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Etal Manor, Etal, Northumberland

Etal Manor, or Etal House, at the E end of Etal village, Northumberland.
Some distance SW of Berwick-upon-Tweed. See Google Maps and

Etal Manor was built in 1748 for Sir William Carr.

Thomas Hopper and Margaret Smirk worked as servants for Sir William Carr.
Think they worked at Etal before their marriage in 1751. They were definitely working at Etal by 1752.
Thomas Hopper left Carr's service for a time. He was gone around 1757.
Sir William Carr's daughter Isabella Carr married in 1762 to James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll.
Sir William Carr wanted Thomas Hopper back, and made him "Land Steward" at Etal. He had returned by 1763.
Thomas Hopper's daughter Mary Hopper became a maid probably 1770 to Isabella Carr, dau of Sir William Carr and wife of 15th Earl of Erroll.

Sir William Carr died 1777. Etal was inherited by his son-in-law James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll.
Thomas and Margaret Hopper continued working for a short time for the Earl of Erroll.
The 15th Earl of Erroll died 1778.
Thomas and Margaret Hopper retired apparently in 1777-1780.
The 15th Earl of Erroll's younger son William Hay, 17th Earl of Erroll inherited Etal, and changed his name to Carr 1795. But he had to give up Etal on succeeding to the Earldom 1798.

Etal House, E end of Etal village.
From old map. Surveyed: 1860. Published: 1866.

Etal Manor, E end of Etal village.
From Google Maps.

Etal Manor. Photo 1982.
From Geograph.

Etal church. Etal Manor in background.
See larger and full size.
Photo 2003 by Phil Thirkell. See terms of use.
See street view a bit further back.

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