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Stoke Mandeville church.
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James Partington,
James Edge Partington,
see his family listed in 1841 census at Oxford Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester,
had issue:

  1. Rev. Charles Edward Partington,
    born Manchester,
    bapt 11 May 1826, Manchester.
    See entry in Wyndham Marsh genealogy.
    He was educ Worcester College, Oxford. Entered 9 June 1848. BA 13 May 1852. MA 26 Oct 1854.
    See entry on p.1076 of vol.3 of Alumni Oxonienses 1715-1886.

    Vicar of Stoke Mandeville, 1858 to 1872:
    In 1858 he was appointed Vicar of Stoke Mandeville, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. He was Vicar of Stoke Mandeville with Buckland.
    Listed as living Stoke Mandeville at mar.
    He mar 6 Dec 1859 [her age 16 or 17, him age 33], St Mary's, Twickenham, to Myfanwy Kerr [Myfanwy Jane, born 1842 or 1843].
    See entry in par records, London Metropolitan Archives.
    They are listed in 1861 census at the Parsonage, Stoke Mandeville.

    Separation and divorce proceedings:
    They separated about 1871 after rumours in Stoke Mandeville that Myfanwy and one Frederick James Townend, a student of Holy Orders, age 19, were seen "having relations" late at night in the vestry of the church at Stoke Mandeville.
    Myfanwy and the youngest child are listed in 2 April 1871 census at the Vicarage, Stoke Mandeville.
    Charles and the older children are listed in 2 April 1871 census with his widowed mother at Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester (see map).
    Divorce proceedings were instigated by Charles on 12 Apr 1871 at The Court of Probate and Divorce, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
    However, the case was dismissed on 1-2 Mar 1872 because two witnesses called to support Charles were thought by the court to be lying.

    They separated.
    He left Stoke Mandeville 1872.
    She is listed in 1881 census at Mount Albion Villa, Ramsgate, Kent. She says she is a "widow" but she is not.
    In 1884 he was appointed Rector of St Ambrose, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester.
    See him listed in 1891 census at Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester. He is Rector of St Ambrose.
    He died 29 Apr 1897, Rusholme, Manchester, age 70 or 71 yrs.
    See probate granted 13 July 1897 (NOT 18 July).
    Wyndham Marsh says that in the 1911 census, Myfanwy is at "Maesmor", Albion Road, Ramsgate, Kent. Though I can't find that entry.
    She died 15 Dec 1911, age 68 or 69 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Edith Partington,
      Edith Marian Gertrude Partington, born 1861, Stoke Mandeville,
      bapt 3 Nov 1861, Stoke Mandeville,
      mar 1stly to Frederick William Hudson [blind-roller manufacturer] and had issue,
      mar 2ndly to Frederick James Riddock,
      for her family see family tree by Wyndham Marsh,
      she died 1923, 83 Gordon Road, Ealing, London, age 61 or 62 years,
      she was bur 1 Nov 1923, Hanwell Cemetery, Ealing.

    2. Mary Partington,
      Mary Emma Partington, born 1863, Stoke Mandeville,
      bapt 14 June 1863, Stoke Mandeville.

    3. Ernest Partington,
      Edward Ernest Edge Partington, "Ernest E." in 1871 census, "Ernest E.E." in 1891 census,
      born 1866, Stoke Mandeville,
      bapt 9 July 1866, Stoke Mandeville,
      with mother in 1871 census,
      with father in 1891 census, "no occupation".

Stoke Mandeville.
From old map. Revised: 1897. Published: 1899.
Shows two Vicarages, one at the church and one to the S.

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