne, bapt 29 Nov 1781].
Their son was baptised in Sept 1803 at Echt and they are recorded as of Tillyboy, Echt par (Ann's family home).
At children's baptisms 1819-25 they are listed as of "Kinnernie", Aberdeenshire. This might be West Park but not necessarily.

They lived at West Park (or Westpark), Midmar par, Aberdeenshire.
They are listed in 1841 census at "West Park". He is "farmer".
David died 6 Mar 1845, age 69 yrs.
He was buried Kinnernie graveyard.
He is listed as "farmer", deceased, at dau's mar 1855.
Ann died August 21, 1858 in West Park, age 76 yrs. See death cert.
She was buried Kinnernie graveyard.
They had issue:

  1. David Imray,
    bapt 11 Sept 1803, Echt. See bapt entry.

  2. Elspet Lurg Imray, born 1805.
  3. Margaret Ogilvie Imray, born 1807.
  4. Alexander Imray, born 1808.
  5. Anne Imray, born 1811.
  6. William Imray, born 1813.
  7. Isabel Ross Imray, born 1815.
  8. George Imray, born 1817.

  9. James Imray,
    bapt 31 Dec 1819, Midmar parish church. See bapt entry.
    At home with parents in West Park in 1841 census.
    His father died 1845.
    James Imray, farmer, is listed at West Park in [Cornwall's Directory of Aberdeen, 1853-54].
    He witnessed his sister's mar 1855.
    He registered his niece Elspet Stephen's death 1857.
    He registered his mother's death 1858.
    He is listed in 1861 census at West Park. He is "farmer of 42 acres". His sister Jane's family is with him.
    By the time he married in 1869 he had left the farm and was working as an "attendant" at Aberdeen Lunatic Asylum.
    He died 1895, Aberdeen.

  10. John Imray, born 1823.
  11. Joseph Imray, born 1824.

  12. Jane Imray,
    bapt 18 Nov 1825, Midmar (mother age 43). See bapt entry.
    She is "house servant" at mar.
    Her child was born 4 months after she married. So she was 5 months pregnant at marriage.
    She mar 18 May 1855, Midmar, to John Stephen [born 14 Apr 1833] and had issue.
    See mar cert.

James Imray, farmer, West Park, Kinnernie, Aberdeenshire.
Listed on p.204 of [Cornwall's Directory of Aberdeen, 1853-54].
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West Park (or Westpark), Aberdeenshire

The Imray farm.
West Park (or Westpark), a farm on the N side of Leggerdale, near Kinnernie, Midmar par, Aberdeenshire (E of Sauchen, see map).
Not to be confused with West Park, near Crathes, Aberdeenshire.
1841 census shows it is the West Park beside Leggerdale.

Imray definitely there in 1841-1861.
Imray gone by 1869.
See entry in Aberdeenshire OS Name Books, 1865-1871. John Gordon living there. Imray is gone. Description of property: "A one storied thatched Croft house with Out Offices attached, the property of and Occupied at present by John Gordon Esqr."


Westpark, Aberdeenshire.
Top: From map. Survey date: 1864 to 1866 Publication date: 1866.
Bottom: From map. Survey date: 1865 Publication date: 1866.

Modern satellite view shows the farm has been completely wiped out.

Close-up shows Westpark is entirely vanished.
It used to be in the centre of the centre field here.

Gateway (S entrance) into Westpark on the old map above.

A gateway survives today, down on the main road.
2018 screenshot, looking N. From street view.
This seems to be the only survival of Westpark.


Imry of Keig

The following "Imry" family of Keig parish, Aberdeenshire, could be our family.
David here could be our David above. Though the parents' names do not really match with our David's children's names.
More proof is needed.
Keig parish is a bit NW of Midmar parish and Echt parish. See map.

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