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Thomas Hopper

From p.3 of Hopper genealogy (before 1852).

Thomas Hopper,
born 11 Oct 1724, parish of Lanchester, Durham.
He mar 1751, Durham city, to Margaret Smirk [born 27 Dec 1729].
Both Thomas and Margaret worked in the service of Sir William Carr of Etal, Northumberland.
Think both worked there before marriage in 1751. They were definitely working there by 1752.
They worked at Etal Manor (built 1748).

Thomas leaves Etal for a time:
At one time after marriage, Thomas left Carr's service. Note their children are born elsewhere to Etal in 1754 to 1761.
Thomas got a position as "Supervisor of Excise" at the Cheshire Salt Works. This would be Middlewich salt works, Cheshire.
Note their child died at Middlewich in 1757.
Sir William Carr's daughter Isabella Carr married in 1762 to James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll.
Sir William Carr wanted Thomas back and made him "Land Steward" at Etal.
Thomas' children are born at Etal again in 1763 onwards.

Thomas and Margaret's daughter Mary became a maid probably 1770 to Isabella Carr, dau of Sir William Carr and wife of 15th Earl of Erroll.
Sir William Carr died 1777. Etal was inherited by his son-in-law James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll.
Thomas and Margaret continued working for a short time in the service of the Earl of Erroll.
Thomas was "land steward" at Etal. Margaret was "housekeeper" or "lady's maid".
The 15th Earl of Erroll died 1778.
Thomas and Margaret retired with a pension from the Earl of Erroll. They apparently retired by 1780.

Their daughter Mary married the Earl's valet Henry Noltie in 1780.
Thomas is listed at his daughter's marriage 1780 as "merchant", of Berwick (presumably Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland).
They lived in old age "in the Black Horse Entry" (unidentified) in Durham.
When their dau Mary's husband Henry Noltie was away on the Continent, his business in Edinburgh failed and Mary returned in c.1792-93 to her parents in Durham with her child.
Margaret died Durham, 25 Apr 1796, age 66 yrs.
Thomas died Durham, think c.1810, age c.86 yrs.
Thomas and Margaret had issue:

  1. Thomas Hopper,
    born Etal, Northumberland, 19 June 1752 old style,
    died Etal, Northumberland, 11 May 1763, age 10 yrs.

  2. Mary Hopper,
    born 18 Feb 1754, "Fatfield Steathes", Fatfield, NE of Chester-le-Street, Durham (see map and close-up),
    bapt 10 Mar 1754, Chester-le-Street.
    She became maid (must be 1770) to Isabella Carr, wife of 15th Earl of Erroll.
    She met Henry Noltie 1770 (her age 16) but did not marry for many years. He was working as the Earl's valet.
    The Earl died 1778.
    She and Henry continued working for his widow for a short time, but then they married and left her service.
    At marriage 1780, Mary is listed as living in Old Greyfriars parish, Edinburgh.
    She mar 1780, Edinburgh, to Henry Noltie and had issue.

  3. Elizabeth Hopper,
    born South Shields, 22 Jan 1756,
    died Middlewich, Cheshire, 11 Sept 1757, age 1 yr and 8 months,
    there is another Elizabeth.

  4. Margaret Hopper,
    born Sunderland, 28 Aug 1758,
    died Sunderland, 4 July 1759, age 11 months.

  5. John Hopper,
    born at Lanchester, Durham, 3 Apr 1761,
    bapt 22 Apr 1761, Lanchester, see transcript,
    died Etal, Northumberland, 24 June 1763, age 2 yrs.

  6. Edward Hopper,
    born Etal, Northumberland, 10 Mar 1763,
    died 29 Mar 1785, age 22 yrs, "in the last year of his apprenticeship", at "Mr. Bayill's" in "New Bridge St", Edinburgh (i.e. Bridge St, connecting the old town with the new town, see 1784 map, now N Bridge, see modern map).

  7. Joshua Teasdale Hopper,
    Teasdale after grandmother,
    born Etal, Northumberland, 24 Jan 1765,
    died Etal, 7 Feb 1765, age 2 weeks.

  8. Elizabeth Hopper, second Elizabeth,
    born Etal, Northumberland, 3 June 1766,
    died Etal, Aug 1766, age 7 weeks.

  9. Tobias Hopper,
    born Etal, Northumberland, 27 July 1767,
    died Etal, 17 July 1769, age just under 2 yrs.

  10. Addie Hopper [dau],
    born Etal, Northumberland, 17 June 1769,
    died Etal, 4 May 1771, age just under 2 yrs.

  11. Benjamin Hopper,
    born Etal, Northumberland, 22 Jan 1772 [mother age 42].
    He was the only child apart from Mary that lived past youth.
    Did not marry.

Etal House, Northumberland.
Where Thomas Hopper and Margaret Smirk worked as servants.
From old map. Surveyed: 1860. Published: 1866.

Etal House (or Etal Manor), Northumberland.
Photo 1982.
From Geograph.

1761 Poll Registration, Durham.
There is a Thomas Hopper listed as "Mercer" (a dealer in textile fabrics) at Market-place, Durham.
We know our Thomas left Etal around this time.
There is no real evidence this is him, but it is possible.

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