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Plas Isaf (Plas Issa), Llangar parish, Wales

Plas Isaf, Llangar parish (near Corwen), Merionethshire (now Denbighshire), N Wales.
The old name was "Plas Issa".
See extract from "Hafod-Y-Calch" by Jenny Lees, 2013.
In 1851 census and 1871 census it is "Plas Isaf".
In 1891 census it is "Plas Isa".



Plas Isaf. The garden (E) side.
Photo 2015. See full size. From Adam Riley Photography. Used with permission.


The first house at Plas Isaf was 13th century, according to Exploring North Wales.
Plas Isaf describes itself as a 17th century farmhouse.
Home of Owen family in 18th century.
Inherited by Davies family.
Exploring North Wales says current building dates from 1805.

John Manners Kerr came here through his 1814 marriage to Margaret Davies.
[1824 deed] shows Kerr is of "Plas Issa, Llangar, Merioneth".
Margaret Davies died here 1825 and was buried at Llangar church nearby.
John Manners Kerr was still living here in 1838.
He sold it to Vaughan.
Kerr was gone by 1841.

Plas Isaf is now a wedding and party venue. The venue is the renovated barn.
As a result, Plas Isaf is lavishly photographed by wedding photographers.


Plas Isaf.
From old map. Revised: 1899. Published: 1901.

Plas Isaf on modern map.
See Google satellite view.
See Bing satellite view.
See street view of N entrance to Plas Isaf.


The garden (E) side


The garden (E) side.
Photo 2012. From here.

The garden (E) side.
Photo 2012. From Marie Lloyd Photography.

The garden (E) side.
Photo 2010. From Marie Lloyd Photography.
See more photos from Marie Lloyd Photography.


The N side


The N side.
Photo 2013. From KNstudio Photography. Used with permission.

The N side.
Photo 2011. From KNstudio Photography. Used with permission.
See more photos from KNstudio Photography.


The W side


The W side.
Photo 2013. See full size. From Exploring North Wales.


Llangar church

The church for Plas Issa (Plas Isaf).
Llangar Church, Llangar, Merionethshire, N Wales.
On the river, SW of Corwen.
See and satellite view.

John Manners Kerr's 2nd wife Margaret Davies was buried at Llangar church in 1825.
The church is no longer used.
The monuments inside Llangar Church were relocated to the new church at Cynwyd nearby.
The graves outside survive.


Llangar church.
Photo 2014. See full size. From here.
See Wikimedia Commons photos.
See Geograph photos.
See photo courtesy of Bob Maysmor.

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